What is the best dose and way for me to use ThinMist™?

Regardless of the amount of weight you want to lose, the dose and timing of the product are the same for everyone. For the best results, use the product as follows:

Remember to shake the bottle before each use.

Direct the pump to spray into your mouth under your tongue. Allow the liquid to remain under your tongue for as long as you can tolerate, but a minimum of at least 30 seconds before swallowing.

Morning:      3 pumps within 10 minutes after waking up, 30 minutes before breakfast*
Afternoon:    3 pumps, 30 minutes before lunch
Night:           3 pumps, 30 minutes before your last meal of the day**

*You may drink your morning coffee or tea without waiting for 30 minutes.
* If you miss a dose during the day, take your third dose one hour before going to bed.

If you would like to give yourself an extra boost, take an extra pump or two at night before bed. This can help keep your metabolism running high to burn off fat even while you sleep.

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