Fibromyalgia and Whole Body Vibrations

Fibromyalgia is a very harsh disease to suffer from. Pain racks the bones and muscles. The ailment’s cause is not even completely understood. Even worse, relief can feel like a pipe dream at times. This is why so many sufferers try anything to relieve themselves from this unrelenting pain. New techniques are tried and tested on a routine basis.

One such technique that has garnered some success is Whole Body Vibration. This is a very passive treatment that is easy to do and seems to actually help. The patient only needs to stand on a platform that proceeds to shake or vibrate the body both up and down.

A recent participant study tested the effects of Whole Body Vibration. The aim was to determine if it had any bearing in pain relief. To determine this, the medical team tested three sets of participants. One set took part in traditional exercises, such as stretching and aerobics. The second group did this plus Whole Body Vibration. The final group did not participate in either form of exercise.

The results showed that the group that saw the most benefit participated in traditional exercises followed by Whole Body Vibration. Evidence is pointing to the fact that exercise alone is not enough to produce pain relief for sufferers. These patients also noted less fatigue as well. There is enough supportive evidence for patients to see Whole Body Vibration as an option for fatigue and pain relief therapy.

Whole Body Vibration is a low impact way to work out the body. In fact, in some cases, movement by the patient is not required. The patient must simply be on a plate. Any position is acceptable. Sitting, standing, it does not matter. Once on the plate, the machine launches vibrations through the patient’s body. They occur anywhere from 30 to 50 times a second. The frequency setting is up to the medical professional. The though behind this therapy is that the vibrations make the muscles contract or work. The contraction rate this machine establishes is very hard to replicate using other methods.

The vibrations work the muscles out in a very creative way. As they shoot through the patient, the body begins to feel like it is unstable. To correct this, it begins to contract. Its natural instinct is to counterbalance the vibration. This counterbalancing reflex is what produces the results. Whole Body Vibration is good for anybody. Users range from professional athletes to patients who must be helped due to physical limitations. Because this therapy is low impact, patients with bad joints can participate without the negative repercussions they would normally expect when working out.

Whole Body Vibration also lends itself to Brain Wave Vibration. Researchers are working hard on this option as well. It is important to determine if this therapy also promises actual health benefits. Thus far, evidence is pointing towards yes. It helps with pain, fatigue, stiffness and stress. Some patients have has the extra benefits of happier moods and a calmer state of peace.

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