Financial Stress Relief – 5 Ways to Get More Money Fast


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Money troubles have you down? Take action now!

Money troubles have you stressed? Here’s five easy ways you can make some quick bucks… today!

# 1 Clear the Clutter

How would you like to kill two birds with one stone so to speak? Take a look around the house for items you no longer use that may have some value to someone else — and sell them! Not only will you have more money, but you’ll have less clutter to clean up and take care of around the house.

If you have a bunch of items, consider holding a yard sale. Get your neighbors in on the act and hold a big yard sale to attract more buyers. Or if you only have a few items or don’t expect good weather, you can always sell those items for free on craigslist.

# 2 Toss Your Matches

If a significant part of your day consists of lighting up a cancer stick and inhaling, do yourself a favor and quit smoking! Even cutting back by one pack a day at today’s prices will put an extra $150 in your pocket every single month. That’s $1,800 a year… and you get to enjoy better health as a bonus!

Need some help? We’ve run a couple articles recently from two different experts on how to quit smoking including using natural aids to help you quit smoking.

# 3 Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Do you hate litter? If you’re in luck, your neighbors don’t… Take a walk around the block with a sturdy bag and pair of gloves and (selectively) pick up the “litter” you find.

Many states have deposit laws where every beverage bottle or can requires a small deposit, refunded upon return. Even if you don’t live in a state that has a deposit law, you might live within reasonable driving distance of one that does. That can net you a nickel or more each. At the very least, you likely live near a recycling company that will purchase scrap aluminum from anyone — just check the phonebook or search online.

You’ll need to pick up a lot of cans to bring in a wad of cash if selling as scrap. You can expect to get about a penny worth of aluminum per can. But then again, in many places you can pick up dozens of cans with little effort — or even ask your friends and neighbors to save theirs for you.

# 4 Make a Donation

Yes, you probably do have something so valuable someone will pay you to donate it.

Blood plasma from healthy donors who meet their criteria can be donated at centers found in many large communities, and will generally reimburse you $25 to $35 for the hour or so you spent donating. Since plasma regenerates quickly, most centers allow you to donate twice a week — meaning you could make an extra $50-$70 for just a couple hours “work” every week.

Need more money in a hurry? Consider donating bone marrow. Some specialty facilities do reimburse donors hundreds of dollars for the donors time and discomfort. You’ll have to discreetly ask around on this one though — most centers which reimburse for marrow donations don’t advertise this fact to avoid attracting riskier donors.

# 5 Get a Job

Yeah, right, in this economy? Yes!

If you’re looking for quick cash, there’s almost always a way for the industrious. Look for odd jobs you can work — for neighbors, friends, or a day labor service. Yes, they even hire legal citizens.

Don’t overlook common seasonal chores like mowing, raking, and shoveling snow either. It may be tough work, but you’ll get immediate reward at the end of the day in cold, hard cash.

Oh, and if you or someone you know is talented and would like to work with one of the leading natural health companies in the country, we’re always on the lookout too

Bonus Tip!

If you’re not flat broke, but simply want a reliable way to make more money — a lot more money — then I suggest looking at a way you can create your own retirement windfall we shared earlier this year…

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