Now This Woman Has SPIRIT!

Okay, first you just have to watch this…

So is this woman dancing like this because she recently used a far infrared heating pad?

Well, no lol… though we wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason!

No, the reason she’s dancing like this is ultimately, it seems, because she wants to… She was simply moved to!

Her name is Angela Trimbur, she’s an Los Angeles area actress, and to paraphrase her own explanation, she didn’t get the chance to fly home and visit her folks during the holidays. So she decided to let loose around those who had!

Sounds like a good enough reason to us to let go and ENJOY LIFE. 🙂

(And be honest… you’ve done the same thing in the privacy of your living room or bedroom. Maybe not at the same frenetic pace as Angela, and likely not with strangers watching — or trying not to watch — but you know the feeling!)

So thanks Angela… and CHEERS to being alive!

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