50 Most Amazing Benefits of Exercise

benefits of exerciseExercise is good for you … but chances are you have no idea how good it actually is. If exercise were a pill, let’s just say it would easily become the best-selling drug in the world because it prevents disease, slows aging, boosts your mental health and makes for a more attractive physique.

Plus, unlike most medications, its only ‘side effects’ are good ones, like better sleep and sex, and exercise is a tool that virtually everyone — young or old, in shape or not — can harness to make their life, and their health, better.

Exercise can take on many forms, of course. You can join a gym, get a personal trainer, or pop in an exercise DVD at home (some excellent workouts can even be done in only four minutes!).

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By now you’re probably curious … so we’ll just get to it …

The Top 50 Benefits of Exercise

  • Prevent type 2 diabetes as well as drugs[i]
  • Works as well as drugs in secondary prevention of heart disease (preventing further complications from existing heart disease)[ii]
  • Lower risk of erection problems in men[iii]
  • Improved survival and recovery after a cancer diagnosis[iv]
  • Decreased risk of dementia in the elderly[v]
  • Lower risk of osteoporosis[vi]
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure[vii]
  • Lower risk of depression[viii]
  • A 16 percent lower risk of cancer just from walking or cycling for an hour a day[ix]
  • Improved memory[x]
  • Lower your risk of stroke by 20 percent[xi]
  • Supports your health better than drugs after a stroke[xii]
  • Kids who exercise for 40 minutes daily increased their IQ by an average of 3.8 points[xiii]
  • The fittest students scored 30 percent higher on tests than average students (and less fit students scored 20 percent lower)[xiv]
  • Students who participate in vigorous sports had a 20 percent improvement in math, science, English and social studies[xv]
  • 18-year-olds who exercise are more likely to go on to higher education and secure full-time jobs[xvi]
  • Working out before class may improve your tests cores by 17 percent[xvii]
  • A 40-minute workout before a test boosted students’ scores by an entire letter grade[xviii]
  • Employees who exercise regularly are 15 percent more efficient[xix]
  • A fit employee can fit the same amount of work into a 42.5-hour week that an average employee fits into a 50-hour week[xx]
  • Beneficial biochemical changes, including alterations to about 20 different metabolites that help you burn calories and fat and stabilize your blood sugar[xxi]
  • Lower your risk of dying from any cause by 19 percent[xxii]
  • During and after cancer treatment, exercise can boost energy, minimize side effects, reduce your risk of dying and lower your risk of cancer recurrence[xxiii]
  • Reduce anxiety and help induce a state of calm[xxiv]
  • Lower your risk of epilepsy by nearly 80 percent[xxv]
  • Decrease the frequency of seizures if you have epilepsy[xxvi]
  • Lower the effect of a genetic predisposition for obesity[xxvii]
  • Beneficially alter your cell’s genetic material for better genetic expression after just a few moments of exercise[xxviii]
  • Lower your risk of the eye disease glaucoma by up to 25 percent[xxix]
  • Improve the quality of sleep by a measure of 65 percent[xxx]
  • Prevent migraines as well as drugs or relaxation therapy[xxxi]
  • Reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of migraine attacks[xxxii]
  • Cut your risk of upper respiratory tract infections by one-third[xxxiii]
  • Boost your immune system and increase the recirculation of immune cells from bone marrow, lungs and your spleen, which helps to ‘clean up’ your body[xxxiv]
  • Extend your life expectancy by three years with just 15 minutes of exercise a day[xxxv]
  • Partially reverse the effects of the aging process on physiological functions[xxxvi]
  • Preserve functional reserve (the ability to live independently and carry out day-to-day activities) in the elderly[xxxvii]
  • If you have diabetes, reduce fat in your abdomen, liver and around your heart (which increases your risk of heart disease)[xxxviii]
  • Help to lessen the amount of brain damage caused by heavy alcohol consumption[xxxix]
  • Protect your brain from shrinkage as you age, which helps protect your brain function[xl]
  • Lessen pain and improve function in your joints if you have knee osteoarthritis[xli]
  • Enhance your mood after just five minutes of exercise[xlii]
  • Improve your insulin sensitivity by about 24 percent — with as little as three minutes of high-intensity interval training[xliii]
  • Strengthen your memory, especially if you perform a workout immediately after learning a new task[xliv]
  • Lower your risk of metabolic syndrome, even if you begin exercising between the ages of 55 and 75[xlv]
  • Lower your risk of breast cancer by up to 25 percent[xlvi]
  • Lower your risk of dying from lung and gastrointestinal cancers[xlvii]
  • Lower your risk of dying by up to 25 percent if you’ve had a heart attack[xlviii]
  • Cut your risk of heart disease by 14 percent with as little as 2.5 hours of exercise a week[xlix]
  • Improve your muscle strength and reduce your risk of falls and fractures[l]

benefits of exerciseSounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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