Low Back and Leg Pain

Low back and leg pain can be the result of a pinched nerve. Often, when pain radiates from the low back down the extremities a pinched nerve is to blame. In fact, the sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerve systems in the human body, and if any portion of it gets compressed it can send pain shooting all over the lower portion of the body.

So what causes low back and leg pain that result from a pinched nerve? Any number of things. A herniated disc happens when the gelatinous discs that help absorb impacts for the spinal column become dislocated. This puts pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain.

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Pregnancy can also cause low back and leg pain, particularly in the later months. The added weight centralized to the front of the body throws balance off, wreaking havoc on spinal alignment. The fetus also shifts nearby organs, putting pressure on all the body’s systems, including nerves.

A sudden injury can also result in a pinched nerve that causes low back and leg pain. Any impact that would be too much for your spinal cushioning system to absorb can cause things to become displaced and put stress on nearby nerves, resulting in pain.

After you’ve encountered the initial cause, what can you do to cope with low back and leg pain? First of all, remain active. Although it may be tempting to rest the area, and it may be painful at first to keep moving, light exercise like walking can sometimes help the healing process go faster. It speeds blood flow and helps strengthen core muscles to prevent a similar injury from occurring in the future. Also, try light stretches to help loosen the muscles and relieve tension in the area. The Healthy Back Institute has a huge selection of e-books and DVDs to help you learn techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy back using exercise. Visit losethebackpain.com to see their selection.

Cold and hot compresses may also help relieve pain. Cold will help reduce any swelling that may be putting stress on nerves in the lower back, while heat will help soothe tense muscles and relax pain away while increasing blood flow to the area. For even better relief, try an infrared heating pad. The technology allows heat to go deeper than a normal heating pad, providing maximum pain relief for the user. The Healthy Back Institute offers a variety of infrared heating pads to meet your needs.

Also, you should be aware of your posture. Poor posture can easily cause nerves to become compressed, which causes low back and leg pain. If you spend a lot of time sitting, invest in a lumbar support cushion. This will help you sit up straight and relieve the pressure on your lower back, which will help your body heal and prevent future pains with continued use. The Healthy Back Institute offers a number of lower back support cushions to help you sit up straight and relieve your low back pain.

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