8 Ways to Burn More Calories When You Exercise

burn more caloriesIf you’re working out, it goes without saying that you probably want to maximize your calories burned. You’re already putting in the work … why not make the most of the potential payout?

Obviously, you can burn more calories by working out harder and, in some cases, longer, but this is far from the only way.

The simple tricks that follow will help you to burn more calories using methods so simple you probably won’t even notice the difference (but your body most definitely will).[i]

8 Simple Tricks to Burn More Calories

8. Add Ice Cubes to Your Water Bottle

If you drink water cold you’ll burn off about 9 more calories than you would when drinking it room temperature. But that’s not all. Cooler water will help keep your body temperature down, which decreases stress and fatigue, ultimately resulting in a longer, more productive workout.[ii]

7. Listen to Upbeat Music

You can burn hundreds of extra calories during your workout by listening to upbeat music.[iii] Your body will match the faster beat, making you work harder without even realizing it.

6. Exercise on an Unbalanced Surface

Sand would certainly work, as would tools like a Bosu ball. Because your body is unbalanced, your muscles must work harder to keep you steady, burning more calories in less time.

5. Lift Heavier Weights

Using heavier dumbbells can help you to burn about 25 percent more calories, even if you end up lifting for fewer repetitions. Researcher Anthony Caterisano, PhD, of Furman University, told Prevention:[iv]

“Heavy weights create more protein breakdown in the muscle, so your body has to use more energy to repair and recover–that’s how lean muscle tissue is built.”

4. Move Your Arms

If you’re walking, you can burn up to 10 percent more calories just by swinging your arms!

3. Exercise Outdoors

Simply taking your workout outdoors can help you to burn up to 20 percent more calories, as your body will use more energy to stay warm and work against natural elements like wind and rain.[v]

2. Exercise Harder, Not Longer

High-intensity interval training, which combines short bursts of very high-intensity activity with periods of rest, is ideal for burning calories, faster. Because the intensity of the exercise is so vigorous, even if for a very short period, it allows you to burn more calories than you would by exercising moderately for a longer period.

According to research presented last year at a joint meeting of the American Physiological Society, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, in less than 25 minutes men were able to burn up to 220 calories by riding an exercise bike. But here’s the kicker: only 2.5 minutes of that time was vigorous exercise … the rest was recovery![vi]

1. Get Your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Going Again

burn more caloriesHGH is one of your body’s most powerful fat burners to help you lose weight without exercise and dieting. Of course, if you do exercise, so much the better. Unfortunately, your body’s production of HGH slows when you reach your 30s, and with it so too does your metabolism.

All-natural ThinMist contains a uniquely calibrated blend of 7 essential vitamins and amino acids that work together to help boost your body’s ability to produce HGH, and in so doing also increasing fat burning and sending your energy levels through the roof. Give your body the fat-burning power it needs with just three quick spritzes a day … and then watch the pounds to melt away.

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