Ergonomic Chair for Sciatica

An ergonomic chair for sciatica is designed to relieve the pain and agonizing discomfort typically associated with sciatic nerve pain. Many back pain sufferers commonly note that they experience increased pain levels during the work day when they have to endure extended periods of sitting. Those who spend long hours sitting at a desk or computer at work or at home often experience severe sciatic pain. This is typically associated with a poorly aligned spine, which places pressure on the sciatic nerve. This in turn causes radiating pain through the buttocks and down one or both legs. The ideal treatment plan includes correcting postural issues, so obtaining an ergonomic chair for sciatica pain relief is a critical component.

When selecting an ergonomic chair for sciatica, patients are faced with a choice between two options. Kneeling chairs are typically used as a last resort, while ergonomic chairs are the answer for most patients. These chairs are quite popular due to the variety of styles available, as well as the multiple adjustment features it boasts, including wide armrests and additional seat cushioning. They are designed to be comfortable while providing you with additional back support. They are ideal for patients who must sit for long periods of time.

Patients should keep in mind that the act of remaining in a seated position should not cause undue pain. While a certain degree of lower back pressure is to be expected, severe pain commonly associated with sciatica should not be. Those who experience this increased pain while sitting should consider alternative seating arrangements, most notably the ergonomic sciatica chair.

Ergonomic chairs work by actually conforming to the body and supporting the spine. This is critical, because by providing adequate support, less pressure is placed on the lower back in general, which includes the sciatic nerve and cervical disks, resulting in less pain. Due to their increased padding and large armrests, the chairs as comfortable as they are effective.

When selecting the ideal chair for your needs, consider more than just the comfort factor. Be sure the chair provides adequate support and allows the feet to comfortably rest flat on the floor. Armrests should not interfere with movement or productivity. Headrests, if needed, should also allow for free movement. The chair should be designed to provide an even distribution of weight. Other options such as adjustable positions should be considered as well, because no two people have the same dimensions or experience pain in the same way.

While in many cases, Sciatica is caused by poor posture or prolonged periods of sitting, there are other causes as well. Pregnancy, obesity and even some underlying diseases can cause sciatic pain. It is important that you consult a physician to detect any serious underlying causes. In these cases, further treatment may be needed and may include pain medication, muscle relaxants and/or physical therapy. However, if your doctor has suggested posture correction as a part of a complete treatment plan, or if your sciatic pain is simply caused by improper posture, an ergonomic chair for sciatica may be just what you need to gain some relief.

Posture correction can often lead to immediate relief of moderate to severe sciatic pain, so peruse our selection here at, where we have chairs and other products to help you manage your sciatica pain. For more information on cushions for back pain sufferers, visit

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  1. Jasper Whiteside says:

    I had no idea that there were chairs designed to ease sciatic pains. This ergonomic chair sounds like a much better option in most cases. I imagine that there is a time when the kneeling chair is better for the patient for one reason or another. I would trust a chiropractor to advise on the best choice.

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