Healing Sciatic Nerve Pain

Muscle imbalances create extra stress and wear and tear on the spinal discs. Therefore, strenuous and unusual physical activity or heavy lifting may cause one of your spinal discs to herniate, or move out of place. Such a displaced disc – also known as a slipped disc – can compress nearby spinal nerves.

1. First, you must truly understand sciatica, not only what causes it but how to treat it properly. Watch our videos on sciatica by clicking the link below.


When a herniated disc presses on your sciatic nerve, you may experience one or more of a typical set of symptoms including sharp, shooting pains down the back of your leg, numbness and tingling, burning pain in your lower back, weakness in one or both legs and loss of bladder and/or bowel control. Usually only one side is affected. These symptoms often go away or improve a lot over time.

What are the steps for healing sciatic nerve pain?


If the pain is so severe that you cannot move or function normally, you need to reduce and manage it before moving on to therapy for your sciatic nerve pain and correcting the dysfunctions underlying your condition.

For example, the centers of your spinal discs are roughly 70% water. Gravity squeezes water out of these discs daily; in fact, you can lose as much as 3/4th of an inch in height by the end of every day!

Most of this fluid gets re-absorbed back into your discs when you sleep. So one of the easiest things you can do for the healing sciatic nerve pain is to drink plenty of

Without doubt, spinal decompression is also an excellent way to reduce back pain. It relieves the pressure placed by the vertebrae on your discs and allows them to expand to their normal size, reabsorb lost water and properly cushion your spine again. If you have a herniated disc, spinal decompression will allow it to move away from your nerves.

water and get a good night’s sleep. Obviously, this is not going to correct the problem. You will need a well rounded solid treatment plan to heal your sciatic nerve pain.

While inflammation almost certainly plays a role in sciatic pain secondary to a herniated disc, there are significant health risks in taking anti-inflammatory medications. A better strategy for healing sciatic nerve pain is to introduce more fresh fruits, vegetables and non-processed foods into your diet and cut back on inflammatory foods such as sugar, dairy, and fried or processed foods.

Proteolytic enzymes actively reduce inflammation and help your body recover from injury. Systemic enzymes may not help in healing sciatic nerve pain, but they will help reduce inflammation and make recovery much easier.

In general, herniated discs are caused by uneven pressure exerted on your spine due to postural dysfunctions created by muscle imbalances. Muscle balance therapy which treats the underlying cause is the most reliable way of healing sciatic nerve pain.

Most Effective Ways to Heal Sciatica

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