Now They're Banning Vitamins?!?

Yes, they're CHOPping vitamins (read below!)

Big Pharma has only ONE goal: protect profits at all costs.

It doesn’t matter that patients only have symptomatic improvement instead of real healing. The goal is to keep them buying their drugs at the highest price possible for as long as possible.

A real cure – for cancer, pain, whatever – isn’t in their financial interests. Neither is an inexpensive remedy that actually works to keep you healthy.

Like vitamins.

Vitamins are natural substances that can’t be patented. So drug companies can’t sell them for big bucks.

More importantly, they work. They’re critical for ensuring good health. So if you can keep someone who is already sick from taking them, that would mean they’d need to stay on your drug “solution” even longer, right? So why not just get them banned?

I know what you’re thinking. Never going to happen.

It just did.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) just announced that it’s the first hospital in the U.S. to remove virtually ALL dietary supplements from its formulary (their list of “approved medicines”).

Yes, that even includes the vitamins and minerals.

Why? Because “they’re not regulated” like the “proven” drugs they want to put you on instead.

The fingerprints of Big Pharma’s huge influence on allopathic doctors is all over this push to remove access to supplements that actually improve your health rather than mask symptoms.

But the vitamin ban isn’t the worst of it.

Among the banned natural supplements is one even more vital to your health than vitamin C. Highly respected in Europe and Asia, it’s barely known in U.S. medical circles – and your health suffers as a result.

Let me tell you just some of the reasons why this substance is so critical …

  • Your body needs it to absorb and use vitamins and minerals – whether from food or supplements
  • It reduces inflammation and stops pain by blocking the circulation of inflammation-causing immune complexes
  • It helps fight cancer by eating through the hard outer coating surrounding malignant cancer cells – up to 15 times thicker than normal cells – so your body’s killer immune cells can get through to fight the cancerous growth (they’re a successful part of cancer treatments in Europe)
  • It helps restore flexibility by dissolving excess fibrous tissue binding up joints and tendon sheaths
  • Helps your organs function properly – especially after an event like a heart attack, pancreatitis or a kidney clot – by reducing internal scarring from the healing process
  • It boosts your immune system by consuming the outer coating of any virus it comes in contact with – making it permanently harmless… letting your body kill the viral infection faster than it’s replicating so you can recover

As important as all of these are… I’ve still only scratched the surface of the numerous functions it fulfills in your body.

And I haven’t mentioned the best part. It’s completely safe.

Researchers trying to find a dose of this substance that created any harmful side effects at all found taking thousands of times the recommended dosage only caused a short-term bout of loose stool. That’s far safer than your daily multivitamin supplement, much less Big Pharma’s drugs.

So what is it? It’s actually a group of natural substances called proteolytic enzymes.

Your body makes them naturally, but by your late 20s production falls off a cliff and you must supplement with them to avoid many of the health pitfalls associated with aging.

And because they’re all-natural, Big Pharma can’t patent them like a drug. So they’re trying to ban proteolytic enzyme supplements wherever possible instead.

Like at your local hospital where you need them most.

Protect your health and end pain now – while you still can.

Fortunately, you can still get these vitally important proteolytic enzymes in the U.S. – for now. You won’t find them at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but you will find them in all natural Heal-n-Soothe®.

It’s the most powerful proteolytic enzyme combination available anywhere… including systemic enzymes Protease AM, Protease 6.0 and Alkaline Protease… plus bromelain and papain, powerful enzymes extracted from pineapple and papaya.

If Heal-n-Soothe® contained proteolytic enzymes and nothing else, it would be a truly amazing pain fighter and natural healer. But it’s only one of 12 of the most powerful pain fighters mother nature has to offer found inside every capsule.

All 12 natural pain fighters and healers… only in Heal-n-Soothe®

  1. Proteolytic enzymes give you all the amazing health benefits listed above… and then some
  2. Bromelain from pineapple short-circuits pain by reducing inflammation, preventing swelling and helping your body flush waste and toxins from your blood
  3. Papain from papaya attacks tumor cells, boosts your immune system and has been shown to help treat a variety of conditions including diabetes, herpes and digestive issues
  4. Turmeric destroys free radicals and is more effective at shutting down the COX-2 enzyme behind inflammation pain than aspirin – without the upset stomach
  5. Boswellia has been used for centuries to fight pain and inflammation – and is proven in scientific studies to reduce pain and increase mobility in painful joints
  6. Devil’s Claw is as effective at treating arthritis as phenylbutazone and back pain as Vioxx – real relief without dangerous side effects
  7. Vitamin E boosts your immune system as a powerful antioxidant and helps control high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  8. Ginger not only reduces nausea but decreases the number of prostaglandins causing you to feel pain (like NSAIDs, without the side effects)
  9. Rutin is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant  that reduces inflammation and pain throughout your body
  10. Citrus Bioflavonoids protect your joints and ligaments by inhibiting collagenase and elastase which break down these connective tissues
  11. Mojave Yucca is a natural health powerhouse, helping you beat migraines… decrease blood pressure and lower cholesterol… reduce muscle spasms… and promote faster wound healing
  12. L-glutathione is the ONLY anti-oxidant able to eliminate ALL types of free radicals in your body… and important for everything from cancer prevention to supple skin

Every one of these powerful pain fighters and natural healers are found in each capsule of Heal-n-Soothe®. But nowhere else.

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That’s why if you want real relief from pain… a true means of naturally improving your health… and you want it without all the side effects of Big Pharma’s drugs… you’ll want Heal-n-Soothe®.

I want you to feel better… and actually GET BETTER.

That’s why, unlike the drugs your doctor offers, Heal-n-Soothe® is guaranteed to work for you.

It will help end your pain… increase your flexibility and mobility… and get your body on the road to true recovery… all without any of the nasty side effects you’re used to with Big Pharma’s drug “solutions” – or I insist on giving you a full refund.

Isn’t it time you discovered what real health feels like?

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2 thoughts on “Now They're Banning Vitamins?!?”

  1. Bergsma Hans says:

    Go on to do this good work.

  2. Diane Ramsden says:

    I cannot believe that they can stop vitamins and still administer Chemotherapy which killed my husband, and Radio Therapy which kills us all. They can only measure one level of radiation and it exists on seven, and they kill far more people pushing it into the atmosphere plant life, animals and us, than they cure.

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