The 5 Exercises that Make You Better In Bed

better in bedHas the fire in your bedroom been reduced down to embers? Getting it back up and roaring again might be easier than you think — no expensive lingerie or sex therapist required …

According to one national survey, 43 percent of Americans 45 and older are satisfied with their sex lives … but that means 57 percent are not.[i] If you’re in this latter group, spicing up your love life has obvious benefits we don’t need to explain here … as well as some not so obvious benefits like stress reduction, pain relief, weight loss and even a lower risk of chronic disease.

Want to get in on the simple secret that can make you better in bed in no time flat?

It’s exercise. And while any exercise is likely to give your sex life a boost, the specific exercises that follow are particularly important and targeted for improving your performance and enhancing your enjoyment in the boudoir.

5 “Sex-ercises” to Learn Now

5. Sex-Specific Stretches

A limber, flexible body is best for getting into all those fun positions — there’s nothing like a leg cramp or pulled muscle to ruin an otherwise pleasurable night in bed. Stretching of your entire body is therefore essential, but you can start with these stretches that target those used during sex and might even help you reach orgasm and even get in the mood:[ii]

  • The butterfly: Lie on your back with your knees bent, then let your knees fall outward like butterfly wings. The soles of your feet should be touching and your feet should be pulled in near your buttocks. Lower your knees outward as far as is comfortable, or have your partner gently press downward on your inner thighs.
  • Pelvic lifts: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. With your arms at your side, clench your abs and buttocks and lift your pelvis off the floor until your back is straight. Hold the position for at least 10 seconds, then lower to the floor and repeat.

4. Strengthen Your Core

You use an astonishing array of muscles during sex, and many of them are located in your back, abdomen and pelvis — or what’s known as your “core.” By strengthening these muscles you’ll have better control and ease of movement while you’re thrusting, twisting, turning or even trying to stay in one particular position.

Yoga and Pilates are two form of exercise that are wonderful for core work, but simple exercises you can do at home are also effective. Try:

  • The bridge: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Tighten your abs and raise your hips off the floor until they’re in line with your knees and shoulders. Hold for about three breaths, then release and return to the floor.
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Plank: Lie on the ground on your stomach, then raise your body so that only your forearms and toes are on the floor. Your body should be in a straight line, like a plank, with no sagging. Hold the position for 10-60 seconds.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful “sex-ercise” because of the kicking motions involved, which help stretch and strengthen your pelvic region. Try the breaststroke, backstroke, the crawl or any stroke you like — they’re all beneficial.

2. Train for a Marathon

A new Harris Interactive survey found that one-third of Americans believe training for a marathon would make them better in bed. Turns out, they’re right. Not only does this intensive long-distance running help you shed pounds and tone up, but it will lead to increased blood oxygenation, which means better blood flow to your nether regions.[iii]

The good news is, you don’t actually have to run a marathon, or even train for one, to get these benefits. Any type of aerobic activity is likely to lead to similar benefits.

1. Kegels

Kegel exercises, named for 1940s gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel, help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles. In women, the PC muscles surround the “G-spot” and contracts during orgasm. In men, the PC muscles control semen flow, penis hardness and ejaculation.

A kegel exercise simply involves contracting and releasing your PC muscles. You can also contract and then hold the clench for up to 30 seconds. This will strengthen your PC and pelvic floor muscles, allowing you to have enhanced sexual control, sensation and, for men, even help treat and prevent erectile dysfunction. You can even do kegels during sex (guys, do one right before orgasm to delay ejaculation … gals, try them during sex to help you reach orgasm).

If you’re not sure how to locate these “secret” muscles, try stopping the flow of urine mid-stream the next time you have to go. These are the same muscles used during kegels. Try to perform 100 or more kegel exercises every day.

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  1. George says:

    No doubt, physical activity and being fit will always improve love stamina and improve the whole bed performance. From my 40+ years of experience, nothing will ever serve better in sex than self-confidence, a significant part of which is a combination of physical mental readiness for the act.
    Kegel exe-s are a complete new approach to me!
    Thanks for the article

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