Have You Tried Everything for Back Pain and nothing seems to work…

I got this email today and im sure some of you can relate very will…

***Start of Email***

Thank you for writing to me.
Here are some things I’ve tried – can you tell me if they are good or bad:

drug – skelaxin
Sacro Wedgy – devise to lay on
Sleep with pillow between my legs
used foam roller
water walking
icy hot, aspercreme
heating pad
ice packs
stationary bike
herbs – MSM, joint function, etc
read book – Mind Over Back Pain by John Sarno, MD
use pillow behind my back when sitting
Dr. shot steroids into my back and pain killers 2 weeks ago.

Thank you for your help. I hope someone sees this, and can explain what tickets are,

***End of Email***

This was my reply…

There is noting wrong with trying different things and being open minded to experimenting with them..

Everything you have listed can help to some degree, but like anything you need to get to the root cause, and we believe that muscle imbalances are the root cause for most forms of back pain…

Once you get a better grip on the root cause everything else you try will give you a better result and even make you life a little easer…

So if you have tried everything and feel like nothing is going to work, think root cause levels, if you have our program “The Fibro Fix”, in it Dr Fors talks about addressing Fibromyalgia the the Mitochondria level, it does not get any more root level then that, and that is one reason people with Fibromyalgia struggle for so long, they are always nipping at the symptoms, and not addressing the important issues…

Let me give you one more example, my mother went more than a year being misdiagnosed regarding all of the symptoms she was experiencing, in the end she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, There are only two treatments for hyperthyroidism, Surgery to remove it or irritated iodine which destroys the Thyroid and then people have to be treated as if you were suffering from Hypothyroidism…

Do you know that the first thing the Dr asked that administered the irritated iodine?

Do you eat FISH? My mother loves fish but my father gets sick at even the smell so my mother has gone the last 40 years without fish…Fish is rich in Iodine and the Thyroid needs Iodine for healthy normal function.

Start today by giving you body what it needs and learn to address the Root Cause Issues early… to avoid the mess…

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