How Astrology and Your Zodiac Sign May Affect Your Pain

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Who doesn’t love reading their daily horoscope and sun sign predictions in the paper or online?

Some see it as harmless fun, but others believe the stars can reveal a lot about our lives, including our health.

In fact, those who believe in astrology claim that the way you manage pain – and where YOUR health might be vulnerable – can be influenced by your astrological sign.

The practice, according to author, astrologer, and popular podcaster Tiffany Harelik, MA, is called “medical astrology.”

“When we talk about medical astrology, it’s important to remember that we are most interested in the ruling planet, and that our approach is holistic,” Harelik says.

“In addition to planets and signs, there are several moving parts that any practitioner takes into consideration including environment, food choice, mobility, unique responses to stress, and mind/body/spirit connection in terms of health.”

Harelik has been studying astrology for nearly two decades. Originally, she chose to study the stars as a way to supplement her Masters in Health Psychology degree, she says.

“I saw it as another tool to help people unlock their blueprint, find meaning, get healing, and live their best life.”

In this article, Harelik explains the connection between your star sign and your health and how medical astrology works. She also takes a closer look at each sign of the zodiac so you have a better understanding of the stars may affect your health.

Keep in mind, medical astrology is only one potential part of a person’s overall health picture. Please consult your physician before making any major medical health decisions.

Zodiac Signs Quick Links:

What your star sign says about your health

We asked Harelik if certain signs are more vulnerable in particular areas — and if different signs should pay closer attention to different body parts.

She cautions that it’s not that simple.

“Keep in mind this critical point: there is much more to your health than looking only at your Sun sign,” she says.

“I think of astrology this way – there is a great movie of your life that is unfolding. When you were born, the planets were set at a certain place in the sky that set a script for you to follow or stray from.

There is a great movie of your life that is unfolding. When you were born, the planets were set at a certain place in the sky that set a script for you to follow or stray from.

“Think of it like this: the planets are the actors. They are like people – they have their own personalities. There is Mercury, which is the planet that gives insight as to how you think, communicate and process information.”

“There is Venus, who shines light into your love life, as well as your financial health. Jupiter is the cosmic magnifying glass, bringing abundance, growth and expansion to your chart, while Saturn constricts and provides a call for discipline.”

“Then there are the houses, which provide more of a roadmap of how this great movie is unfolding.”

Understanding medical astrology

According to Harelik, you should look at more than just a star sign in medical astrology. Here is her breakdown:

> Planets: what is happening in the patient

> Signs: where /which anatomy and processes are affected

> Aspects: the tone of how the planets are interacting

> Houses: external influences that provide insight into the lay of the land for the problems

> Transits: timing of onset and release

“You’ll want to take the whole natal chart into consideration,” Harelik continues.

“If you have a lot of Earth in your chart: consider herbal remedies, and any elements that work well with helping you get unstuck. Mobility is key.

“If you have a lot of Fire in your chart: consider things that even out the high highs and low lows, stay hydrated.

“If you have a lot of Water in your chart: consider things that flush and balance you, like colonics.

“If you have a lot of Air in your chart: consider things that ground you, for example, acupuncture.”

But even if you haven’t had a complete astrological chart created for yourself, says Harelik, you can still get started on dealing with health issues by checking out your star sign below.



March 21 – April 19

Rules the head and adrenals

“Aries may be prone to head injuries, headaches, high temperatures, accidents and stress-related inflammation,” says Harelik. “You may also be hot-tempered – taking action or speaking before planning can result in accidents and injuries.

Hard-headed Rams could look to cranial sacral therapy, head massages, and herbal adrenal support.



April 20 – May 20

Rules the throat, thyroid and middle ear

You may be prone to issues that block the head from the heart – speaking your truth with love is important.

Balance stubborn tendencies by being open to new ideas and solutions in healthcare. We see more tendencies for tumor formation here, says Harelik – toxicity at all levels should be avoided at all costs.

“Taurus has the most success when they are able to implement new health care routines methodically and slowly over time,” she adds. “They are not good candidates for a quick fix.”

Solutions could include singing, herbal thyroid support,  routine proactive health care, throat chakra clearing and massage.



May 21 – June 20

Ruler of arms, shoulders, lungs, nerves, communication, thinking and the thymus

The Twins may be prone to learning disorders, speaking difficulties, lung/breathing conditions, and blockages in nerves.

“Gemini benefits from having one holistic general practitioner leading the health care plan, but they often enjoy dabbling in a little of this and a little of that,” Harelik cautions. “Their most vital life would include a variety of proactive health care treatments.”

Look to herbs for mental fluidity, chiropractic to open nerve flow, speech therapy and hemp oil, Harelik adds. Talking out your problems can help bring them into the light.



June 21 – July 22

Ruler of breasts, stomach, ovaries, testes, body fluids, mucous and pituitary

If you were born under the Cancer sign. you may be prone to water retention, diseases of the breast, diabetes and digestive problems.

“Cancers make great nurses and often take care of everyone else in their family/friend group,” says Harelik. “They need to remember that while this fulfills them at some level, it can also be very draining. They can work on allowing others to nurture them by asking for help.”

Take time away from others to fill your cup, stay focused on self-care. or, as Harelik puts it, put the oxygen mask on yourself first! Manage stress, stay on top of fiber and hydration.



July 23 – August 22

Rules the heart, eyes and spinal cord

Leos should be on the lookout for heart conditions, vision challenges, and spinal issues.

“Let’s face it,” Harelik says, “Leos need a lot of attention, and when they are sick, they need to be doted on. Love your Leo,  that’s what heals them more than any soup, therapy or visit to the pharmacy.”

Alternative health solutions can include chiropractic, heart health, omegas and beta-carotene.


August 23 – Sept. 22

Ruler of the intestines, digestive enzymes, diaphragm, spleen, and the brain/belly connection 

You may be prone to nervous disorders, analysis paralysis, liver issues, hernias, constipation, anxiety and tension-related illnesses.

“Solution-oriented Virgos need a plan to follow that is backed by research,” Harelik explains. “Get step-by-step instructions and boxes to check off for a Virgo health care plan.”

Try hemp oil and probiotics, and learn to go with the flow.



Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

Ruler of balance, as well as the kidneys and pancreas

Keep an eye out for kidney stones, headaches and iron deficiencies.

Harelik explains: “Libras are sensitive to everyone around them. As such, sometimes they take on the emotions of others or feel too deeply for their loved ones.

“When things are out of balance emotionally, nothing else goes right for Libra. Get your heart right and feelings balanced so that therapies will work.”

Check your health with lots of water, proper supplements, and finding work/life balance.


Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Rules the sex organs, elimination channels, colon and sweat glands 

You may be prone to OCD, STDs, reproductive dysfunction and hemorrhoids.

“Intense Scorpio won’t be open to sharing all of their symptoms,” says Harelik. “Therefore, Scorpios can miss the big picture.

“Approaches to health that are transcendental, that bring you through the flames of purification and detoxification are interesting to you.”

For relief, look to colonics, sex organ health, lots of water and sacral chakra cleansing.


Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Rules the hips, butt, thighs and sciatic nerve

Pay attention to sciatic issues, hip/butt soreness and tensions in the lower spinal cord, as well as sports accidents.

“Sagittarius have an affection for philosophy and travel,” Harelik reveals. “Try a therapy from a foreign culture, work with a foreign doctor, or go on a healing mission.”

Massage, stretching, and unique/worldly treatments can be effective.


Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Rules bones, joints, skin, teeth, anterior pituitary and gallbladder 

Depression, Parkinson’s disease and sometimes deafness or inability to hear the truth should be checked.

“Capricorns are driven by results,” Harelik explains. “They might not realize it, but they thrive on structure. Look at the long-term plan, review the data, make a bar graph of improvements over time.”

Treatments may include natural dental work, chiropractic, massage and physical therapy.


Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Rules circulation, veins, calves, ankles and oxygen exchange

Be on the lookout for schizophrenia, clumsiness, varicose veins or problems associated with poor circulation, as well as anxiety.

Says Harelik: “What works for everyone else may not work for Aquarius. Their health issues can be as quirky, eccentric and elusive as they are!

“But they have the brainpower and innate brilliance to find unconventional remedies that work.”

Aquarians shouldn’t overthink situations. Instead, look for out of the box solutions that balance, ground and orient.



Feb. 19 – March 20

Ruler of the feet, the pineal gland, the lymphatic system and the appendix

As a Pisces, you may be prone to delusion, allergies, addictions, poisonings, lowered libido, autoimmune diseases, feet/toe problems, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, and dementia.

“Pisces are sensitive emotionally and physically, which can cause them to want to check out,” Harelik explains. “Helping Pisces navigate their two worlds (the seen and the unseen) is the key to finding healing.

“Regular detox will benefit Pisces, who tend to take on energy and absorb toxicities more than any other sign.”

Practice self-care by keeping your mind healthy by staying in reality, staying present., says Harelik. Water therapies can be helpful.

Final thoughts

When looking for holistic and alternative health care, checking your astrological chart can be a valuable tool. But as I mentioned above, it’s only one part of your overall health picture.

Medical astrology should not be used to replace your doctor’s advice. Think of it as another potential piece of the puzzle.

If you are interested in incorporating medical astrology into your overall health plan, you may want to consider consulting a professional like Harelik.

“The bottom line is that the cosmos affects each of us differently at any given time,” she advises.

“Beyond looking at the natal chart and transits, we can use astrology to pick dates for important events such as starting a new job, getting married, and having surgery or important medical procedures.

“There are several branches of astrological traditions. Vedic, Hellenistic, Esoteric, Transcendental, Chinese, and Western are a few.

“Within each tradition, there are as many different ways to interpret charts as there are astrologers. Translating natal charts and monthly forecasts into practical advice involves both science and intuitive work.”

Tiffany Harelik is an astrologist based in Austin, Texas, and the co-author of my Live Pain Free® Cookbook. To learn more about Harelik and her work, visit her website,,

You can also find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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