How to Start a Diet: The 6 Steps to Ensure Success!

how to start a dietTwo-thirds of Americans consider themselves over their ideal weight, and three in 10 are currently trying to lose weight.[i]

Are you among them?

If so, you’re probably familiar with most people’s go-to solution when they want to lose weight: going on a diet. In a Gallup poll of Americans, dieting (i.e. eating less) was one of the most common strategies used to drop pounds, mentioned by 23 percent of participants.[ii]

But if you’re someone who’s tried to slim down before, you probably know that labeling yourself as “on a diet” is the biggest weight loss mistake on the books. The second you do so, you’ll feel deprived… and anxious to get your hands on all of those “forbidden” foods you can no longer eat.

This is no way to live.

If you want to start a diet that works (and by “diet” we don’t mean the counting calories and measuring your portions variety)… here are the steps you need to follow to ensure lasting success.

How to Start a Diet… and Succeed!

6. Don’t Think of it as a Diet

This is important, because “diet” implies “temporary” — something you do for a short period until you get back to your regular habits. This is a recipe for failure because what you want is permanent change, and this means thinking of your “diet” as a new lifestyle — one that’s going to become a part of who you are from now on.

5. Get Your Support System Lined Up

Ideally, your close family members and friends will be supportive of your new way of living, and will even follow suit, making positive changes to their dietary choices and activity levels right along with you. If not, find support elsewhere — join a local fitness club, find a forum online, or hire a personal trainer or life coach if you need to. Just make sure you have positive energy coming from others that will help you to stick with your goal.

4. Define Your Goals

What do you plan to accomplish with your new lifestyle? Do you want to be healthier? Fit into your high-school jeans? Have more energy and endurance to chase after your kids? Establish what your goals are FIRST, and then devise the best plan to reach them.

3. Make Sure You’re Doing This for the Right Reasons — and at the Right Time

Before you start a diet, make sure this is what YOU really want. If you’re starting a diet only because your family or physician told you to, you’re likely to fail. You’ve got to want it for yourself, and you’ve got to make that commitment to change to yourself as well.

Also make sure you are at a point in your life where you will be able to focus on and stick with this new commitment (i.e., if you’re going through a divorce, job change, move, or other stressful event, it may be best to get that sorted out before you take on another “project”).

2. Make Changes Gradually — but Make Them Count

Your new lifestyle should address all areas of your life that need a change. This probably includes your food and beverage choices, activity level, sleep habits, stress levels and more. Making the necessary changes, such as limiting your soft drinks or finding time to exercise, gradually — but don’t skimp on any one area of your life.

Setting up a schedule that allows you to make your lifestyle changes over the course of three to four weeks will help you stay on track (address your diet in weeks one and two, then add on activity in week three, then sleep and stress in week four, for example).

1. Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts by Neglecting THIS…

Your ability to lose weight involves more than just the “calories in vs. calories burned” equation that’s popularly touted. Your hormones also play a major role, and one the most crucial is human growth hormone, or HGH.

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring protein that helps a child’s body grow during early development. As we get older, the HGH levels in our bodies decline rapidly — from levels of 2,000 micrograms at age 10 to less than 600 at age 21. The National Institute of Health Research notes that this decline causes the body to reach “elderly” levels of HGH by as early as age 35.

Scientists are now finding that maintaining higher levels of the growth hormone for longer may have some outstanding benefits, like better skin quality, lean muscle development and… weight loss.

Research shows that men who supplemented with HGH for six months had a 14.4 percent reduction in fat, and a nearly 9 percent increase in lean body mass.[iii]

Another clinical study of the effects of HGH on humans was performed at the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute. When Dr. Edmund Chien combined HGH injections with other hormones that decrease as you age, he discovered that patients experienced a 10% loss of body fat… a 10% increase in muscle mass… and a 1.5%-2.5% increase in bone density every six months!

What’s more, researchers found that over a 2-year period, patients experienced the following results…

  • 88% of patients enhanced muscle mass
  • 84% of patients reported higher energy levels
  • 83% reported increased exercise endurance
  • 78% reported improved overall sense of well being
  • 72% decreased body fat WITHOUT dieting
  • 61% of patients experienced faster healing of injuries
  • 53% reported increased back flexibility

So, you see, even if you pay perfect attention to your new “diet”… if you neglect to address your declining HGH levels — your body’s “youth hormones” — you are sabotaging your chances of success.

You can boost your HGH levels naturally to some extent by getting proper sleep and exercising, but certain essential amino acids, like L-Valine, L-Arginine and L-Tyrosine, and vitamins are especially effective at stimulating natural HGH production.

how to start a dietYou can find seven of the amino acids essential to HGH stimulation and weight loss in one place… all in a convenient little spray bottle called ThinMist™. ThinMist™ provides the perfect dose of all seven amino acids that work together to safely boost your pituitary gland’s NATURAL release of HGH ‘youth hormones.’

Simply spray ThinMist™ under your tongue, and as the ingredients slowly build up in your system, your body NATURALLY begins releasing more youthful levels of HGH, one of your body’s most powerful fat burners to help you lose weight and ensure “diet” success once and for all!

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