Disruption of Natural Sleep Cycle Can Lead to Early Death!

New Study Verifies Importance of Circadian Rhythm

Many people think they can cut their sleep time short on certain days and make up for it later, such as the weekend.

But skimping on your sleep even here and there … or messing with your “circadian rhythm” in any way… can be an EXTREMELY costly mistake in terms of your health and happiness.

A disruption of the natural sleep cycle can even lead to early death, suggests a recent Oregon State University study. The study also found that disruption can lead to accelerated neurodegeneration (essentially degeneration of the brain) and loss of motor function.

Your brain and body function according to a “circadian rhythm”  — the physical, behavioral and mental changes/reactions during a 24-hour cycle that respond primarily to darkness and light in the environment.

Anything that disrupts our circadian rhythms and biological clocks creates a logjam of consequences that can disrupt and harm our health. The more the disruption over time, the greater the damage.

Fortunately, you can restore your sleep patterns back to normal and dramatically improve and protect your health quickly by doing so.

If you are experiencing problems with getting the right amount of sleep every night, please try to AVOID the artificial route of prescription drugs such as Valium or Ambien … these can be dangerous for many reasons and addictive.

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  1. Pierre Landry says:

    I have prostate problems that make me get up every hour when I go to bed to urinate, but I do go back to sleep without too much trouble, but It gives me a very poor night ‘s sleep and wake up tired. Will your product help ? Pierre

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