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Pain from a herniated disc can come on suddenly, even though the defect may have been present for quite awhile. Unless the disc became ruptured as a result of a sudden injury, most herniated discs occur because of degeneration, and once you start to feel pain from it, relief is all you can think about. So, how does a herniated disc happen and what can you do to get relief from it?

A herniated disc is often a direct result of degeneration. Aging can be hard on our bodies, and our spines are no exception. The spinal column is made with built in shock absorbers, or discs, that over time become worn out. Think about a flexible straw. It can bend and flex in infinite ways repeatedly. Eventually though, it will crack if you keep bending it. Your spine works the same way. It’s not made to last forever, and often a herniated disc is just a result of aging.

The slow wear and tear of time can be accelerated though by disease. Osteoarthritis is one such disease that can cause herniated discs to happen more frequently. As the natural degeneration process occurs, someone with osteoarthritis responds by overproducing bone, which creates bone spurs that can put pressure on nearby nerves and cause severe pain. Degenerative Disc Disease is another one that ups the incidences of herniated discs. Someone with this disease has discs that become dried out and more susceptible to rupture.

With all these varying circumstances, how can you find relief? In lots of ways! First, resist the urge to become bed ridden. Pain from a herniated disc can be debilitating, but remaining stationary for too long can exacerbate the injury by causing stiffness and reducing blood flow. Try to stay at least a little active. Light walks can help strengthen your core and keep nutrient rich blood pumping to the area to speed healing. Also, keep the area loose by performing stretches. This will help relieve tension and unnecessary pressure on the area.

Something else you can try is temperature therapy. Cold compresses will help reduce swelling while heating pads will help increase blood flow and soothe tense muscles. For extended relief, you may want to invest in an infrared heating pad. This technology allows heat to penetrate deep into aggravated muscles for long lasting pain relief, much longer than a traditional heating pad. The Healthy Back Institute has a variety of infrared heating pads to help soothe your back pain. Visit losethebackpain.com today to view their selection.

Getting a massage can also be very effective at relieving pain from a herniated disc. It can help relieve tension to relax pain away. It works by targeting the injured area and increasing blood flow to promote healing and reduce pain.

Also, try improving your posture. Your spine should maintain a natural “S” curve at all times. Sometimes sitting makes this difficult, and the “S” turns into more of a “C” as you slouch over your computer. A back support cushion can help in this situation. They work by helping to support your spine and relieve pressure on sensitive areas, providing proper alignment of your spine. The Healthy Back Institute has a huge selection of back support cushions to help you sit up straight and keep your pain at bay.

For more information on herniated disc relief, visit losethebackpain.com today!

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