MEN ONLY: The Real Cause of “Bedroom Trouble”

By Al Sears, MD

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Bring back intimacy without a "little blue pill"

When men come to my clinic feeling tired, worn out and unable to perform in the bedroom, the first thing they ask me for is that “little blue pill.”

But these men don’t need drugs.

I discovered the REAL culprit behind these “male problems.” It’s a lack of circulation.

As you age, your blood vessels start to harden and lose their elasticity. This causes restricted blood flow and poor oxygen delivery. When it gets bad enough, your cells starve for oxygen.

Your doctor probably won’t tell you this, but lack of oxygen is the underlying cause of fatigue, heart attack, lack of focus and trouble getting it up.

But now you have a new option: I developed a way of getting fresh oxygen to ALL of your cells FAST.

It’s like sending a rush of new energy through your whole body. Not only does it help with sexual performance, it sends your overall energy levels through the roof.

I call this quantum leap “The 13th Secret.”

When men come to my clinic for help, I introduce them to my “12 Secrets to Virility,” a program I developed to help guys overcome the loss of power and potency that comes with age.

But after years of research I discovered a new, more powerful way of giving men the lift they need to be more competitive, more dominant and more in control of their own game.

This “13th Secret” is the key to stamina, strength and super potency.

You see, the “13th Secret” is the chemical messenger that opens up your blood vessels, allowing a rush of oxygen when you need it most.

This is the same idea that makes the little blue pill work. But it’s limited to a specific area.

What I discovered is a way to give your whole body the “Open up the pipes” and you get a body-wide surge that includes:

– Improved bedroom performance
– Fatigue-busting energy and a feeling of clarity and alertness
– Pumping, well-defined muscles
– A stronger heart and bigger lung capacity

The magic behind the 13th Secret is something doctors in-the-know are calling the “miracle molecule.”

You can get more of this oxygen-boosting molecule from the foods you eat. Here’s a partial list of foods that are great sources of l-arginine, the amino acid that boosts production of your body’s “miracle molecule.”1

The name of the food is listed on the left, and the amount of l-arginine is on the right, listed in grams of l-arginine per 100 grams of the food source.

Plant sources:

Peanuts 3.09
Almond nuts 2.47
Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried 2.40
Walnuts, English 2.28
Hazelnuts 2.21
Lentils, raw 2.17
Brazil nuts 2.15
Cashew nuts 2.12

Animal sources:

Fish, tuna, light, canned in oil, drained solids 1.74
Chicken, broilers or fryers, giblets, raw 1.19
Salmon, Atlantic, farmed, raw 1.19
Shrimp, mixed species, raw 1.18

Aim for 3 to 5 grams of l-arginine a day.

If you’re looking for even better results, you can combine l-arginine with other oxygen boosters to get a stronger, more sustained lift in strength and performance. Click here to get my full report to learn more about these powerful combinations…

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1 USDA Nutrient Database for Standard References, Release 19 (2006).

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  1. Bill Jackson says:

    I am finding a reduction in pain and increased flexability as a result of doing the exercises on a daily basis

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