Best Post Workout Supplement

Post-workout Sports Drink

The best post workout supplement isn’t a specialized sports drink or fancy protein powder.

In fact, when you chug a sports drink, grab an energy bar, or down a protein shake after an intense workout, you may actually be making things worse!

It all comes down to the “extras” included in these kinds of products. To make them look and taste good, manufacturers don’t hesitate to add sugar, artificial sweeteners, dyes and flavor concentrates.

Loaded with fructose, preservatives, and chemicals, these so-called “supplements” and “enhancers” disrupt your body’s natural metabolic and pain management processes.

You think you’re reaching for something that will help you after your workout, but you’re actually grabbing the worst post workout supplements available. They put you — and keep you — in a cycle of sluggish performance and chronic complaints that can be hard to escape without making a major change in your life.

Post-workout Supplements… NOT So Sweet

Even looking only at the sugar content – or manmade sweeteners – you can easily discover major problems for anyone trying to be truly healthy. Popular mainstream sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup, sucralose (Splenda) and sugar alcohols raise uric acid levels in your body, contributing to chronic, low-level inflammation and post workout pain.

Sugar alcohols upset your digestive system, interfering with your nutrient processing. Even small amounts of fructose disrupt your body’s metabolic messaging and insulin production, causing you to eat more… undermining most of the fat-burning benefits of your workout!

Sugar and other sweeteners found in many post-workout supplements truly make them the worst “supplement” you want to take. On the other hand, the best post-workout supplement gives you what you really need after a workout.

The Best Post-Workout Supplement Gives You What You Really Need…
Recovery Power!

You don’t need all those extra additives and added problems after a workout. Those kinds of things won’t help you recover physically or stop your muscles from aching. You need something that nourishes your body from the cellular level on up so that you can rebuild and recover.

Clearly sugar isn’t the answer. What you need for top performance over the long run is nothing more than what you were born with… natural proteolytic enzymes.

If you’ve never heard of them, <strong>pay attention now</strong>. Proteolytic enzymes are a critical component of your body’s natural response to pain and inflammation. They control your body’s response to pain and your ability to heal after physical stress or injury to your muscles.

And if you’re in your 30s or older you only have a fraction of what you used to have. Which is exactly why it takes longer to recover from injuries – and workouts.

What Happens After Your Workout

Let’s take a quick look at the normal post-workout recovery scenario:

  • You have just wrapped up your workout, causing minor tears in your muscle fibers which your body registers as an injury.
  • Your body reacts by stimulating inflammation and releasing fibrin (the same substance scar tissue and scabs are made from) to coat the area with a strong protective mesh.
  • At the end of the healing process, your body signals for proteolytic enzymes to come in and clear away excess fibrin and other waste byproducts leaving behind healthy, flexible muscles and joints.

Unfortunately, the number of proteolytic enzymes your body creates drops sharply around age 27. It’s a natural drop, but you notice the effects after every workout. The older you are the worse you feel as your body’s proteolytic enzyme production steadily continues to decline the rest of your life.

Less proteolytic enzymes available mean excess fibrin builds up around both major and minor injuries. Internal scar tissue builds up reducing muscle flexibility, increasing stress on muscles and joints, and perpetuating the cycle of painful inflammatory post-workout effects.

Breaking out of that cycle is as simple as giving your body more of what it needs after every workout: natural proteolytic enzymes.

Leave Workout Pain Behind for Good

Glossy sports and exercise magazines tend to avoid mentioning that working out is hard work. It can hurt. It takes effort and commitment to stick with any training program — and muscle pain makes it very tempting to just walk away.

And the biggest problem for many athletes is muscle-binding internal scar tissue. Minor injuries and muscle tears get covered in fibrin, building up scar tissue that’s less flexible and less agile than the surrounding cells. It also creates imbalance, inflammation and pain, all of which detract from your workout experience.

You may still want to replenish your sodium and potassium levels during your workout with one of those sugary sports drinks. But your best post-workout supplement should replace those missing proteolytic enzymes to help your body naturally relieve muscle soreness and restore muscle and joint flexibility.

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