We're Giving Back! (Kiva.org)

Why I Choose to Give My Money to This Remarkable Organization


Kiva enables me to give a "hand up" to entrepreneurs like Shargiya Nuriyeva in Azerbaijan with her cattle business. CLICK the picture to learn more about Kiva now!

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And speaking of empowering others to help themselves…

I know there are many worthwhile charitable organizations out there, and I respect and donate to several of them. But I want to share why I just gave another donation to Kiva … and why this is my 81st donation to this remarkable and unique organization!

You see, the mission of Kiva is not only to alleviate poverty worldwide, but to do so by empowering entrepreneurs in poverty to pursue their goals and dreams.

Kiva helps those worldwide who, regardless of their current circumstances, realize they are in charge of their life and are determined to help themselves! And that’s why I help Kiva.

I really love the fact that I can choose individuals who get the money … not just some huge organization.

But what I love MOST is that these enterprising individuals are not getting a “hand out,” but instead a “hand up.” That makes far more of a difference in anyone’s life. Plus as you will see in Kiva’s How It Works process, I love the fact that as these ambitious individuals repay the loan into your account, you can then donate the funds to MORE entrepreneurs … truly a Pay It Forward approach!

This time, for example, I know my donation went to help Joel in United States with his electronics business. It went to help Pascaliah Chepkwony in Kenya with her dairy business, Juanito Tabbal Jr. in Philippines with his farming, and Shargiya Nuriyeva in Azerbaijan with her cattle business.

I really encourage you to learn more about the unique and remarkable organization, Kiva, right now.

Because I am convinced that if everyone were to donate into organizations like this, the world would be “fixed” a heck of a lot faster.

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    I believe you are God sent

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