World's #1 Most Dangerous Piece of Furniture

dangerous furnitureYour couch … that tried-and-true “friend,” the one that provides rest and solace from a long, hard day, and a soft, familiar place upon which to rest your weary head … is, in fact, the most dangerous piece of furniture in your home.

We know what you’re thinking — “Say it isn’t so!”

But the writing is already on the wall … the more you plant yourself on your couch, the sooner you’re likely to die. This sounds dramatic, but it’s disturbingly true, as research is pouring in showing that sitting is simply very bad for your health.

The average American spends up to 15.5 hours sitting every day,[i] and a great deal of this is likely done on your couch …

The 7 TOP Reasons Your Couch is the Most Dangerous Furniture in Your Home…

7. Cancer

Certain cancers, including breast and colon, are heavily influenced by your level of physical activity, with your risk increasing the less active you are and the more sitting you do. It’s estimated that 173,000 cancers could be prevented each year if people sat less.[ii]

6. Heart Disease

If you spend four or more hours planted on your couch watching TV, you have a 125 percent greater risk of a heart problem than people who spend less than two hours doing so.[iii]

5. Diabetes

Women who sit for long periods each day have higher insulin levels and higher amounts of C-reactive protein and other substances in their bloodstream indicating chronic inflammation.[iv] These are early signs that suggest type 2 diabetes may soon develop.

4. Muscle Imbalances and Back Pain

If you slouch or sit in an uncomfortable position, your muscles and ligaments can become overstretched, fatigued and strained. Sitting actually puts more pressure on your back than standing, and when done for long periods, especially in an improper position, it creates muscle imbalances that are at the root cause of many cases of back pain. The solution lies in addressing those original muscle imbalances, which is what the Lose the Back Pain system is designed specifically to do.

3. Decreased Mental Well-Being

The more you sit, the more likely you are to be, well, miserable, as prolonged sitting is linked to mental strain and decreased mental well-being.[v]

2. Shorter Lifespan

The longer you sit, the shorter your lifespan is likely to be. Indeed, research shows that cutting back your sitting time to less than three hours a day on average would increase U.S. life expectancy by two years![vi] And, prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all-cause mortality, independent of physical activity, which means even if you exercise, if you sit on your couch a lot it could still cause you to die prematurely![vii]

1. Weight Gain

If you spend 21 hours a week sitting on your couch in front of the TV, you’re 80 percent more likely to be obese than if you do so for five hours a week or less.[viii] This isn’t surprising, as your metabolic rate plummets when you sit (to close to where it is when you’re sleeping), and is far lower even than when you stand and shift your weight from side to side.

dangerous furniture

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4 thoughts on “World's #1 Most Dangerous Piece of Furniture”

  1. James Murphy says:

    Interesting! I had guessed “refrigerator” before reading. My wife’s choice of couch must have been even better than she thought: for extended periods of TV I prefer to sit on the floor using the couch for a backrest, and to nap on the floor rather than on the couch (there is a short shag carpet on the floor).

  2. Nicole says:

    What about the bed? Or a plain chair? If it’s all about level of activity then lying down and sleeping on one’s bed is worse than doing exercise. For me, I am on my bed more than I am on a couch. I do sit down quite a lot during the day (because I am a graduate student and study frequently), but it’s on a chair and rarely on a couch.

  3. Larry says:

    Rather than sit in my favorite chair watching TV for hours on end I periodically sit on an exercise ball. The lack of stability makes me engage my core muscles that would otherwise go unused. While on the exercise ball I rock side to side, front to back to keep my muscles firing and my spine flexible. I understand the need to keep moving so anyone reading this may want to consider an exercise ball.

  4. Capt. Paul says:


    I need reminders now and then so when I opened my email this morning, there was my second reminder of the day. The first is always to be grateful and thankful before the feet hit the floor.

    Thanks again and I’ll share this with my loved ones.

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