Is My Pain Normal?

(Why The Answer Could Save Your Life)

Asking yourself “Is my pain normal?” is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling it — especially in your back — but should be at or close to the top of the list very shortly after you’ve begun treating it.

Why? Generally, humans experience two kinds of pain: Acute and chronic. The differences between the two may not appear to be as stark as day and night, in the moment, but they really are.

If one brand of back pain could be called good, it would have to be the acute pain kind, although you probably wouldn’t think so at the precise moment you’re feeling it.

Particularly in the back, you can feel the acute kind sharply and painfully, but with the right care, it’s temporary and probably won’t last for more than a few weeks.

The brand of pain that should really concern you, however, is the chronic, daily kind that always seems to linger in the background and never quite goes away (imagine that unfavorite next-door neighbor who doesn’t know quite when to leave) even after the acute problem heals.

The Most Dangerous Kind of Pain

In fact, one could make a very strong argument that chronic can be the most dangerous kind of pain, for more than the obvious hurtful reasons.

The persistent, nagging kinds of conditions that last for years with no end in sight can drain your bank account dry, even if you’re lucky enough to have an employer-sponsored health care plan and still leave you in a world of hurt, according to a recent survey conducted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) researchers of more than 47,000 American families.

Insured families who spend at least $7,000 of their annual take-home pay on health care to treat chronic conditions burn nearly a third ($2,215) on prescription drugs, more than double compared to the other households surveyed.

What’s more, the conditions tracked by IUPUI researchers only included asthma, cancer, anxiety, diabetes and depression, a double-whammy of epic, health-harming proportions.

For one, we’d argue the truly chronic problems with pain discussed earlier were probably ignored by the experts, if not the families polled. But, even worse, chronic pain may mask even more serious problems — back to cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, just to name a few — that hide in plain sight, not to mention limiting your brain power.

DO NOT Ignore or Wish Away Your Pain!

Chronic pain is NOT NORMAL, folks. Never has been… Never will be.

Thankfully, the keys to taming chronic pain are well within your control, and you don’t need a dangerous pharmaceutical drug  — sold behind or over the counter — to do it.

The very same thing goes for surgery too, as most back pain sufferers can achieve the relief they crave without it. The trick is in investing the time and effort to identify and address the underlying issues behind the pain.

If you’ve tried and followed the traditional methods from conventional medicine to a “T” and are still feeling that chronic pain in the back, take that first step toward making an investment in your optimal health that will last …

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