How to Avoid Cold & Flu This Winter

10 Tips To Keep You Healthy

Winter has already roared into some areas with a vengeance … and forecasters say it will be a particularly brutal one for cold temperatures and snow for many of us.

That means that you’ll likely spend much more time hibernating indoors … and vulnerable to the various cold and flu bugs that are flying around.

So remember this: you are NOT helpless against those nasty bugs. Prevention is the key.

(Also remember that the flu vaccines are designed only for the most likely flu bugs in a particular year; they cannot possibly work against all the various flu viruses, and they do not work against common colds.)

So be sure to follow these top 10 tips to avoid cold and flu this winter:

1. Eat smart

It always bears repeating that what you put into your body is what you will get out … so put in the foods that will boost your immune system and protect you against cold and flu … and other serious diseases, too!

Don’t miss The 7 Worst Foods that Cause Aging, which includes the BEST foods you want to be eating as well… because the same foods associated with preventing early aging are the foods that will best protect you against cold and flu!

Also remember that not only can eating at home be a cost-saver, but you are more likely to avoid exposure to “germy folks” who have been working through their cold or flu on the job.

2. Don’t allow laziness to set in!

Yes, it’s cold outside, but do not let that stop you from staying active with a good exercise program. Did you know you can shed those excess pounds and get fit by exercising only 4 minutes per day with The NO Excuse Workout?

3. Zap the nasty bugs that get on your hands!

In theory this tip is a no-brainer … keep your hands (and other parts of your body) sanitized from the germs.

HOWEVER … most people only think of washing their hands after going to the bathroom (which is of course a must, considering the significant number of OTHER people who don’t even wash their hands in that circumstance!).

But discover The 12 Germiest Places at Home, Work, and in Public … and be sure to read the free report accessible right after the 12th germy place!

And by the way, when washing your hands, experts say you should do so for at least 20 seconds to eliminate the contamination that can cause colds, flu, and more.

4. Keep that cell phone clean too!

This one deserves repeating, because most people use their cell phones so often…

Studies have shown personal cell phones are actually far dirtier than toilets.

Think about it. How often do you touch other things during the day? And how often do you also touch your cell phone? It is definitely worth sanitizing your cell phone frequently!

5. Respect and protect the mind-body connection… Don’t stress out!

Too much stress can harm your mind and body in numerous ways if it isn’t handled properly. And that includes weakening your immune system and therefore inviting colds, flu, and other diseases in.

Actively and intentionally engaging in activities to reduce stress — yoga, exercise (see #2 above!), laughing, singing, and many more — is an extremely smart and effective way to prevent cold and flu!

6. No smoking.

Yeah, you know it already, but it simply MUST be repeated:

Smoking is an expensive, dirty and dangerous habit that does nothing but harm to your health.

But if you or someone you love is a smoker, there’s no need to reach for the nicotine patch or any other expensive and, possibly, harmful “cures.” Instead learn about the herbs and natural aids that can do the same thing just as effectively and more safely!

7. Don’t touch that nose!

The most common spot on your body that germs hide out, experts say, is on your nose or eyes … and most people rub them up to 30 times PER DAY.

Considering it is mostly an unconscious habit, it may be quite difficult to stop entirely … but at least especially in situations where you may be exposed to lots of germs (see #3 above), try to remind yourself not to touch your nose and eyes without washing your hands thoroughly first.

8. Use moderation when drinking alcohol.

Overdoing it on alcoholic beverages is the norm for too many folks at winter gatherings, but not if you want to protect your immune system.

When in doubt, plan your alcohol intake in advance and keep it to a minimum.

(IF you plan on attending various social gatherings for the holidays and beyond this winter, it is all about being proactive with food and alcohol … do not miss 12 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!)

9. Stay hydrated.

While jump-starting your new and improved exercise program, be sure to drink plenty of clean, fresh water, and cut down on your daily intake of caffeine. Both will be very important for the final tip, one of THE most important…

10. Get the best sleep … every single night consistently!

Maintaining a consistent schedule, cutting way down on the caffeine and shutting down the computer, iPads and TV at least one hour before bedtime will go a long way toward helping you get the right amount of sleep you to stay healthy.

And if you ever have a hard time getting the proper sleep…

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Mayo Clinic


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