4 Diabetic Nutrition Secrets Everyone with Diabetes Needs to Know!

Diabetic Dairy Breakfast

Discover the four nutrition secrets every diabetic should know

Most diabetes nutrition recommendations are too broad and generalized to give you the inside info you really need to get well and stay well.

This generalized advice clearly isn’t cutting it. Over 1.9 million people are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Most go straight on to a life of pills, shots and chronic health problems.

For all the health advice out there, more than $174 billion is spent treating diabetes each year in the United States. That includes pills, shots, exercise programs and missed work costs — people with diabetes spend 2.3 times as much on their health care as the average Joe.

Yet for all the money spent, the results are abysmal. Diabetes remains the leading cause of new blindness, kidney failure, and non-traumatic limb amputation in the United States.

You can escape all that.

You can fight back against diabetes and take control of your health — if you pay attention to these four diabetic nutrition secrets.

1. Weight Control is Critical

Diabetes nutrition has to start with an honest look at your waistline. Extra pounds mean extra problems for diabetics. Period.

There’s no tip-toeing around it — any diet or meal plan you choose has to be able to help you manage your weight.

Your medication isn’t helping. Insulin taken to stabilize blood sugar causes your body to store extra glucose in your blood stream as fat. Your diet and supplement choices have to fight back against that very real barrier to easily losing weight — and help you keep off the extra pounds.

The big key here is being able to feel full while eating smart. Cravings and hunger pangs put you on a blood sugar yo-yo, increasing the temptation to eat junk food snacks or consume a sugary pick-me-up.

But when you feel full, you’re in control. You can make the right choices for your weight and your blood sugar — and be free of the painful anxiety and irritability that comes from depriving yourself.

For maximum weight control and blood sugar balance, you’ll want to fill your diabetes nutrition plan with what are known as high satiety or low caloric density foods. These foods leave you feeling pleasantly full but have very few calories on a per ounce basis.

Great choices for diabetics in this category include grapefruit, apples, and kiwi fruit. A half grapefruit has only 31 calories while apples are high in fiber and pectin, proven hunger fighters.

2. It’s Not Just About Carbs & Sugar

In the quest for stable blood sugar, it’s easy to start obsessing over sugar and carbs. But this isn’t how you eat right as a diabetic.

Diabetes nutrition shouldn’t boil down to the old saying “No pasta and if it tastes sweet, spit it out.” You need food from each of the food groups to stay healthy as a diabetic — and to avoid the complications of chronic low blood sugar. Proteins nourish your muscles, healthy fats protect against heart disease and those dreaded carbs and sugars in the right types and proportions help balance your energy levels.

Your best plan is to create your own customized diabetes food pyramid and meal plan with your doctor. Ideal plans include three meals, three snacks and the times they will be eaten so you know your blood sugar will remain steady. Everything is spelled out and by eating several times a day there’s no room for extras that will ruin your health.

Balanced with foods from all areas, choosing to use diabetes food pyramids can help you avoid obsessing over one food or another and keep you on track for your health and weight loss goals.

3. Two Must Have Supplements for Diabetics

If you had to pick one – and only one – supplement to help maintain stable blood sugar levels, chromium wins hands down.

Chromium is proven to promote insulin production, helping keep your blood sugar stable. It also helps control the hunger cravings behind binge eating.

You might find chromium in your daily multivitamin but most supplements don’t have nearly enough to affect your blood sugar levels so you’ll likely need supplement up to another 250mcg a day. Because chromium gives such a powerful boost to natural insulin production you may need your doctor to monitor and adjust your insulin and other diabetes medications.

The other key supplement we highly recommend isn’t a single supplement, but rather a whole group: amino acids. Amino acids are the foundation of a healthy metabolism… and any diabetic who wants to lose and maintain a healthy weight during their fight against diabetes needs a thriving metabolism.

Some of the most effective amino acids for this purpose include GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Valina, L-Isoleucine, L-Tyrosine and L-Glycine. They’re naturally available in meats, eggs, and dairy, but diabetics will want to take advantage of the boost supplements provide.

Now here’s the real secret behind why you need to supplement with these amino acids: together they provide the building blocks for your body to replenish your diminishing supply of natural human growth hormone (HGH).

Your body is loaded with HGH as a child, but by the time you hit your mid-30’s it declines dramatically. As a result, your metabolism slumps, your skin gets loose, and your muscle tissues break down.

Increasing your natural levels of HGH can restart your body’s metabolic engine, helping you maintain healthy muscle mass, enjoy attractive skin, hair, and nails, and have the energy to exercise, work, and enjoy life fully again.

Best of all, by providing the natural building blocks your body uses to make HGH, your body only makes what it needs and no more. This makes amino acids a completely safe way and natural way to boost your HGH.

4. One Spray Can Boost Your Success

Losing weight, eating balanced meals and smart supplementing are the secrets to diabetic nutrition — but not everyone can stick to the rules.

That’s why I want to share a little “cheat” for diabetics who want to lose weight fast and manage their blood sugar more easily. Just use a little spray we created called ThinMistâ„¢.

ThinMistâ„¢ is a unique mouth spray that offers fast, sublingual delivery of a proprietary nutrient blend including chromium and amino acids that give you the extra edge you need to balance your blood sugar and drop unwanted pounds. Three quick squirts before meals and you’ll approach eating and snacks in a whole new way.

First, ThinMistâ„¢ addresses feelings of fullness. You’ll sit down to eat feeling normal instead of ravenous. This helps you keep portion sizes in check so you can drop pounds according to your meal plan. This is especially important if you just can’t eat all the high satiety foods recommended by your doctor.

And speaking of doctor’s recommendations — your meal plan gets a lot easier when you’re not fighting food cravings every waking hour. ThinMistâ„¢ fights off cravings and keeps your blood sugar in check thanks to chromium in the blend. You’ll feel better, and the results will show on the scale.

In fact, you just might start looking forward to your weigh-ins. ThinMistâ„¢ has all the key amino acids you need to restart your metabolism and boost your natural levels of HGH. Combine easily sticking to your meal plan with a revved-up metabolism and you can’t help but drop pounds.

Why let diabetes nutrition be a challenge for you? Why let weight problems compromise your health? Fight back with everything you’ve got. Stick to the diabetic nutrition rules and don’t forget to “cheat” by using ThinMistâ„¢ for an extra edge in slimming down.

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