Cervical Spine Pain

The cervical area of the back is comprised of seven vertebrae in the neck and upper portion of the back. The cervical area of the spine oftentimes can become more susceptible to injury due to the fact that this portion of the spine is more mobile than any other portion of the spine.

Causes of Cervical Spine Pain

Whiplash is a common injury and is a very common culprit for cervical spine pain. Degeneration of the spine due to aging or disease can be a cause of cervical spine pain. Other factors that can cause cervical spine pain are obesity and poor posture. These can affect the spine’s alignment and may cause the neck to be put in a forward position. And we all know what stress can do to our bodies, but did you know it can cause tension in the neck and shoulders which results in pain and discomfort.

Treatments for Cervical Spine Pain

Heat therapy allows the muscles in the neck and shoulders to relax and begin to heal. Unlike traditional electric heating pads you may find in your local store, Far infrared heat delivers a deep penetrating heat unlike no other. The infrared heating pads offered by the Healthy Back Institute, offer deep penetrating Far infrared heat which soothes and heals affected muscles and tissues.

Inversion therapy is also a very successful treatment option for cervical spine pain. When inverted, the effects of gravity reduce pressure on your spinal column, and naturally realign portions of the spinal discs that may have become misaligned due to muscle imbalances, injury poor posture and so forth.

Pain relieving creams penetrate into the skin and affected tissue and muscles sending pain fighting ingredients to the area faster. We offer a pain relieving cream, called Rub-On-Relief which has been to be proven to be 100% effective at reducing pain, and with none of the potentially negative side effects from traditional pain relieving creams.

Remember, since no two people are the same, it is important to find a treatment program that is right for you. Some people with cervical spine pain find relieve with pain creams and inversion therapy, others find relief with muscle balance therapy and heat therapy.

To learn more about cervical spine pain, please visit our page: https://losethebackpain.com/conditions/upperbackandneckpain.html.

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