Delicious and Healthy Dinner Recipes

By Isabel De Los Rios
Author of The Diet Solution Program

Healthy and Delicious Dinners

Enjoy a dinner that’s both
delicious and healthy

I’ll admit, I’m a pretty good cook and people love when I invite them over for dinner. Not only are my meals super tasty and super healthy (Did you expect anything less?), but you would not have any trouble making them for you and your family.

On Sunday night I made such a delicious dinner, I had to share it with you. I will admit, it was a bit more weekend appropriate as the actual prep time was about 20 minutes total, but the chicken took 1.5 hours in the oven.

Anytime I consider making any meal or trying a new recipe it has to pass the Isabel test:

1. Follow and adhere to all Diet Solution Principles

2. Easy and quick to prepare  (no I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen)

3. Easily accessible ingredients  (I don’t want to play scavenger hunt in the supermarket just for some random ingredient)

Sunday’s dinner definitely passed the above test and it also passed the most important test of all: TASTE!

Here are the recipes with references to each ingredient in the Diet Solution Manual.

Isabel’s Secret Baked Chicken (and now it’s no longer a secret)

Now it was a Sunday and I was home but I had a million things to get done around the house, so I didn’t have much time to prepare dinner but I was going to be around for the hour and a half cook time.

After I took the chicken out of the oven, I prepared some homemade guacamole and chopped up some fresh veggies to have with it. Isabel’s Homemade Guacamole (this never was a secret recipe)

There was my dinner: Baked Chicken, cut veggies and guacamole. You may even want to add in some lettuce and use the veggies and guacamole as a salad.

Oh, and I won’t forget to mention the small piece of organic dark chocolate I had after dinner. One small piece really hit the spot.

In health and happiness,

Isabel De Los Rios
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Exercise Specialist
Author of The Diet Solution Program

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