Herniated Disc In Neck

A herniated disc in the neck can be a very painful problem indeed. However, it’s a fairly treatable condition, so don’t despair if you’ve been recently diagnosed with a herniated disc in your neck.

A herniated disc is most frequently the result of age. The years of wear and tear on the upper portion of your spinal column can cause your body’s natural shock absorbers to break down and easily become dislocated. Think about a door hinge. It holds the door up and allows it to move freely on its axis. However, if the hinge isn’t maintained, properly oiled and kept free of debris, it will severely limit the door’s range of motion. The same holds true for your head and its relationship to your spine. As time wears on, the hinges get worn out, and can limit your own range of motion. This condition can be exacerbated by diseases like osteoarthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease.

Additionally though, car accidents and high impact sports like football can also result in a herniated disc in the neck.


Symptoms of a herniated disc in your neck can include severe neck pain and a tingling in your shoulders, arms or hands indicative of a pinched nerve. Pressure is placed on nearby nerves when a disc in your neck gets pushed out of place, resulting in tingling and numbness in the nerve’s associated extremities. Range of motion can also be greatly affected by a herniated disc in your neck.


Surgery is one approach for herniated discs in the neck. The procedures involve removing the damaged discs and replacing them with prosthetic discs or inserting metal pieces to help stabilize the spine. However, these procedures aren’t always necessary and many people can find relief from a herniated disc without going under the knife.

One technique is cortisone shots that target the area and reduce swelling so that displaced discs can find their way back into the appropriate positions. However, even this can be costly and time consuming, and isn’t always effective.

One thing that can be surprisingly helpful when dealing with neck pain and a herniated disc is a massage. Try getting regular massages to soothe tense muscles and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. The technique has also been shown to increase blood flow in the targeted area, which helps the healing process go that much faster.

Another thing that may help relieve pain and help your body heal is heat therapy. Infrared heating pads are ideal for dealing with the type of intense pain associated with a herniated disc in the neck. The heat they produce goes much more deeply into the affected area, which helps relieve pain quickly and keep it away for much longer. Get your own infrared heating pad from The Healthy Back Institute at losethebackpain.com.

Acupuncture is also gaining ground when it comes to relieving neck pain and helping herniated discs heal. It has recently been scientifically proven to be a valid form of pain relief. It works by inserting several long, thin needles into the affected area. The Chinese believe this technique helps to restore your body’s flow of Chi – or energy.

A herniated disc in neck can be difficult to deal with, but not impossible. The Healthy Back Institute strives to provide the latest information on how to get rid of your neck pain due to a herniated disc. Let them help you today and visit them at losethebackpain.com.

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