Compressed Nerve

Compressed nerves are a very common ailment. What happens to a nerve when it is compressed is that it receives pressure or is pinched by the bone, muscles or cartilage which surround the nerve. A compressed nerve is also know as a pinched nerve. Compressed nerves can be tricky since they have many causes, symptoms and treatments. If you have a compressed nerve in your back you know far to well that it can be a very painful condition.

Causes of a Compressed Nerve

A compressed nerve in the back is simply when a nerve root in the spinal cord becomes pinched or irritated. Sciatica occurs when the Sciatic nerve becomes compressed. The nerves in the back located around L4-L5 and L5-S1 are compressed most often. These nerves are located at the lowest part of the back. This can cause pain to radiate into the buttocks, legs and even down to the feet. Other frequently reported symptoms of a compressed nerve in the back are numbness and a prickly or a burning sensation.

Herniated Discs are a big contributor to compressed nerve pain. Discs in the spine are filled with gelatinous substance which is soft, therefore cushioning the spinal column. What happens is sometimes the discs slip and move out of place, causing a disc to herniated which can then make contact with a nerve. Oftentimes strenuous activity or heavy lifting can cause a disc to herniate. However, one must understand the underlying issues in the back which caused the disc to herniated in the first place. It most likely wasn’t the action of lifting that caused the disc to herniate, but underlying muscle imbalances in the body.

Compressed Nerve Treatments

Compressed nerves typically do not resolve themselves, therefore some form of treatment is needed to relieve painful symptoms. Also, depending on the nature of the pain and also the severity, treatments will vary.

Natural Anti-inflammatory supplements are very beneficial for a compressed nerve since they help reduce inflammation in the body, thus reducing pain. Since a compressed nerve can be very painful, pain medications are typically taken right away. Heal-n-Soothe® is an all natural anti-inflammatory that uses Proteolytic enzymes and 11 other all natural pain relieving elements to fight off inflammation in the body.

Muscle Balance Therapy will help strengthen and increase flexibility in the back. Make sure to take it slow, as it takes time to rebalance the body after it has been out of balance for so long.

Inversion Therapy will help decompress the spine, therefore taking pressure off of the compressed nerve. By utilizing an inversion table, one can perform inversion therapy in the comforts of their own home.

All natural pain cream can help soothe the painful area where the compressed nerve is located in the back. Rub On Relief®, is a natural cream that penetrates the skin and goes to work instantly by relieving pain.

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