Is It Possible To Reverse Diabetes?

Diabetic Prick of Finger TestDo you have diabetes and have to constantly monitor your blood sugar or have serious blood sugar and insulin imbalances? Do you have elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and increased triglyceride levels? If so, you may enjoy this extraordinary story of one my patient’s quite interesting.

One evening after a lecture I gave in New York, a man approached me about becoming a patient of mine. He was rotund with a round, ruddy face, a booming voice, and gentle manner. Everything about him was large–his appetite, his belly, and his heart–and his desire to change his ways.

At nearly 60 years old, Sam’s love of all things big was waning as he felt death approaching. As we talked he spoke about years of feeding his fat by drinking a pint of heavy cream each night before bed to keep his weight up.

The end result was a 300-plus pound frame that did nothing to improve his previous health problems. Sam was diabetic and his insulin was over 200; normal is less than 20. His cholesterol levels were dangerously high and he suffered from a variety of ailments including; angina, sleep apnea, a sluggish thyroid, he was persistently fatigued, short of breath with every step, suffered nasal congestion, swollen legs, dry skin, and yeast grew all over his body.

Sounds like a mess, right?

Well that’s not an uncommon belief but the truth is that for all the things wrong with same, none of them were irreversible. And that’s what I told him. By following my directives I was confident Sam could lose weight, feel better and eradicate those symptoms keeping him down. He was enthusiastic, he was skeptical but most of all Sam was determined to give a shot for a better life.

Three months later and Sam had lost 30 pounds and felt more energetic. Gone was his nasal congestion and swollen legs were in much better condition. Best of all his cravings were gone as was his need to overeat.

Fourteen months later I repeated his blood tests and was shocked at his current weigh-in. Sam had lost 110 pounds without a strict starvation diet. All Sam did was change his eating habits and made healthier lifestyle decisions. The end result was that he no longer suffered from diabetes. Yep, he was CURED. By that I mean his blood sugar had dropped significantly, his LDL and HDL cholesterol had stabilized and triglycerides were normal without the help of drugs.

We can all learn some important things from Sam’s case. First of all, just because you have always had a robust appetite doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food without over-indulging. After all of his hard work Sam looked and felt decades younger!

When you suffer from health problems like diabetes, you can feel older than your current age, hopeless and feel disbelief that anything but inevitable health complications are possible. All you want is to live a normal life without the burden of extra weight and a dozen-pill regimen, and have the life you did before diabetes became part of your “normal”.

The good news is that you can do exactly that. I know you’re skeptical; most people are when a doctor tells them diabetes is reversible, but over the course of this three-part series I’m going to show you how it’s possible. You can follow in Sam’s steps without starving yourself and I’m going to talk more about that later in this series.

Today, I am going to talk about the term “diabesity”. If you have diabetes you have it. But you don’t have to have diabetes or even have symptoms to be suffering from diabesity. In fact most people who have it don’t know they are suffering from a deadly condition that is absolutely reversible.

Defining “Diabesity” You may be one among millions of people who are suffering from a health problem that is now epidemic in our country. Your doctor might have diagnosed you with one of many seemingly different diseases, including:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Syndrome X
  • Adult onset diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes

What your physician very likely didn’t tell you is that ALL of the above-listed conditions are pretty much the same with varying degrees of severity. The underlying causes of ALL of these conditions are the same. And because they are all the same condition, the treatment for them is also the same.

That is why I have set aside these conventional diagnoses in place of a new name that more accurately defines the health problems you may suffer from. That term is diabesity. Diabesity is the condition of metabolic imbalance and disease that ranges all the way from mild blood sugar imbalance to full-blown diabetes.

Whether you are suffering from a little extra weight around the middle or you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes; the fundamental biological causes of ALL of these conditions are the same.

Diabesity, in its various forms, affects over 1 billion people around the world. It is a global problem and our current approach to prevention and treatment is obviously not working because we are seeing millions more affected each year by a condition that was once extremely rare.

Diabesity is also the leading cause of the most prevalent chronic diseases of the 21st century.(ii) Those with diabesity are at an increased risk of heart disease (iii), (iv),  stroke, dementia(v), cancer(vi), high blood pressure, blindness, and kidney failure. Damage to the nervous system affects almost 70 percent of patients with diabetes and can lead to a loss of sensation in the hands and feet, slow digestion of food, carpal tunnel syndrome and sexual dysfunction.

Diabesity Treatment – Symptoms, Not Causes

The reason our current approach to treating diabesity fails is because it focuses on treating the symptoms or risk factors of the disease rather than treating underlying causes. All of our attention is on treatments that:

  • Lowers blood sugar (diabetes drugs and insulin)
  • Reduces high blood pressure (anti-hypertensive drugs)
  • Lowers cholesterol (statins)
  • Thins the blood (aspirin)

We treat these problems without asking the tough questions such as;

  • Why is your blood sugar too low or too high
  • Why is the patient’s blood pressure high
  • Why is the blood cholesterol too high
  • Why is the blood too sticky and more likely to clot?

Put another way: What are the root causes of diabesity?

Answering that question has be the focus of diagnosis and treatment if we are going to resolve this global epidemic.

Many of these problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure are a result of a poor diet and inactive lifestyle. But there are also environmental toxins that, when combined with genetic susceptibilities, put us all at risk for many chronic illnesses. These are the real causes of diabesity.

The real problem is that using medication or surgery to treat symptoms simply does nothing to treat the issue.

The real solution for diabesity is a complete overhaul of your current diet and lifestyle program. I am going to teach you how you can integrate an approach that will heal from your symptoms. You will learn why conventional treatments often fail and how you can treat diabesity.

If you follow my system you will see many of your lifelong symptoms disappear in a relatively short period of time and you’ll remember what life is like when you feel healthy and vibrant.

Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

To your good health,

Mark Hyman, MD

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11 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Reverse Diabetes?”

  1. Sheri says:

    Even though I do not yet know what your “cure” or plan is, think about how much $$ this diabetic epidemic is creating for the medical establishment.
    I was diagnosed with ‘borderline diabetes’ in July of 2008.
    Having a good sit down chat with myself, in reflection of my own poor eating choices and lack of exercise, I knew I could turn this around.
    And I have.
    I think it also imperative to have a good solid support group of people. But do it for yourself! Thank you,

  2. Beth says:

    My husband was diagnosed as hypo-glycemic just over a year ago. Thankfully through some diet and lifestyle changes we were able to change that. However, he is still showing signs of high cholesterol, and is now on some meds for it.
    I don’t like the fact that he is on meds, but he is now thinking that it is the “hereditary” factor that is causing the problem – thanks to Dr. who told him that.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series. Would love to know what else we can do to help him get off and stay off meds.

  3. Armando Alvarez says:

    Dr. Hyman, I was hospitalized in April 2009 with a glucose reading that would not register on the glucometer, above 600. I was put on insulin and 3 meds which I stopped taking after researching diabetes. I chose to watch my diet and walk 3 miles per day with a homeopathic approach instead. My fasting glucose number remains above 200, even though I am eating a strict vegetarian diet, raw nuts and seeds. Occassionally, it drops into the 100s when I drink a few beers. Should I be drinking beer or not? Why are my cells still insulin resistant, and how do I reverse this disease? I anxiously await your webinar.

  4. Harry Ragoonanan says:

    I am a diabetic for about 15 years. i am on tablets and diet. I exercise a little because of other health problems with my back. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Benjamin Guelpa says:

    Hi I enjoyed your article. I believe that it is crucial when talking about diabetes to at least refer to natural treatments that have been shown to be effective in managing high blood glucose. Many natural herbs can be including in a diabetics regimen that will help maintain a wholesome sugar level.

  6. Robert Thomas says:

    My friends have diabetes and I feel so sorry for them. Thanks God to date I have not had this. I am willing to help them if I know how to. Thanks. Robert

  7. Saul Pereira says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have been suffering from Type 2 diabetes for the last 4 years and I am very much looking to your treatment approach to reversing this condition.

  8. Diane says:

    I just hope “your cure” isn’t too pricey!! Wallet friendly would be nice!!!
    So far with what I’ve read, I’ll be waiting for the rest of the info on this subject!!!

  9. Martin Moreno says:

    Have a friend who recently found out he is a diabetic would like to know what he can do to heal with out pill from doctor.

  10. Andy says:

    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic after blood tests after an emergency appendectomy highlighted elevated blood sugar. I have since received a full blown diagnosis of diabetes and have made some active life choices that you allude to in this article. I have lost 56lbs in 18mos, and the last twice I’ve visited my local clinic shocked the nurse as on numbers (my H1AC), I’m in the low normal range. I regularly fast, when I do eat it’s ‘healthy’, but I also don’t deny myself the odd naughty treat. Bread/toast is a weekend treat. I no longer eat rice or pasta, enjoying those dishes now with blended cauliflower or spiralised courgette.

    My nurse doesn’t like what I’m doing as it contravenes accepted advice on Type 2 DM, however, and to quote her: “You are the most switched on of my patients with regard to this…”, I continue to fast, with my longest cycle to date being 3wks.

    Big pharma makes out that DM is a chronic illness. It only is as so many fail to make the changes needed to prevent it becoming chronic. The largest part of the population would love to just down a pill in attempts to make things right. I’d be interested to learn more of your approach to see if I can further enhance my own.

  11. Andy, Good for you, that said, education is king…

    Regarding Fasting, have you ever heard of Autophagy:

    Keep up the good work



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