The Top 5 Pancreatic Cancer Risks

Take These Steps to Prevent This Silent Killer

Consuming a small amount of processed meats can significantly raise your risks of pancreatic cancer, according to a meta-review of 11 studies encompassing some 6,600 patients by a Swedish research team.

No more than 50 grams per day — amounting to an average serving of bacon and ham (two slices) or sausage (a single link) — elevated a patient’s pancreatic cancer risks by a surprising 19 percent. Also, eating several servings of processed meats multiplied one’s pancreatic cancer risks by that same amount.

Based on animal studies inducing pancreatic cancer, scientists speculate that exposure to nitrites — carcinogenic chemicals that preserve processed meats for long periods of time — may be the primary culprit.

The Lowest Survival Rate

Although pancreatic cancer affects relatively few Americans — some 44,000 cases will be diagnosed in 2012 — its survival rate (4 percent of all patients) is the lowest out of all the cancers over a five-year period after diagnosis.

Even worse, pancreatic cancer is known in the medical world for being the silent, deadly killer. By the time pancreatic cancer is detected, it’s usually too late to treat it, which is why the late Steve Jobs, who battled “pan can” for more than seven years was the all-too-rare exception that proves the rule.

Fortunately, the possibility of getting pancreatic cancer can be greatly reduced by addressing these top five pancreatic cancer risks:


Switch from eating larger portions of processed, nitrite-filled meats to smaller portions of free-range, organic meats from animals fed entirely on natural diets and grasses. (And see our popular post on healthy eating for more key tips!)

Inflammation of the Pancreas

Experiencing a painful inflammation of the pancreas for the long term can increase one’s risks of pancreatic cancer, so call your health care provider if you experience persistent bouts of jaundice or abdominal pain.


Some of the most effective natural ways to quit smoking that Dr. Carolyn Dean listed in her recent article on smoking cessation include homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture.

Family History of Disease

Overcoming this obstacle — “My father had cancer, so I will too” — requires a simple awareness that genetic predisposition condemns no one to a life of disease and misery without their active participation. In other words, if you do have a family history of pancreatic cancer, you still can greatly reduce or even eliminate your chances of getting it by not having a defeatist attitude about it, and by addressing the other risk factors.


Spending more time preparing your meals at home, far away from the fast-food nation of chain restaurants, can protect you and your family from the multitude of health problems that often lead to diabetes.

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