Backache During Pregnancy

Back aches and pains during pregnancy are usually problematic in the lower back because of the added weight of the baby.

This crates added pressure on the spine for many expectant mothers, and the necessity of treating this pain with a holistic solution is of utmost importance to protecting the unborn child. Traditional or prescription drugs will get into your blood stream and into the blood stream of the fetus. Thus it is imperative that you carefully monitor every item that passes your lips during your term.

In fact, outside of nourishing food and vitamin / mineral supplements, you should not take any additional medications, even if they are over the counter brands.

At LosetheBackPain, we promote safe remedies for expectant mothers to alleviate backaches during pregnancy. Here are a few different types:

1. One option you can try is massage therapy. A neonatal massage that is provided by an experienced professional can do wonders for a constant backache during pregnancy. A masseuse who deals with expectant mothers on a daily basis will know how to target the knots in your lower back, provide much needed relief, and not harm your unborn baby in any way. Make sure you do your research about the particular massage parlor you are interested in. Ask people in your Lamaze class or check out reviews about them online before you book your appointment.

2. Aquatic Therapy can allow you to stretch out and strengthen your back muscles throughout your whole term without putting any added stress on your spine or joints. Although a heated pool would be the most comfortable place to do your aquatic exercises, be careful that you do not choose a one that has water heated as much as a Jacuzzi; above 100 degrees can be harmful to the baby. Make sure to check out our site to see which aquatic exercises are best for relieving specifically lower back pain.

3. Get a pregnancy pillow. This completely safe remedy is specifically targeted to offer relief from backaches during pregnancy. The ultra large pillow conforms to the body during rest and provides support for the spine, stomach and the joints in the leg. Getting adequate sleep during the late stages of a pregnancy term can be difficult to say the least. You are forced to sleep in one position—on your side. You might even be advised to sleep on your LEFT side predominantly. If this does not come natural to you or the fetus is active at night, you are probably missing out on some much needed sleep. Lack of sleep also aggravates back pain because the body heals during sleep, which it isn’t able to do if you’re not sleeping. Taking advantage of a pregnancy pillow is a natural, homeopathic solution that will give your spine some much needed respite from carrying the extra weight around your stomach and hips all day.

At LosetheBackPain, we provide resources, advice and products to help you diagnose and treat back aches during pregnancy (and general, chronic back pain), using safe, non-invasive methods. Check us out today for more information

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