Length of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain, commonly known as “sciatica”, often varies from patient to patient. Some may experience only mild pain and mobility issues, while others require weeks of bed rest and even surgery in severe cases. Because sciatica is such a general form of pain, it is quite difficult to pinpoint a specific time frame estimation of how long the pain may occur.

In the mildest cases of sciatica, studies have shown that the pain caused by injury to the sciatic nerve can exist not only in the nerve endings, but in muscles as well. This is because inflammation and muscle spasms. The pain is most commonly felt in the legs, lower back, and feet.

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Sciatic nerve pain can come in many forms of pain and discomfort. For some, there may only be a prickly feeling in the nerves or a slight burning/tingling sensation. In most of these cases, this mild discomfort tends to not last very long, most often ending in a range of a few hours to a couple of days.

As some cases of sciatic nerve pain can be more severe, the pain often lasts a bit longer and can be more debilitating. Some find the pain to be annoying, rather than actually painful, whereas others find it to be constant and unmanageable. Almost all health professionals agree that there is no set time length for sciatic nerve pain to come and go. Some patients experience pain for a few days, it goes away, and then returns years later. And there are the unlucky ones, who suffer from sciatic nerve pain every day for years on end.

The cloud does have a silver lining, however. There are many forms of treatment for sciatic nerve pain that do not involve surgery or any invasive procedures whatsoever. For those who cope with sciatic nerve record pain on a lighter level, there are over the counter drugs that will help with pain and inflammation of the muscles. Tylenol and ibuprofen, for example, are two medications that can help with mild pain associated with the sciatic nerve. Also, massage therapy applied direction to the muscle in which the pain exists can relieve the tension and also help with swelling. Acupuncture is another method of relief for sciatica. Finally, in more severe cases, prescription muscle relaxants and painkillers are recommended.

Although there is no set time length for sciatic nerve pain, it can be managed. If proper attention to this problem is given, and treatment is sought out, the patient can lead a completely normal life, and most likely be pain free.

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