Menopausal Woman Suffer MORE Due to Mineral Imbalances

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“It is estimated that as many as 40 percent of peri-menopausal (nearly menopausal) women have low thyroid function that adds to their symptoms when their hormones begin to fluctuate and full menopause approaches.

I believe this statistic is way too conservative.

More realistically, it is near 90 percent or more.

Hypothyroidism is especially likely, nearly 95 percent, if the woman is more than 20 percent above her ideal body weight.

If you consider the symptoms of types 1 through 5 hypothyroidism — with its fatigue, irritability, insomnia, weight gain, mood and energy swings and more — these sound remarkably like the symptoms of menopause.

The symptoms of hormone deficiency often overlap or are similar in many cases for our endocrine hormones.

In addition, the major female hormones estrogen and progesterone lose their effectiveness when there is a zinc/copper imbalance, which frequently occurs with calcium excess and mineral imbalances or deficiencies.

This is a problem with many of the “multidrug vitamins” where zinc and copper ratios are often improperly formulated, thus contributing to further hormone dysfunction.

In fact, hormones also need minerals, especially iodine, in order to do their work.

So when minerals are missing, displaced or out of balance, the hormones will be out of whack.

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Bromine also interferes with the iodine needed for all hormone functions.

Add that to the hormonal fluctuations that begin as a woman nears the end of her child-bearing years and her hormones start to spike and bottom out in unpredictable ways, and you get the picture.

To make matters worse, many menopausal women begin to take more and more calcium supplements because of the widely espoused fear of osteoporosis.

We know that by taking calcium supplements, they are causing their mineral status to become more unbalanced and this accelerates the Calcium Cascade…”

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1 thought on “Menopausal Woman Suffer MORE Due to Mineral Imbalances”

  1. Ava Perigault Monte says:

    Dear Jesse,

    As usual I find your topics about health very interesting. Especially menopausal woman. Although I am 59 I am still having all the inbalances like you brought forward. So thank you. Now I will go to a nutricionist to help me which are my inbalances.

    Thanks for your help.

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