I have Diabetes and wants to know if certain ingredients in HNS would have adverse reactions to my condition?

  1. From a nutrient point of view, Heal n Soothe has a total of 5.65 Calories per 3 capsules with a total of .83grams of carbohydrates per 3 capsules.
  2. We have had many customers over the past 15 years, taking Heal n Soothe, who have been Diabetics and have never had an adverse reaction.
  3. In regards to how Heal n Soothe can support someone with Diabetes, the enzymes can support healthy Inflammation, supports proper wound healing and can support Overall cardiovascular health.
  4. There are no known contraindicated raw ingredients, for the condition of Diabetes.

Again, it is not Diabetes, that would make the Heal n Soothe contra-indicated but your specific medical history and your specific medical needs, so if you would like to try/take Heal n Soothe but have concerns, please simply consult your physician before use.

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