Keep Following the Path

By Steve Chandler

Stay on the Path

Stay on the path and keep moving forwardone step at a time

If your life is on the right path, it doesn’t matter how fast you go. If you’re on the right path, you’ll get there. Commitment keeps you on the path.

The hardest thing for people in western culture to unlearn is the short attention span that’s encouraged by Twitter, Facebook, cell phones, iPods, iPads, computer games, television, entertainment, letting the kids rule the roost, and by letting untrue victim thoughts become our belief systems.

And this inability to be quiet and focused is really just the inability to return the mind to the most important thing it can be thinking about in any given moment. It leads to a very confused life full of much unfinished business. The unfinished business then leads to drama. The drama leads to self-dramatization including wild stories about how other people are making us unhappy. This self-dramatization replaces the committed life.

As Steven Pressfield writes in his masterpiece, The War of Art, “Sometimes entire families participate unconsciously in a culture of self-dramatization. The kids fuel the tanks, the grown-ups arm the phasers, the whole starship lurches from one spine-tingling episode to another. And the crew knows how to keep it going. If the level of drama drops below a certain threshold, someone jumps in to amp it up. Dad gets drunk, Mom gets sick, Janie shows up for church with an Oakland Raiders tattoo. It’s more fun than a movie. And it works: nobody gets a darn thing done.”

This club was created to bring you back each day to a relaxed, focused, committed path. Thanks for walking it with me.

Comments from Jesse:

Do you get frustrated by pain? Remember that while our bodies may start feeling pain suddenly … it’s usually the end result of years of neglect.

But whether your pain is caused by years of poor posture at work or the car accident yesterday when some guy rear-ended you at a stoplight, chances are your body isn’t going to recover overnight.

That’s why it’s important to remember the path to health is a constant journey. One step at a time. Keep moving in the right direction and you’ll continue to experience improvements in your health day by day.

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