How to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure: The 5 Most Effective Natural Steps…

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Are you concerned about high blood pressure?

Are you concerned about high blood pressure?

Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure or have a family history of stroke or heart attack.

Keeping your blood pressure in check is a legitimate concern so you look to your doctor for advice.

So what’s the next step, doc?

Your doctor pulls out his well-used prescription pad and tells you to take diuretics and vasodilators and other unnatural medications.

Now you’re at a crossroad with a serious decision to make. You can take that risky prescription and hope it won’t kill you.

Or, you can take your life back into your hands and chuck that prescription straight into the trash can.

You can lower your blood pressure completely naturally.

No side effects. No expensive drugs.

I’m not talking about obscure, expensive natural remedies that you have to make special shopping trips to find. They’re common, cheap, and effective. (Not to mention delicious… the Step #1 is going to blow your mind.)

In fact, you might have to be careful. Some of these natural remedies are so powerful they can take your blood pressure too low!

The 5 Most Effective Steps to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

5. Get some exercise.

Okay, so this one may not qualify as delicious, but it is very effective.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “For some people, getting some exercise is enough to reduce the need for blood pressure medication.” How exactly does it work?

When you get your breath going and your heart rate elevated, you’re not just strengthening your targeted muscles. Your heart is getting stronger, too. And a strong heart is the key to pumping more blood with less effort.

“If your heart can work less to pump, the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure,” explains the Mayo Clinic.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day. Just adding a brisk walk around the block or taking the stairs over the elevator may do it. You’ll see amazing benefits if you keep it up for at least 30 minutes every day.

That’s not to mention that losing a few pounds will dramatically affect your blood pressure as well.

And the best part? It’s totally drug-free. The only side effects you’ll find with exercise is easier breathing, weight loss, lower blood pressure… and maybe a few sore muscles.

4. Switch to brown rice.

Japanese researchers at Tohoku University and the National Research Institute at Brewing discovered that brown rice helps lower blood pressure. Brown rice naturally contains one of the key mechanisms found in some of the most commonly prescribed blood pressure medications.

Angiotensin-1 converting enzyme (ACE) is a naturally occurring enzyme that narrows the blood vessels. The mechanism in both prescription ACE inhibitor drugs and brown rice widen arteries to lower overall blood pressure. The university study showed that brown rice lowered hypertensive rats’ blood pressure by about 20%–naturally!

So, if you can make the switch from white rice to brown rice, you’ll have a naturally-occurring ACE inhibitor that allows you to lower your blood pressure naturally, without any uncomfortable side effects.

All it takes is a little extra water in your rice cooker.

3. Reduce your stress.

Your blood pressure tends to spike when you are anxious or stressed out.

So lower your blood pressure naturally by simply taking some of the stress out of your life. That can come in all sorts of fun, relaxing forms… like getting a massage, doing yoga, or taking up meditation.

Take a good look at your life. What forms of stress can you reduce or remove completely? Every little bit helps.

2. Drink water.

According to Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidji from, high blood pressure is “one of the major indicators of dehydration in the human body.”

Dr. B. devoted his life to understanding the “miraculous” healing power of water. He understood that important cells in the body receive water from the bloodstream. “The body injects water into tens of trillions of cells all at the same time,” he explained.

But when the bloodstream is dehydrated the process requires extra “injection” pressure. This is yet another cause of high blood pressure that can be treated naturally.

Dr. B. believed it was a tragedy that we treat dehydration “with diuretics that further dehydrate the body.”

The right amount of water also helps ensure your sodium levels stay regulated.

You should make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of water for you. “Eight glasses” daily is a good start, but taking half of your body weight and converting it to ounces is more accurate. For example, a 130 pound woman should drink 65 fluid ounces of water every day.

1. Eat a banana split… with dark chocolate sauce.

No, I’m not joking. And this video explains why better than I ever could.

It’s a little counter-intuitive at first, especially because excessive sugar raises your blood sugar, which is directly linked with your blood pressure. However, there’s just something about a banana split that balances it all out.

lower blood pressure

The Banana Split Cure to High Blood Pressure? Click the Picture Above!

Plus, you’ll find that the flavonoids in dark chocolate will help your blood sugar metabolism and lower blood pressure over time. One study found that blood pressure could be lowered in just 15 days by eating 100 grams of dark chocolate. Delicious!

The video explains everything–plus, it’s incredibly entertaining to watch–so go ahead and watch it to find out how a banana split might just lower your blood pressure faster, easier, and more effectively than any medication your doctor could prescribe.

By taking action on the other four steps you just learned–and enjoying your delicious banana split– you’re going to walk into your next doctor’s appointment with a healthy heart, reduced stress and naturally lower blood pressure.

Enjoy your doctor’s surprise!



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3 thoughts on “How to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure: The 5 Most Effective Natural Steps…”

  1. abdul jalil says:

    your suggestion on the natural ways of lowering blood pressure is wonderful. Drinking a lot of warm water not only reduces blood pressure but at the same time remedies your coughing symptoms. Further, doing simple exercise like washing your car or watering your garden may also help. Brown rice should be a good start and lastly taking green apple together with the skin every morning and afternoon will be another step towards better living.

  2. sydney clarke says:

    thank you so much, for what i have just read, i knew that exercise does the trick, because thats what i do every morning , i will really try out what i have read and i must say many thanks keep up the good work because there are plenty of people out there that needs to know about this thank you so much Sydney.

  3. Terence Ngubeni says:

    Thanx for the new natural advice, I will try to follow suit ASP especially to kick start with that of brown rice

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