Want to End Neck Pain?

Surprising New Study Proves THIS is Far Better Than Medicine

Do you suffer from neck pain and want to end it safely … and most effectively?

That’s a redundant question, because if you suffer from neck pain … well OF COURSE you want to stop it now.

But here is something that may surprise you: not only are conventional medicine approaches less safe, BUT they are also less effective for short- and long-term relief than spinal manipulation therapy approaches and exercise! That’s according to a recent major Annals of Internal Medicine study.

You can get more detail on the study by clicking the reference links below, but in short:

Some 270 patients diagnosed with nonspecific neck pain were assigned pain medications, spinal manipulation therapy, or home exercise.

Spinal manipulation therapy showed “a statistically significant advantage over medication,” and exercise also demonstrated an advantage.

Better Results, Less Adverse Effects

Even after a year’s time, the results proved true with 53 percent of exercisers and chiropractic patients experiencing at least a 75 percent drop in pain compared to 33 percent for those in the medication group.

Meanwhile with patients taking medications … not only did these patients stay on those medications, they took them in higher doses more often, researcher Dr. Gert Bronfort told the New York Times.

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Annals of Internal Medicine

ABC News/Medical Unit

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16 thoughts on “Want to End Neck Pain?”

  1. Dale Harvey says:

    When I was much younger and living in the USA I used to suffer from severe neck pain that was absolutely crippling. Many times I was rushed to doctors and hospitals. Subjected to countless hours of heat pads, heat and cold treatments,massage, numerous different drugs for years on end, physiotherapy and even rounds of painful steroid injections directly into my neck muscles and spine. The pain always returned and was most debilitating. The ‘specialists’ were even so brazen as to put me through psychotherapy just in case this was psychosomatic!
    Then very much later in my life after leaving the USA, I discovered a couple of commonly available antiflamatory drugs that really did relieve the pain. Now I could move properly again and lead an almost normal life. But this much more active lifestyle soon resulted in developing what was thought to be a simple hernia. At least that is what my surgeon thought. Upon surgery, it was discovered that I had a much more involved and serious sliding hernia that I most likely developed from a simple fall while playing as a child many, many years earlier (falling from a swing in a sitting position…but any similar ‘sitting’ type of fall could cause this). All my life, my body was attempting to compensate for this ‘invisible’ injury that did not show and only occassionally caused any discomfort where the hernia actually was located. My body simply shifted positions which threw my back and entire spine out of alignment and the spasmodic pain resulted in my neck.
    Lesson here, always check the entire body whenever neck or head pain results. This is especially true with children! Guaranteed none of the USA Doctors, Nurses, Practitioners, Surgeons, etc. ever did and it could have changed my entire life if they had!

  2. Lynda Richards says:

    I love (in a twisted way) your ER story re your daughter’s neck pain. I am a homeopathy student in my 2nd year and briefly freaked out when I had excruciating abdomen pain. I went to the ER and they thought I had kidney stones, turns out it was a kidney infection. But the best part is that when admitted I was given an arm band saying that I was allergic to Sulpha. After the MRI showed no stones they gave me a heavy dose of anti biotic… oops they gave me sulpha by mistake so I had to remain for an additional 2 hours for observation due to their mistake. I was fine and the next time I had a kidney flair up I took one dose of Apis 30c and was fine. Hospitals are dangerous places!!!

  3. Micheal says:

    So sorry for your experience with the ER. I can understand your wanting a diagnosis when it comes to things a little uncommon than we are use to. I hear these stories all the time. A good friend recently had developed some mid back pain, took an ambulance to the ER because it was excruciating pain and then spent hours in the ER and was sent home with some over the counter pain medication. I recently gave him a bottle of magnesium oil and told him to use that instead. The bottom line here is with the ER there is no bottom line. His ER adventure cost him over $1500. The magnesium oil was just a few ounces out of the 64 ounces I had purchased and will last him through several episods like this. The idea here is to trust your own instincts you will be atlest at par with the ER and most likely much better off and have some much needed $$ for some other things. I think our ERs need to be observed a little closer. I also believe if they can’t diagnose or fix the problem there should be no charge. Thats not going to happen. So now we can add to the buyer beware list, beware of ER visits. In a real emergency such as an accident they are still needed, hopefully with a positive outcome. .

  4. timothy reynolds says:

    Sorry about your trip to the ER. I think many people can relate and share stories of the incompetence of ER doctors. My story involves my father who was diabetic.
    he was taken to the hospital with low blood sugar where he was given 2 glucose drips and nothing to eat until after testing for damage was done. well several hours later and nothing to eat since getting up that day, no damage was detected. later that day, his blood glucose was still out of whack thanks to the lack of knowledge in the treatment of diabetic extremes.

  5. Judith Spiteri says:

    My first thought, the only thing I could do to help, was to say a prayer for your daughter and your family. Hope she is well now.

  6. Daryl Currie says:

    I was in ER twice…the first time it was a panic attack, and after 6 hours they sent me home. The second time, i simply felt like i was dying, but after 4 hours of waiting, i started feeling a tad better and went home. It was depression, i found out. But i got zero help from ER…and the waiting is ridiculous. Can’t they at least do a quick check to see if the problem is serious? My friend had a DVT (clot) in her leg…after 10 days (it was quite bad), they sent her home in an ambulance, because she couldn’t put any weight on it. I thought that was silly. Keep her there for a while yet to make sure she was going to be OK. I couldn’t stay with her as i had to work…well, after two days, and lots of morphine (yes, morphine), we had to call an ambulance to send her back, she was in so much pain. That’s the wonderful ‘free’ health care system we have in Canada

  7. cd says:

    Thank you so much for writing your ER experience. My daughter is a quadriplegic, and of the 6 times I have taken her to the ER, not once was I happy I had made that decision, and now she agrees. Thanks to you and all the other great newletters re natural medicine, I am so much more qualified and expert at her care than any other hospital or doctor. Years of doctor visits for her many complications, were at best a distraction for her and an education in uselessness, and worse, with all the prescription side-effects and eventual withdrawal nightmare. It was great to read your article and feel the kinship that I am not alone in all the ER nonsense.

  8. melody mcbee says:

    Thank you for sharing your horrible experience in the E.R. I have small children and their have been times i have been tempted to take them in as well. Fortunately we have been able to find or solve their problems without the ‘help” of the emergency room so far. My only experience being in the E.R. was equally frustrating and ridiculous. At 9 months pregnant i had gotten a bad case of whooping cough (pertussis). I was bed ridden and hunched over due to the muscles in my rib cage being tight from coughing so much. After a week of waking up at night and gasping for air after a cough episode, I was scared and wanted some relief. I had the good sense to ask my Naturapath and midwife to escort me. After much waiting…they ran some tests and noticed I had high blood pressure. My guess is it was from overexertion and my healthy fear of hospitals. They stopped right there with no further looking into my extreme cough and not being able to breath and sent me right up to the maternity ward. I was even more nervous now and felt shakey. They then checked the babies heart rate and my blood pressure. The baby was fine. My blood pressure was high. When asking again for assistance with the cough issue they suggested it was probably just drainage and I had some sort of asthma attack which they could give me a steroid for. I looked at my naturapath and asked her how that would affect the baby. She gave me a very measured answer in front of the nurses..which i took to mean…not a good idea. I refused but was very frustrated no one new what was wrong with me and I had been given no suggestions for relief.
    With my blood pressure still high they wanted to keep me for monitoring. As I lay there a little angry and very scared, in storms a doctor who tells me i MUST have preeclampsia and should have an emergency c-section. I had no other symptoms indicating preeclampsia and we had not come in asking for them to look for this. Of course hearing this nonsense made my blood pressure rise even more. My naturapath suggested i try and calm down so I could get my blood pressure within a normal range. After about a half hour of determined relaxation and my blood pressure down, I requested a refusal of care form. The doctor, furious, shouted, “I save womens lives every day!!!”, then turned on his heel and stormed out. Stunned, I filled it out and got out of there as quickly as I could hobble leaning on the arm of my naturapath. A wasted trip to say the least, which could have caused me and the baby some serious harm.
    Later that week my naturapath did a bunch of throat cultures and we found the Pertussis, no thanks to the help of the ER. I also found I could relieve my lack of being able to breath by holding my breath until the inflamation went down and my throat opened again. I did not heal before the baby came but had a beautiful natural water birth despite of it.

  9. Sonia Alvarez says:

    Sorry about your daughter, hope she is getting well. When I was about 14 years old I had an awfull stomachache, doctor said it was the liver, he gave me some granulated medicine which make feel worst. My mother took advice of a friend and took me to a MD who appplied alternative treatment. And since then I have adhered to “natural medicine”. Today I am 75 years young, I have never visited an allopathistic doctor. I had a disk broken, pain was treated with acupunture ¡pain gone! Nowadays I suffer of stiff neck, so I collect every piece of information that I find. Your article about the deadly medicines doctors prescribe was impresive. I did translate it to Spanish (my mother tongue). My friends remained so surprised because since last year the publicity about their benefits had beeb amazing.. A long time ago I have heard and then read the books of Daniel Estulin. He writes about the richest people big conspiracy. You could find it on the web.
    Thanks for all the information that you deliver on your page through Internet.

  10. daron latham says:

    mate if you allow ther fear to rule you, you will always look for someone else to take control in times of stress
    i bet your gut feeling was against going to hospital [most unhealthy place period]
    trust what you know and more importantly listen to your instincts and feelings especially your stomach

    say hi to your daughter and tell her someone from australia is thinking about her
    cheers and good on you for what you do

  11. Nola J says:

    I have recently had numerous trips to emergency for extreemly high blood pressure and rapid pulse (resting 199/111 with pulse 145!). Despite being hooked up overnight to monitoring machines they found nothing. I was told it was “anxiety”..!!! Good grief!!! Isn’t it NORMAL to feel anxious when you feel like you are having a heart attack?
    On my last trip I asked the doctor why they NEVER ask what you have eaten during the past 12-24 hours? It could have been a reaction to MSG in that Chinese meal! However the advice to them about asking what you have eaten/consumed during the past 24 hours seems appropriate as I’ve now discovered that I was being over-medicated with too much thyroid (natural) medication. I still need some, but need to get the levels compatible with my diet. Doing my own investigation – the side effects of too much thyroid medication is “anxiety” and also “high blood pressure” and “racing pulse”
    Most of the staff seem so anxious to help and, alas, so clueless if it doesn’t involve drugs and expensive monitoring machines.

  12. barbara says:

    Poor you. I know it was your daughter who had the neck pain but what we as parents go through when our children have something wrong with them, is an experience which words cant explain. You and your wife did exactly the right thing. Hind sight is a wonderful thing. Out of bad came good and your visit to ER confirmed to you that the work you do is so worthwhile. I know after the event you probably shook your head in disbelieve and felt a bit ‘silly’ going there in the first place but with something so very precious you couldn’t go taking chances. It is something of an eye opener for me here in Northern Ireland because I thought we had these troubles in our hospitals because we live with the DHSS system [which means we dont pay for the treatment there and then and there isnt a panic about health insurance] but you do pay for any treatment and you still have these problems. Im glad that your daughter is recovering well. Lets just pray it is a very long time that either you or your family have to make a visit to a hospital again!

  13. Markus (MD) says:

    I´m sorry for your experience in the ER. I´m a general practitioner, also work in internal medicine in Europe and have a diploma in Manual Medicine (Chiropractor)I try to avoid using more chemicals than necessary. I just want to add my point of view here, because of the chase against Paracetamol (Tylenol). Like with every substance responsible use is necessary. I always check blood for signs of liver problems in patients who take Paracetamol for a longer period of time and sometimes I have to quit it, but it´s definitely not like every second patient gets this problem, especially not if used for a short period of time.
    In my opinion every general practitioner should be able to do a viable examination of the whole spine and know how to treat conservatively and get to the root of the problem. I find your “Lose the Back Pain” program very safe and useful, it´s pretty close to what I´ve learned as well. Keep up this good stuff and keep warning people from dangers. But to be honest some of these articles about pain killers are going too far. The reason for the high amount of liver failures in Tylenol is inadequate use because it´s obviously easily available and very cheap (at least it is where i live). If people eat them like popcorn they´re bound to get adverse reactions. In the right indication, with adequate precautions I´ve found them to be safe enough and I guess they might have helped your daughter as well without a problem.
    But I´m absolutely d´accord with the way you solved the problem and it was still an important thing you had them exclude meningitis. I have no idea why they didn´t like Magnesium though.
    Conclusion: Help yourself if you can. If not find a doctor that goes for the root of the problem and don´t be afraid of taking advised medication if your doctor can tell you how to check for adverse reactions. If you need to take painkillers for a prolonged period of time, talk to your doctor! But don´t go to the drugstore and think medications that are freely available are safe to be taken at will.
    This goes even more for Aspirin and other non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs.
    I also have excellent results with low dose cortisone injections in acute pain phases (as we have compulsory health insurance here, patients are not charged personally – and the insurance tariff I get is not exactly overwhelming),and never had adverse reactions in years. They sometimes get done with a problem for quite a while, but still – the root for the problem needs to be found!

  14. Martha says:

    Sorry about your daughter. Ours also woke up the other night with extreme pain in her right side, going down into her lung. Because the flu is going around here and is turning into pneumonia, we were very concerned. Thanks to the internet, we were able to understand a lot before deciding against taking her to ER. (We have lived most of our children’s years overseas, and have some experience with ER both in the USA and elsewhere, a lot negative, but some positive as in the case of dislocated elbows, for example, and pneumonia.) So after prayer, we slathered on Firm from Mannatech, and had her take Vitamin C and Ambrotose then sat with her for a couple of hours to see if we should take her in anyway. At that point she lay down and went to sleep. Apparently it was muscular and we had done the right thing, but it was a calculated risk to not go in for an xray. I don’t suggest it to everyone, but we did pray earnestly for her and believed we were doing the right thing, and it was. (Xrays carry their own risks also.) I liked Markus’ observations, and Judith’s prayer.

  15. John says:

    Thank you for sharing such a valuable tip on how to be away from neck pain.

  16. Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing the information

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