Do This and You'll Spend the Rest of Your Life in Pain

I’ve been receiving a ton of feedback for my new book, “The 7-Day Back Pain Cure” and as I was reading through it all I was reminded about one very important thing…

And that is, your attitude will determine whether you are ever able to get lasting relief. Let me prove it to you…

Here’s some feedback I received from a reader:

I haven’t finished the book yet, (on page 116) but I’m beginning to get discouraged because you keep talking about how you are going to help my back pain but it consists of buying or getting something else.  It’s like a carrot that you can never reach.

Name withheld to protect the identity of this loser

Yes, I said it… LOSER!

See, we can choose to be winners or we can choose to be losers. Losers like to blame all their problems on other people and outside circumstances and don’t like to take any responsibility over their situation.

Winners on the other hand, are determined to achieve their goals… they don’t blame others, instead they own their situation and take action to fix it or improve it. Getting rid of pain is no different.

Here’s some more proof… more feedback for my book:

Your back pain book is excellent, and I am applying the principles in it to my neck pain. Have also watched several of your online videos, including the inversion one and the neck one. I have bought a funny pillow, am holding myself properly (when I remember!) and trying to remember not to tip my head forward and while driving. Thank you so much for the generous package of CDs and the book, which you surely are sending out at an initial financial loss to yourself.

As for the inversion machine, the far infrared heat pad, the enzymes and the knobby board that punches out trigger points, I am making my own stuff here, hanging upside-down off an exercise chair and over a large exercise ball, using a long bean bag that I heat in our microwave, and lying on a home-made board to get the knots out of my back. If these don’t help, I might have to spring for some of your equipment. Your “global” approach is absolutely right, and many back-pain sufferers are surely thanking you for that.  All best to you in your good work, Jesse.
— Susan Bingham

First, thank you Susan… you are a WINNER.

Not only is Susan thankful for the knowledge she’s gained from my book (which again is FREE!) and she is taking action. She’s not complaining that she actually has to do something other than read the book… and she’s being creative to find ways to try to accomplish the same things as various treatment devices like the inversion table, the trigger point system, etc.

Every day that we wake up we get to make choices. I am challenging you to make sure the choices you are making are the choices that a winner makes.

And don’t underestimate the power of this… this is why some people get relief in days or hours and others struggle for years or decades.

Also, if you are offended by this, then get lost. Unsubscribe from our email list and go on being a loser… whining, complaining, blaming others and stay in pain. But I hope you won’t… because I do want to help you, but only IF you want to help yourself and if you are going to be a winner.

One last thing, this subject is certainly worthy of many many hours and this post is simply to point out the difference that attitudes make. I highly encourage you to read the book “The Story of You” by Steve Chandler. It’s an excellent book… and one of my all-time favorites (and I’ve read a ton!). I don’t get anything for recommending it… other than the satisfaction of knowing a few winners will go get his book, read it and use it to improve their lives.

So which are you going to be?

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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41 thoughts on “Do This and You'll Spend the Rest of Your Life in Pain”

  1. Rose White says:

    Hello Jesse,
    While I have been a fan of yours for a couple of years now and do believe in the muscle inbalance theory that you profess and help with, I also understand what the writer meant when they said that it seems there is always something else to purchase to help relieve the pain. So don’t be so hard on them. You really do market many many products ongoing. And needless to say, many folks including myself do not have the funds to purchase these items.
    That said, keep up the good work and I will keep on reading the email and have passed on information to friends.

  2. Samuel says:

    Jesse, you have made it clear all along that there is no magic pill or product that will work for everyone. Some treatments work for some people and not for others. I appreciate the fact that you are always honestly reviewing products (good and bad) that are out there that might actual help me.

  3. Jason says:


    What I have gleaned from your book so far is that you are really offering up your wisdom as to what you have found works and doesn’t work in healing back pain. As a back pain expert myself, I think you have some very good ideas and suggestions. You also encourage people to get active in their healing, which I think it is great.

    However, I feel sad that your response to someone expressing disappointment with your book was to call them a loser. I feel disheartened when I hear your response. I would like to see you apologize publicly for calling this person a “loser”.

  4. Jesse says:

    Apologize? Are you kidding? No chance…

    I feel sad for people who are living their lives like this, but it certainly is not my fault…

    And the purpose of this post is to wake people up a bit…

    As I said in the article, anyone who blames others for their pain/problems… can’t find any good in a situation (or a book full of powerful concepts)… is a loser… but that doesn’t mean once a loser always a loser.

    Look, we all have points in our life where we are losers… I know I had mine.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Jesse, I have just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it. It was interesting to read your post and I felt like replying. It read like you were deeply offended by the persons response who was not ready to take on your information. Directly calling them a “loser” and then telling them to “get lost” seemed reactive to me, and judgmental. I found these words harsh to read and was disappointed, even though I understood that your post came from a passionate belief in your research and a desire to help as many people as possible by shocking them into action. But if still felt jarring and negative. Healing from pain requires courage to change on many levels, persistence to keep trying after slow progress or failing, and time and often money in the search for success. I agree that it is sad that a person who could heal from following your advice may not simply by staying ignorant or unwilling to act on it. But we are all on our own journeys and at different levels of acceptance. May you continue on helping people heal themselves and may those in need be ready to take your help.

  6. jules says:

    What a shame that you called this person a loser! What I got from their feedback was that they were simply disappointed to have to go and buy more things. They said nothing about having to ‘do’ something or be pro-active in their health. They are obviously reading the book to find out more about how to better take care of themselves. Loser? I don’t think that is appropriate at all. I also think you could reframe the way you speak about loser/winner stuff. They were offering constructive feedback. There’s a big grey area there.
    I thought when I read the heading about having a winner or a loser attitude, that it would be a bit of a process of weighing up our own personal attitude perspective.
    I didn’t find this post at all constructive, other than the reply comments after it.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I, too, had a similar reaction to reading your book. It gives some wonderful suggestions of things to start doing initially to help relieve pain, but the main crux of your book, dealing with muscle imbalances, is a whole different system that has to be purchased. I thought that by reading your book I would be given the tools I needed to conquer my pain right away. I have spent SO much money on trying to find relief that I start to think that maybe I could go on forever to try to find the cure. There is no end to the products that are out there and the money that I could sink into them. I know that this could be seen as negative thinking, but the line has got to be drawn somewhere. I can’t keep buying everything that sounds good. After saying all that in support of the poor person who was overwhelmed by having to spend more money, I approached my husband and asked him if I could once more order a product to help my back. Since he wants me to get relief almost as much as I do, he said, “Yes.” I have ordered your CD’s, the Back Joy and the Trigger Point board. I am hoping that this will actually save me money in the long run. Please do not be too hard on the person who is having a hard time financially. Just because they can’t purchase something else does not mean they aren’t willing to get rid of their pain. I am sure that if the exercises had been in your book, they would have started doing them the day they finished reading. Especially now in this economically difficult time, have some mercy. At least this person is searching for the answer, as evidenced is their getting your book. That does not equate to a “loser” in my book. I have to finish this with a “thank you” for your passion in helping people find relief. You need to be careful, though, that by calling someone a “loser” you don’t so cripple them emotionally that they actually stay that way for the rest of their lives. I think your goal in life is to help people.

  8. Robyn says:

    I agree with Jules, how is that reader in any way like “anyone who blames others for their pain/problems… can’t find any good in a situation (or a book full of powerful concepts)”? He/she just wants a book that will show them how to cure back pain (which is how it is marketed) without having to fork out more money to do it! Imagine buying a recipe book with only half the recipe in it, and then having to buy the other half to complete the recipe. I am still undecided as to whether to buy your book. Good on the reader who is improvising with stuff at home.

  9. Jerry Wendling says:

    Jesse, you’re the loser! You asked for feedback and you got it. If you want it to come out just the way you want it write it yourself! If you’re goiing to ask for feedback MAN UP and take it for what it is………… you asked for; everyone is not going to be able to benefit in a manner that pleases you. I suspect you created defiance from the LOSER, I haven’t looked yet but I wonder what her comments are on Amazon! And I doubt you will be recommended to any of her friends or family. Not to mention you probably lost a two year follower! Bad PR and bad people skills!!

  10. Jerry Wendling says:

    P.S. Judging from the comments I’m reading here from others who have read your book your comments regarding Rose weren’t appreciated. Once again…………bad PR and bad people skills!

  11. Shireen says:

    Hi Jesse

    I am new to reading your emails.

    I am a psychologist and have read much on pain and pain relief, from on different angles from physiological to biological to psychological to spiritual and many combinations.

    As well as that I have purchased literally tens and tens of thousands of dollars of therapeutic goods and services in just seven years after a back injury.

    When I read your comment about a reader being a loser, it made me think about your own psychology rather than the reader to who you referred.

    It also immediately had me begin to discredit your articles, which is a shame as I feel you have a lot to offer on physiological therapies at least.
    It seemed like a personal attack rather than offering the reader any expertise.

    I will continue to read what you have to say but I must admit I will find it much more difficult to see you in the same light, as a professional expert in pain relief as I had begun to before reading today’s comment.

    We all have our moments though and it would be easy to re-credit yourself with a professional apology to the reader for making her pain worse by kicking her while she is down.

    You of all people understand how one’s psychology affects their physiology, Name calling and calling anyone a loser isn’t professional, it is school yard bullying at best and it causes harm rather than provides any good or healing.

  12. Shireen says:

    For “tough love” to have any affect, one needs to have established a deep foundation of the latter in one’s clients/readers before applying to tough part.

  13. Penelope says:

    I am awaiting delivery of your book, but was really upset to see your comments about losers and winners. We are not all affluent and not always able to purchase yet more items in the vain hope that they will work. I am a pensioner and have taken a proactive approach to my own health. I keep out of the hands of doctors and pills and keep an open mind on methods of maintaining a healthy body. But I cannot spen money without really giving it some serious thought, like many other.

    Is your ego really so fragile that you are unable to take a constructive comment without “Losing it”?

  14. Jason says:

    My Guess on Jesse’s real intent:

    I think Jesse is trying to say that real healing comes from the inside out.

    Here’s a secret: NOBODY can heal your back pain but you. No book, supplement, tool, device or therapeutic practitioner can do it for you.

    Our minds are very strong. Henry Ford is famous for saying, “Whether you think you can do a thing or think or can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

    So if you’re mind is convinced that you can’t heal your back all on your own and you need something to help you, then DO IT. People heal their backs all the time following some person’s advice or suggestions.

    But doesn’t that just fly in the face of what I just said, that no can but you can heal your back? It’s a paradox, I know.

    For all we know, the person who Jesse called a “loser” got exactly what they needed to finally heal themself. Maybe this person has gone to this expert or that expert and with Jesse’s rejection they might have said, “I guess I need to figure this out myself.” Google for “Morris Goodman miracle man”…doctors told him he would never walk again and would likely die and after much determination and healing he walked out of the hospital on his own two legs. He simply made up his mind to do it. Many of us make up our mind that we can’t do it.

    Nevertheless, in order for healing to occur with the help of another human being, there needs to be trust. And in my opinion, Jesse just shot the person he named “loser” and many others. I can see the same disappointment and distrust in other comments on this forum. Jesse’s books and products really don’t mean much without someone believing and trusting Jesse the person. I cannot endorse his book or products because I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. I need to trust that anyone I might send to Jesse for help would be treated with kindness and respect.

    I also agree with Shireen’s comments about tough love. Deep love and respect must be in place first and in my opinion, Jesse has not taken the effort to do this yet.

    It opens a door for people’s judgments and fears to run rampant, such as some of the Amazon comments that say the book is nothing but a big advertisement and offers no real substance.

    Jesse, what I do value and respect of you is that you have made this forum available for people’s real thoughts and feelings be heard and seen publicly. It also shows me that maybe you are willing to be honest about what you really think and feel.

  15. Jesse Cannone says:

    Many of you are MISSING the point.

    First, you can’t expect to just read the book and wake up the next day without pain… you have to take action… and in the book I give you “action plans” and show you exactly what I have found works the best…

    My book teaches many strategies, some that do require investing in equipment, treatment with a health care professional, better food, supplements, etc… but there are also many things that can be done without spending any more money…

    And if you cant afford a particular treatment then skip it for now and do what you can, but for crying out loud, don’t just sit there complaining… dump the negative attitude and take action… implement as much as you can… and make a personal commitment to yourself that you WILL get better…

    Look, inversion therapy is very effective, do you want me to ship everyone a free inversion table also?

    Anyone who reads the book and complains, doesn’t get it…. I give you THE secret to getting lasting relief and preventing future flare-ups… and instead of taking whatever action you can, you complain that there are things that can help you but they aren’t free.

    Second, I don’t sugar coat things… if you don’t like it, don’t read my stuff. I don’t care if my views offend people… all they are are my views.

    I’m out to help people… and I can help a lot more people by being honest…

    People don’t need to be lied to… babied… because when you do that, they continue down the same path.

    And how am I loser? I am taking the feedback… but I’m pointing out one of the biggest reasons so many people suffer… and that is, negative attitudes and beliefs.

    And last, I am not concerned with “bad PR”… I’m concerned with helping as many people as possible, the ones who are willing to stop whining, complaining and take action.

  16. Shireen says:

    I agree that complaining and whinging is annoying and is of no use, but I’ve noticed people who aren’t in any physical pain do it too. Pain gives most people good perspective, eventually, to appreciate the tiniest little things and moments and what is important in life. I like what you aid above Jesse, it is different to what you said earlier of at least expresses it a lot better than the teenager word of loser.

  17. Margot says:

    After reading the winner/loser comments and responses, my hypothesis is that Jesse chose his comments carefully to generate a buzz to intrigue his readers and increase interest in his site. Negative PR is PR. Any PR that drives traffic to his site and gets more people interested in what he is doing is successful PR–even if it has a negative tone. Jesse, do you want to weigh in on this comment?

  18. Jesse Cannone says:

    True, pr is pr, but my word choice was intentional… yes, I could have used “softer” words but as I said in previous comments, my goal is not to get everyone to “like me”…

    my goal is to help people get rid of their pain and improve their lives.

    And let’s face it, the truth sometimes hurts… but that hurt is often what lights a fire under some of us and gets us to finally take action.

  19. jules says:

    Jesse, Maybe you could think about the need for compassion and understanding. Kindness and respect, as Jason said, is an important ingredient in healing. Maybe that person was reaching out, and you just blasted their fragile beginnings of healing. People ‘don’t need babying’, sure, but they don’t need pummelling into the ground either.

  20. Dima says:

    The point is, your attitude is HUGE in determining what results you get with your back pain, and with life in general.

    The first guys attitude is by all accounts crap. He used words like “discouraged” and “dissapointed”… Almost as if he expected that the act of reading the book itself would fix his pain.

    The second person, despite obviously not having unlimited financial reserves took action, used her creativity to create some make shift equipment, and you know what? She’s probably going to get some great RESULTS.

    Susan is obviously willing to do… WHATEVER it takes to get what she wants… and to me, that’s the mindset of a winner.

  21. Keith Walker says:

    Jesse – Your “loser” comment has certainly put a big dent in your credibility from my perspective. I have worked with chronic pain patients for many years and know the damage that treating professionals can do by blaming the victim. I do find your language offensive and I wil “get lost.”

  22. ellen conford says:

    I have to agree with the writers who objected to your response to Jason, the original poster. You say that someone who dodsn’t benefit from your book is a loser, the kind of person who blames everyone but himself for his problems. Pot::Kettle here? Isn’t this what you are doing to Jason, when he says you didn’t help him? It’s not simply that I find your reply rude, but to me it sounds hypocrritical, as you are deflecting responsibility for the effectiveness of your product to the user who had no success with it But I am impressed with your willingness to print negative comments about your book. I’m just dissatisfied with your response to one of those negative comments.

  23. No it’s not hypocritical… I appreciate feedback, positive or negative…

    But what I don’t have time for is people whining, complaining and claiming something didn’t “help them” when the only reason they saw no benefit was because they CHOSE not to.

    Listen to the audio interview I just did with Steve Chandler about this very issue. I just posted it to the blog today titled “Why You Can’t Get Relief and What To Do About It”.

  24. And as Dima said in a comment above, willingness to work hard, be creative and persistent in achieving the goal is what counts…

    So to all you who read this and are “offended”, I say stop letting things get you upset and use that energy instead to improve your life… you only get one!

  25. Dave says:

    I must admit That I am one that is looking for the miracle cure. I think I have realized it is going to take a lot more personal effort on my part. After suffering a concussion from just slipping on ice and falling straight back without breaking my fall, I have gone through severe migraines, ringing ears, and neck and back pain for 2+ years now. After 4 months of migraines, and many DR. visits, Xrays, MRI’s, CT Scans, and too many prescriptions. I finally got rid of the migraines by seeing a TMJ specialist from Tacoma. (I highly reccomend). I will leave his name out so this can’t be taken as advertisement.

    During the months of Dr. apptmnt’s prior to seeing the TMJ guy I was sceduled for a sleep study. I couldn’t get in for 5 weeks. After a really bad night I went back to my regular Dr. and let him know I was occasionally thinking that I would be better off not among the living. He let me know about the TMJ guy, and he set me up with an appointment. Again a long wait as he was booked up. He had a cancellation and got me in early. After a very interesting, rather strange 7 hour appointment, I walked out with a very mild almost non existant headache. According ti him I had not been getting enough oxygen, especially when relaxing or trying to sleep. But it resulted in wearing a mouth piece with top and bottom connected by hinges and adjustable slide. But I was almost in tears from the relief.

    I then went to the sleep study but could not wear the motuhpiece during the study. Keep in mind that this was 5 weeks after thinking of the bullit cure. I’m not that weak of a person but it was driving me insane. I was finally sleeping and pretty much headache free. Well during the sleep study, after 2&1/2 hrs I was awakened and told I couldn’t continue as I was in danger because of the amount of times and length of duration I stopped breating. Then I was set up with the C-Pap machine for the duration. I just laid there and stared at the cieling.

    Amother month past and I got a call, form the sleep study people letting me know that I needed to get set up with the C-Pap machine as my life was in danger without it. 7 weeks all together, I didn’t know weather to laugh or explode on the person on the other end of the line. I sort of laughed and said thaks for the concerne but I’m ok now.

    I’m sure your wondering when I’m goingto get to the point. Well just bear with me for another minute. I then got talked into a surgery to have my tonsils, adnoids, sinuses and part of my throat removed and routed by laser. That was a lot of fun. It wasa bad decision. Iv’e had to have the throat redone once and it needs to be done again.

    OK now the ringing of the ears and neck and back pain. The neck and back pain was either masked a little by the migraines or it worsened due to the inactivity during that time. Anyway my neck is messed up but not operable at this time. So I started researching on my own. I purchased an Inversion Table and it seems to help, my neck and back but might be making the ears worse, and I’m in transition of loosing my home and moving from Auburn to Spokane 240 miles away. My inversion tableis in Spokane and I’m here in Auburn. So I’m not sticking to a regular routine.

    I have a Physical Therapy appnymnt to go to so I will have to finally get to the bottom line.

    Those of us who have these problems and there’s so many roads to take and health aides available. If there are things that are really good for us, why can’t some of the miracle cures be given on a trial basis. If it’s a Herb or some sort of supplement and it helps us, wouldn’t it be good for the manufacturer, as we all know we would become lifetime prescribers. I know I would, but with not being able to work for over a year now, I personally can’t afford to keep trying onething after another.

    It really seems like Jessie has good a plan, but I have to be weary of one thing leading to another as usually most things you get for free end up draining the pocket book.

    I do believe now though that it does take some dicipline on my part as there is no miracle without some work on my part. I am going to order the book and see where it leads, as I really wantto get back to work.

    Sorry for the length of this and it’s made me late. I do like reading this feedback thoughand hope it works for some of us.
    Thanks Dave

  26. Jackson K Housewright says:

    Very informative – always spread your message. Looking forward to an update. For too long now have I had the urge to begin my own blog. Guess if I wait around any more I’ll never take action. I’ll be sure to add you to my Blogroll. Many thanks!!

  27. Vicki says:

    G’day, to everyone who has commented above.
    I have ordered the same book, & if I had not stumbled onto this feedback, I too most certainly would have thought the same as the person we call ‘Disappointed’ after I’ve read it.
    I’ve been suffering incredible migraines and pain from my lower back and neck regions most of my adult life, and for the past year from Sciatica mainly in my right buttock and leg.

    Any major trauma in my life that I could count for this pain was a bad car accident when I was about 9yrs old, also intensive training to become a stunt woman in my late teens.
    I’m continually aware on a daily basis what I can do and more, what I cannot do with my body. In saying this I have tried just about everything that was put before me at times during my life without much success.
    I now subscribe to Jesse’s emails etc… and without any available finances I can truely say that I’m going to lick this one way or another! I’m so grateful for all the comments that have been made including Jesse’s. The only way is forward!

  28. Tammy James says:

    I’ve had the Lose the Back Pain Program for a couple of years, and the inversion table, and the trigger point board, many bottles of Heal and Sooth, watched the videos and USED all of them. I got some relief. However after reading the comments about someone in pain being a loser, I will no longer subscribe to any of your info. I’ve suffered with chronic pain for a long time. Sometimes that pain is enough to cause severe depression. During times that I have lived severly depressed, a comment like the one you made, could have been the “straw that broke the camels back”. It just might have convinced me that my loser life was not worth living. Yes, I have been that fragile emotionally in my life. I can’t find any respect for someone who treats other HUMAN BEINGS in that manner. You’re hurting, not healing. I feel sorry for that person. I know how much I struggled to buy the things I did. I would never have tried homemade equipment for fear of causing more damage than I already had.

    An ex-client

  29. Jesse Cannone says:

    Tammy, it’s your mindset and beliefs that are the problem… the fact that you “feel sorry for that person” is evidence of this.

    Stop feeling sorry and start living life… focus on constantly improving your situation.

    I’m not hurting… if someone is “hurt” by comments, that is their choice and that would be a poor choice.

    Don’t you see that you control your life…your feelings, emotions, etc.

  30. Joan Whitt says:

    I have purchased items from your website and was considering purchasing your book when I read
    your comments about someone discouraged about how many things needed to be purchased to make your plan work. I am offended and horrifed that someone in the helping profession would post a response labeling this person as a loser. Not only did you misread what the person was trying to write (several other response posts picked that up as well)your shaming labeling tells me that you intention is not to help but to be “right” and make money. I will do whatever in my limited power to discourage people from using your website.

  31. Leslie says:

    Now I am concerned.

    I ordered book because the title and your marketing have led me to believe that my back pain will be relieved if not cured within seven days using techniques in the book itself. If, as now sounds likely, this is not the case then you would be guilty of false advertising the book will not be fit for purpose and I will be requiring my money back.
    I will decide when I have read it and will give a true report then but from the above comments it just sounds like we are paying to read a book advertising other equipment.

  32. Joan Whitt says:

    After reading his response to Tammy, I, as a certified professional counselor, see real evidence of the kind of attitude an abuser has which is to blame the victim. He takes no responsibility and sounds as though he wants his energy, in the form of his blaming, to go unchecked. Hmmmm. Glad to see there are others who aren’t buying that line.

  33. Jesse Cannone says:

    I am not blaming anyone… I am simply pointing out the “victim” mentality many of you are living with.

    You’re right, I am NOT taking any responsibility for you or your pain… I did not cause or create it but I am offering to help… but ONLY to people who are willing to stop living like a “victim”.

  34. Joan Whitt says:

    You interpretation of “victim” paints with such a large brush. How do you know the financial situation of this woman which could play a very definite reality in her difficult getting help. She might have children’s mouths to feed and little discretionary income. You skirted the issue of not taking responsibility for name calling (ie-loser) the worst form of communication. But, you will, I suspect, continue to sit on your self-elevated throne of unconsciousness – condemning others while not looking at yourself. Btw, I take full responsibility for my pain, can pay to get what I need, know what I need to do and am doing it and was only on your site to write about a difficult I was having with the heating pad you sell.

  35. terry wenger says:

    I agree with calling her and anyone else that don’t follow your instructions to end back the pain,,,,why??,,,,because I’m 1 of those LOSERS!! Thats right and I admit it! I have the inversion table sitting here collecting dust, I read SOME of your book, I have the DVD’s still in the case they came in. Now after a back operation, some boring therapy,,, MY BACK STILL HURTS!! I still have trouble walking and take pain pills. BUT,, after reading your comment on LOSERS,,, I’m gonna get off my butt, dust off my table, read your book,watch your vids and STOP BEING A LOSER!!!!

  36. Jesse Cannone says:

    TERRY W: you’re NOT a loser… why? Because you just decided to take action.

    You aren’t going to sit around, whining and complaining about how much your life sucks…

    You aren’t going to blame all your troubles on external factors… you are owning it and you WILL get rid of the pain.

    Without that decision and commitment, you can’t get lasting relief (or live a happy, fulfilled life either)…

    So congrats for being brave… and also for sharing your comments 🙂

  37. Pam Mayer says:

    I have the book and have tried some of the pain relief suggestions with some degree of success. I highly recommend the new improved formula of Rub On Relief. I also use the back support daily. I appreciate the free trials of Heal-n-Soothe and Sleepzyme. For me, they are much better than taking Ibuprofen (or other NSAID’s) and prescription sedatives such as Lunesta. My body thanks you, Jesse!

  38. Caroline says:

    I have just tried downloading the free e-book, when I click on the link nothing happens, probably the same as if I read the book, nothing will happen. Lots of nasty comments on here Jesse, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen

  39. Admin says:

    Hi Caroline,

    Regarding downloading the best way is to right click and then click “Save target as”

    Thank you

  40. Jeanne says:

    Hi all-I have been sitting here, on and off, reading all the comments about the word “loser” being used. It was rude, it’s hurtful, and i really hope that person wasn’t severely depressed! my problems with my entire spine, including both hips and legs, are degenerative bone and disk disease, arthritis, severe bursitis, bone spurs, spinal stenosis, had almost of my neck removed and replaced with 2 rods, 14 screws, my body creates too much calcium, thus the bone spurs (so i’ve been told), then, bone density is NEGATIVE 1.8, went to a specialty hospital, orthopedics ONLY, FINALLY, after 4 years of epidurals, facet blocks, steroids, cortisone injections, i had finally gotten a diagnosis that as you can tell, is not a happy one. i cried when the doctor told me, but he thought it was because of all that’s wrong, and i told him no, it’s because i finally know what’s wrong! i cannot have any kind of surgery what-so-ever. this specialist told me that if i did, i would be worse off than i am right now. i don’t know how that’s possible, but it’s the truth. i have seen the MRI’s, i have seen the x-rays, and every other test i’ve had done! i cannot, unfortunately, use an inversion table. i had to quit a job that i loved, and that was working with the public. i cannot ride a bike, nor walk very far! i have to push myself everyday to do just one little thing! i have fallen twice, wondering whether to move to try to get up, or just stay where i was. what i’m driving at is, i have a special saying, and that is: “no matter how much pain you’re in, try to keep a sense of humor”. every day, my pain numbers are between 8 to 10 on the good ole pain scale. if someone were to call me a loser, especially when i was having what i call a “bad bone day”, i think that i would have sent in another comment, and that second one would not have been nice, and i would have sent back, and demanded all my money back, for anything that was purchased. i do have this book, and i do watch what i eat. i just have to be really careful of what i do physically, or my spine WILL LITERALLY SNAP IN TWO! i appreciate the info on the machines, but i, like the original poster, do not have the money, nor the items needed (if i wanted to take the chance) to make these! my lifting limit is 5#! so, sorry i got long-winded, but the gist of all this is, Jesse, maybe the poster is like me, but i sure think you need to at least apologize for the childish name you had called her. her ACTIONS may have, to you, meant loser, but the PERSON is not!

  41. jimmy says:

    Folks these are my opinions not jesse’s. I think what society has a problem with is like what jesse said is that your belief system is wrong even backwards. Religion promotes hatred and makes our society victims,whiners and complainers. I also help people with love not friendship even though evreybody needs it. Anyway got your book for a neck problem you got more than a niche with this knowledge. If they don’t get it (comprehension)I hope you understand that it is their beliefs are broken. For this forum I cured my neck problems with anti-inflammatory supplements and or antifungals. Last comment is I hope you give thanks and feel blessed for your life and knowledge. Ps some folk might want to learn the difference between being cured and healed and for those that get duped by unknowing doctors realize they have limited tools and beliefs. Jm founder of gnosis society research group

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