Older People’s Brains Slowed by Their Accumulated Knowledge! (new study)

cognitive decline from accumulated knowledgeThe notion that your brain slows with age as a result of cognitive decline is accepted as fact. But new research suggests that becoming a bit slower in your thinking isn’t evidence of a decline at all, but rather may be indicative of a lifetime’s worth of accumulated knowledge.[i]

Cognitive decline from accumulated knowledge is not a bad thing at all. It’s simply the result of your brain processing a lot of information, and that, naturally, takes time. The study was based on computers programmed to act like humans. The computers that were exposed to only a limited amount of information performed like young adults on cognitive tests.

However, when the computer was exposed to the equivalent of a lifetime of knowledge, it performed a little slower — more like an older adult. According to the study:

“As adults age, their performance on many psychometric tests changes systematically, a finding that is widely taken to reveal that cognitive information-processing capacities decline across adulthood. Contrary to this, we suggest that older adults’ changing performance reflects memory search demands, which escalate as experience grows.

… Our results indicate that older adults’ performance on cognitive tests reflects the predictable consequences of learning on information-processing, and not cognitive decline.”

Is Cognitive Decline a Myth?

The researchers noted that most measures of cognitive ability are flawed, potentially labeling healthy people with cognitive decline simply because of misleading testing. Age-related cognitive decline, they say, may be a myth. The study’s lead researcher said:[ii]

“Imagine someone who knows two people’s birthdays and can recall them almost perfectly. Would you really want to say that person has a better memory than a person who knows the birthdays of 2,000 people, but can ‘only’ match the right person to the right birthday nine times out of ten?”

The finding should be validating for those of you who may be feeling like your memory isn’t as quick as it used to be. This could simply be a sign of your large knowledge base!

It makes sense, too, since not everyone’s mind declines at the same rate or at all, for that matter. Perhaps it’s possible that the healthy lifestyles linked with better memory support your brain by allowing it to process your accumulated knowledge faster … like a computer that’s regularly de-cluttered of old files and unused applications, your brain may run more smoothly if it’s supported by your diet, exercise and other healthful habits.

cognitive decline from accumulated knowledgeBecause even if cognitive decline does turn out to be a myth, the fact remains that there are proven ways to make your brainpower better. You can even grow new brain cells if you use these memory-boosting tips.

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