Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic condition that has been known to cause intense pain in muscles tissues and joints throughout the body. More than 6 million people in the United States are affected with the disease. Fibromyalgia generally consist of a group of symptoms and characteristics that occur together. Symptoms for fibromyalgia tend to vary from person to person and so does the extremity of the symptoms. Most sufferers complain that they feel a pain all over the body that is paired with a chronic fatigue that has sufferers feeling constantly exhausted. This feeling of exhaustion has been known to substantially reduce the activities and liveliness of those suffering from the condition. Most all physical activity is affected and there are even cases where sufferers have noticed problems with concentration and memory.

Many suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued have been forced to alter their lifestyles in ways unimaginable including quitting jobs and modifying daily activities including chores, cooking, driving cars and essentially maneuvering. Many of those suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued have been accused by friends, family and even physicians of faking the syndrome or inadequately defining what’s wrong with them thus leaving those around them usually concerned parties to grown frustrated. It is the assumption that the sufferer of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued is “crying wolf.” There have been cases where adequate diagnoses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued have taken months.

A few symptoms that have been known to be associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued include but are not limited to widespread pain, fatigue, chest pain, stiffness, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, memory impairment, abdominal discomforts. Be sure to keep a detailed list of the symptoms you are experiencing and report each symptom to your doctor. Keeping an accurate log of symptoms can aid greatly in determining a diagnoses. Keep in mind that the above listed symptoms are just a few symptoms that may be associated with the syndrome. Other symptoms may include overwhelmingly painful menstrual cramps, vision impairment, nausea and dizziness, weight gain, problems with skin, chronic headaches, weakness, muscle spasms (twitches), etc. There is no shortage of symptoms that may be experienced. Again, logging symptoms is imperative as there may be symptoms that aren’t listed yet are directly associated with the syndrome. Be sure to report them all to your doctor.

Since the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigued range so vastly you’d have to imagine that so does the range of treatments. Many opt for prescription drugs as a course of treatment. Many drugs are taken primarily to ease the pain and discomfort that is commonly associated with the syndrome. Be sure that the taking of prescription drugs is modified and governed accordingly as there have been cases were dependencies have formed.

You may want to consider other forms of treatments before opting for use of prescription drugs. Massage and physical therapy are viable options and so are acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. Try changing diet, lifestyle and managing stress to see if there may be any overall improvements.

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