BIG News About My New Book — You’re Going to LOVE This!

The response to my free book contest has been incredible…

After reading all of the people who posted their stories on the blog it’s obvious that so many people need this information… so I’ve decided to do something really BIG…

Be sure to watch the video below for the BIG NEWS…

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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208 thoughts on “BIG News About My New Book — You’re Going to LOVE This!”

  1. Fernando Gomez-Pimienta says:

    At almost 74, I have been able to survive, with just minor pains, following Mr Canonne advises.
    I am sure, the new book will help a lot of people.

  2. Frances Hinkins says:

    Dear Jesse

    I have felt like I must be resigned to pain since my condition is structural. Your program gives me an inkling of hope but I am still skeptical. I have a scoliosis and a loridosis and, of course a resulting hip rotation, plus sciatica, neck pain and arthritis. I am 70 years old and have been in pain for about 50 years, following the births of my 5 children. I have seen many professionals from orthopedic MD, chiropractic, physical therapy, to yoga, gym and pool therapies plus inversion therapy . I am too sensitive to prescription medicines but have taken many herbal or natural remedies for pain. I find I must keep up walking, stretching, gym and pool exercise to maintain any semblence of stability, otherwise I can’t stand for any length of time or even walk half a block.

    I am a caregiver to my husband who retired over 22 years ago with post-polio and is a paraplegic who later developed prostate cancer, then colon cancer and now acute myeloid leukemia plus diabetes, high BP and high cholesterol and now he has a frozen shoulder and can hardly transfer.

    With his therapy and my necessary exercise, plus daily responsibilities that extend to my family and church, I have so little time to spend on myself or research possible solutions or participate in dedicated programs. Is it possible there is a simple answer is in your book? I would love to receive a copy of your first edition through your generous offer.

    A Hopeful Skeptic,
    Frances Hinkins

  3. Frances Hinkins says:

    Dear Jesse

    I have felt like I must be resigned to pain since my condition is structural. Your program gives me an inkling of hope but I am still skeptical. I have a scoliosis and a loridosis and, of course a resulting hip rotation, plus sciatica, neck pain and arthritis. I am 70 years old and have been in pain for about 50 years, following the births of my 5 children. I have seen many professionals from orthopedic MD, chiropractic, physical therapy, to yoga, gym and pool therapies plus inversion therapy . I am too sensitive to prescription medicines but have taken many herbal or natural remedies for pain. I find I must keep up walking, stretching, gym and pool exercise to maintain any semblence of stability, otherwise I can’t stand for any length of time or even walk half a block.

    I am a caregiver to my husband who retired over 22 years ago with post-polio and is a paraplegic who later developed prostate cancer, then colon cancer and now acute myeloid leukemia plus diabetes, high BP and high cholesterol and now he has a frozen shoulder and can hardly transfer.

    With his therapy and my necessary exercise, plus daily responsibilities that extend to my family and church, I have so little time to spend on myself or research possible solutions or participate in dedicated programs. Is it possible there is a simple answer in your book? I would love to receive a copy of your first edition through your generous offer.

    A Hopeful Skeptic,
    Frances Hinkins

  4. Joe Wilson says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I’m a 43 year old married man and have suffered from lower back pain, sciatica etc for over 25years. I have attended ostepaths, chiropractic surgeries and doctors over this time span and spent thousands of dollars trying to overcome the issue.
    I think that I can trace my symptoms back to the time that a 220lb man fell on me with his knee in the small of my back during a football match when I was 18 and I seem to have had problems ever since.
    If I lie on my back and raise my left leg, bent at the knee, then straighten and lower the straighten leg, I get a dull knock noise as my leg almost reaches its original posiition. This only happens on my left side.
    Often I cannot sleep for the ache that runs from mid lower left back to the lower calf area of my left leg. I have tried twisting and stretching the muscle over the glutes by pulling my knee up to my chest and stretching for as long as possible and this has proved marginally helpful but I have never been able to get rid of the problem.
    My skeleton seems to click and crack with abnormal regularity and I often have to get my wife to stand and walk on my back in oredr to crack things back into shape and bring me some relief.
    As the years have gone on I have experienced an increase in what I would describe as frozen upper left back and shoulder muscles, suffer severe headaches and have to opt for heavy massage and manipulation or indulge in codeine based painkillers, not available over the counter in the USA. Other painkillers do not do it for me.
    I have had an inversion table for about 15 years but only use it as a last resort as the inversion makes me feel sick, light headed and I find the strain on my ankles quite severe and cannot do the exercise for any extended length of time. I cannot pinpoint this activity as being overly beneficial after I have submitted to a session.
    Stretching of the Glutes of my left leg, knee raised high and tight to the chest, seems to be my best temporary cure followed by standing upright, feet apart and torso twisting from the waist using armswing as leverage. Sometimes this produces a lower back crack and all is well again, sometimes not and I seem to be tight all over.
    I would love too get rid of the sciatica once and for all but am fearful of invasive surgery and the thought of fusion is furthest from my wishes.
    I seem to be less susceptible to pain if I have been more active during the day. Perverse as it sounds increased mobility is sometimes better for my sciatica problem but the rest of my back and muscles suffer as a result.
    I hope your new book can offer me a permanent answer rather than pqain management and If it does I would be very pleased to graciously accept a copy.

    Joe Wilson – Ever Hopeful

  5. Terri Curtis says:

    Good Morning Jesse,
    While reading some of the post, I feel my husband and I are blessed to have the health we do.
    I wanted to write for my husband who has the problem more than I. He is a golfer and and about twice a year his back goes out on him. That’s what he says. He’s been to the doctors and to this point he has only received muscle relaxers and pain medicine. This was helping him. He would get enough relief from the pain that he could stand the next few days until the problem would subside again. However, in the last two years, the back seems to be going out more often. One morning I walked into the bedroom and found him on the floor crawling on his elbows with his legs dragging, trying to get to the bathroom. My heart pounded with fear. I thought surely he had let this go to far. Well, we managed to get him up and to the doctor with another round of pills.
    Of late, he has been going to the gym to try and strengthen his back. He’s been doing this for 3 months. My fear is that he doesn’t know what he is doing in that gym. He is not knowledgable on how to exercise. Everyone trys to give their opinion and all seems to be different. I would like to get this book to see if I can get my husband safely back to normal so that he can get off the muscle relaxers and pain medication. I hope that the information you have to share will be the answer. Thank you for this special offer.

  6. Ruby Adams says:

    HI JESSE The internet is a wonderful source of information for people who are suffering and also for selling things.I usually when I receive information on different things delete immediately but I was drawn to your words and for some reason have not been able to delete your messages.I have suffered for 11 years with back and neck pain and now has time goes by it is in my limbs and lower back.I can not do to much but also have to do so much to keep myself going and not die with the pain.I have learned a lot and know the information you are providing us with is extremely true.Everything makes sense. Your body talks to you in the movements you make to help alleviate the pain.I have all your messages and will put them all together and keep them to help me.Your information is excellent and simple and will someday get me off this morphine treatment I presently am on.I just know it.I look forward to learning more valuable very much needed information from you .THANKS SO MUCH AND PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP UNTIL SUFFERERS ARE FORCED TO LISTEN AND KNOW THE ANSWER IS WITHIN REACH.TAKE CARE RUBY

  7. George Shermann says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I have been reading your e-mails with certain amount of scepticism, as being a back sufferer since the age of 14,it goes without saying that I too have visited MANY “experts” with very little help !! ( not very good for one’s back falling off a 20-metre high tree playing Tarzan..)
    Your e-mails are one of only TWO “medical type” that I subscribe to, the other being Dr.Joseph Mercola’s – the rest seem to be all in it to grab the dollars…
    Anyway, whether this lil’ol’e-mail of mine “wins” me a copy of your book or not will not “make me or break me ” financially – but I would still be interested to learn what you have written about this global problem that we call “back pain” – so perhaps you would kindly advise me of the next “step to take” –
    I wish you well in your marvellous work –
    George Shermann – Perth, Western Australia

  8. George Shermann says:

    P.S. Forgot to mention that I have managed to reach the age of 66 ( ONLY thanks to the “Boss above” !!) and having recently SERIOUSLY decided to lose weight, I have definitely found a BIG improvement – ( 7-kgs. off so far in 5-weeks..)
    Coupled with an ENERGETIC walk of approx. 15-mins. twice daily, who knows, I might just get to the REAL “old age” AND still be able to “move around under own leg power” – here’s hoping –
    Hope these ideas mighr help some other fellow sufferers..
    George Shermann

  9. Robert Beatty says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I found you when I went to Web MD to look for information on Sciatica and I am glad I did. I was suffering and unable to pay to see a doctor (I won’t go off course here on how I can’t believe people in this country object to efforts to make healthcare available to all) so I was interested to read your information.

    Because I have some financial challenges, I have been unable to order your dvd on Sciatica, though I plan to do so later in September. Even though I haven’t been able to afford the dvd just yet, I gained relief by using two of the stretches you performed in some videos that you sent out in your emails.

    Thank you so much for that. I do plan to get the DVD as soon as I am able next month. I’ve even passed the word about your site to a former girlfriend so that she can read about heal-n-soothe. She has trouble with fibroids and when I read that some women had used it to help that situation, I had to let her know.

    Anyway, I’m glad I’m on your email list and look forward to getting the DVD as well as other items (the heating pad, heal-n-soothe, inversion table) as time permits. First up is the Sciatica DVD.

    Thanks for the informative emails.

    A customer to be! 🙂

    Robert Beatty

  10. Donna Street says:

    I am a 62 yr young Granny of 11 that sits with the 2 youngest, ages 3 yrs. So, mobility is very necessary for me.
    My sciatica probably began with an indoor soccer game in high school 45 yrs ago when I was flipped backwards and landed on the saddle area of my left hip. The pain in my back, thighs and hips would come and go, but at the time I was more preoccupied with whiplash injuries to my neck from 3 wrecks.
    As the years went on I developed a strange sensation in my lower back that would progress down to my calves, then my legs would just lose all strength and collapse. This ‘paralysis’ and following pain in my legs and hips was terrifying to say the least. I was sent to a neurosurgeon for testing. During his strange examination which involved 2 electrified needles being poked along the back of my legs, he pinpointed an area just behind my knees which immediately triggered my ‘spasm’. The pain was almost unbearable. The doctor hmmm’d and mumbled and wrote something down, then told me I needed surgery to relieve the spasms. He charged me over $1800 for this exam and said to call to set up surgery. But I was too afraid of surgery to do so and waited a few days. Well, after this horrible and painful experience I noticed after a week or two that the ‘paralysis’ was not happening again! – Much to my relief.
    Now, 15 yrs later, I am having that same thing again! Plus horrific hip joint pains if I walk more than 500′ ft or so. This was first discovered when we took all 20 of us to Disney at Easter 2009! The pain was crippling and hindered most of my time there. It could only be relieved temporarily by sitting down and leaning forward to stretch the hip area. Then walk 10-20 ft and it would recur. The pain brought me to tears. This is really discouraging as I have now gained 75 unwanted pounds on my 5’2″ tall frame, and developed Type II Diabetes. Knowing losing those pounds would possibly cure the diabetes and naturally relieve much of my back/hip pain, it is impossible because of the pain. My treadmill just sits in a spare room – totally unused.
    I must add that due to lifting the granddaughters to their potty and the constant holding and lifting them has dislocated my left shoulder, also, adding even more misery to my day-to-day life. I am allergic to codiene and most other pain relievers upset my stomach. So I am stuck with this pain and misery as best as I can see.
    I am terrified of surgery to relieve any of my problems because most people report little or no improvement – if not in fact, MORE pain after surgery – most from the surgery! But sometimes with the pain in my shoulder and the sciatica that hits in the middle of the night or when walking – I almost consider amputation just below the ears!
    Please tell me your book will help!

    I pray your book will help me – I have so much more to do and see. And to do and see it all, free of pain and its limitations, would be a God send to me and my precious husband of 33 yrs!

  11. Donna H. High says:

    Back pain keeps me from walking to obtain meds and food and other things. Mly auto has been vandalized four times where I live so I hav to try to walk. Doctors hav been trying to help for about seven months. Good Luck with your book !

  12. Carol Fuller Aug 15/09 says:

    I would love to have your book, but I guess there are a lot of people worse off than me. I have had arthritis, for more than 40 years. I have degenerating disks and osteoarthritis. My neck swells and now I have pinched nerves, in my left hip and sciatica. I also have bone spurs, in both shoulders. I have had cortizone shots, in both shoulders, that helped for a while. I have started stretches and exercising, every day, and I have been feeling a little better. I cannot take any drugs, for arthritis, because I am allergic to aspirin. Well good luck, to you on your book.

  13. Larry Kuo says:

    Greetings, Jesse, First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your excellent work. I have been learning so much from your work. Am going to be 78, and still active in bowling, ping-pong, and teaching yoga classes. However, I continue to have lower back problems, and go to a chiropractor regularly, and looking forward to studying your new book. Thanks for your continued support and good luck with your future endeavors.

  14. John Kraft says:

    Dear Jesse,
    Thank you very much for your video with the exercise stretches. They help a
    lot and I do them more than once a day. I worked for a moving company
    and ruptured dics in my lower back. Had surgery in 1993 for them. The pain has been every day since. I go to a chiropractor when I can, and have one that will work for cash, this helps. I currently remodel houses by myself
    as I am not financially solvent enough to retire. It would be wonderful
    to be without the back pain, just one more time. I believe in you and hope you become very successful. Best of luck with your new book release.

  15. Jean Lentz says:

    I am a 77 year old women that lives with back pain everday. I have had 2 back operations without much relief. I have tried the injections, therapy and the patches which only help for a little while. Would love to be without pain.

  16. lindowl says:

    A life time of pain(60yrs) after falling out of an apricot tree, and numerous sports injuries, endless medical bills and visits to doctors, chiro’s , physio’s, quacksand the reading of countless books and watching many videos does one believe that another miracle is about to happen after 2000 years. I will certainly read with interest the comments from respondents of the book to see if it is worth a try. Eagerly await the long awaited back pain reliever. Only a new body will cure it, but anything is better than pain.

  17. Clifford W Rohn says:

    I am looking for an answer for my back problem, either in your book, or from you, if you will.If I stand in one place for very long my legs go numb.I’ve been told that I have a pinched nerve.Sofar I still have it, how do I get rid of it? Also I am at a computer for 5 to8 hrs, so my back is bad from that. Help!

    If possable

  18. Cecile St. Germaine says:

    aug.21,2009@10:30p.m I am 66yrs.old and have suffered from back pain for 42 of those years.I’ve had physiotherapy,been to chiropractors,many different excercise programs in gyms and many different pain meds.Finally had a laminectomy for bulging discs.Had some relief for a few years;then 9 yrs.ago I woke up screaming.I was on morphine,then dilaudid for 2yrs.I was then implanted with a morphine pump,which gave me some relief for 7yrs.For the last 2yrs.the pain has gradually been increasing.I’m back on dilaudid which eventually will do a lot of damage to my internal organs.I had an MRI done;bulging discs again,with no help from my Drs.I’ve been reading all your e-mails and am starting to have some hope.Please help.Good luck with the book! I would also like to purchase some of your products online but have no credit card.Advise me on what I should do.Would love to sleep more than a time.Good Luck Jesse!

  19. Bams says:

    I have had an intermittent back problem for years. It would last usually a day or day and a half. I did take a bad fall off my fast moving bike years ago… right over the handle bars onto cement, pretty nasty. I figure that’s what causes my pain now. It seems that nothing obvious ever really brings it on though, I don’t pick up a heavy box or do something that immediately causes pain, I would just wake up or go to get up and ZAP! I would get my muscle spasm and be out of commission. No one could really tell me what it was, especially when I described the muscle spasm. If I tried to gently stretch or (has anyone done this if you are alone!) Lean into the corner of a wall to put pressure on the muscle next to the spine where you feel the some pain. YIPES! that would just cause a spasm.

    Until the other day, I had to work and thought I was ok enough. Well, not, bad move.
    A customer saw me and said you have back problems? I said yes and explained the spasms… she said oh I know it’s your sacroiliac. I was shocked and so excited. You know what it is, I asked her! She said yes and described all the symptoms I had… like she was there!.
    I never felt so validated. Here was someone who understood, finally I wasn’t crazy. She said don’t go to a regular doctor, they just give you drugs.
    She said she has certain exercises and the ones that I was doing were just aggravating it.
    It turns out that the way I was walking ( I was up to 3 mi. a day up and down hills) and the type of “warm up” was adding to the problem.
    I need to know, what to do and how to do it…. I am older and want to stay healthy and active, not old and in a home!
    Now after all this time I can put a name to problem…. I am sure your book can help me be stronger again ! Thank you!
    The fact that I don’t do drugs from regular medical doctors and eat healthy, no junk foods, lots of greens and superfoods keeps my body strong to help fight this issue with my back.

    I suggest people see naturopathic doctors and help get rid of their weight and diabetes, and other problems that will help them greatly when they do what you recommend and when they get your book. Blessings to them all !


  20. Annie Dullum says:

    After two car wrecks, seven months of physical therapy and twenty visits to the Chiropractor without much relief from the trauma; I ordered the “Lose the Back Pain” program. In less than a week, I was pain free! I had no back pain, no hip pain and no knee pain. I live by the program! I do the recommended stretches daily to keep myself flexible and without pain. Since then, I have completed the police academy, which required a rigorous and demanding physical fitness training and I am competitive thanks to the “Lose the Back Pain” program.
    I love it and am saving up for the inversion therapy offer next!
    Thank you, thank you. I look forward to reading the book.

  21. Lydia says:

    Hello Jesse,

    Thank you for your generous gifting and I hope to be one of the people you choose to send your book to. I’m a single mom of 3, I’m struggling with this back pain for 5 years now. As you guessed, money obviously is always going to the ones who have the greater need (kids) and to visits in hospitals and at the doctors’. They already received more than enough from me to finance their big houses, cars, holidays, and I’m not trying to be funny but THEY need your information more than me!!! Perhaps they would start curing people and not send them from being in a painful state to being in a depserate state.

    I regularly receive your newsletter and have ordered from you before. I’m living in Belgium and had ordered the DVD set in 2007 but have not been using it. Not because I don’t want to, but because I feel too much pain to even do any exercises invloving my lower back.

    I’m now 39 and that’s when you feel you’re doomed for the rest of your life to be in severe pain. The Sciatica is just part of the whole spine being out of alignment.

    I had a herniated disc in my cervical spine that left my left arm numb for a while. With Kinesiology and EFT (emotional freedom techniques) my arm is now back to almost normal and I continue to live life alive.

    I don’t go to doctors anymore. They will just suggest surgery as their last resort (which will bring more significant damage, I believe).

    I refuse to do that and just won’t take prescription meds. They obviously are not helping me. Taking meds for pain which cause you pain just somewhere else in your body is defeating the purpose. They have deteriorated my stomach and intestines. I only now feel how bad it is really, and I’m now on a serious mission to detox and alkalize my body to help it fight the pain naturally. I used to get Heel’n Sooth but the postal services would always take it out from the packages. It’s not legal unless you have had approval from the European Commission and to receive that “GOOD LUCK!”. All my packages are opened by customs. I would only need the book, this they can’t sensor/confiscate.

    I have full confidence that it contains the cure to my back problem.

    I wish you a lot of success. What you do is impacting people’s lives in a large way.

    All the best to you and all those who – like me – believe that your book can help them heal and be painfree.


  22. Rheece says:

    I’ve been heelping folks with your information for a longtime now.
    Living with Brack pain is not necessarry with Jesse’s program.
    Lose your Back Pain, stay active, enjoy Life.

  23. Kathi Moser says:

    I ended up having surgery for my herniated disc. I couldn’t do physical therapy due to insurance and it’s quirks, but instead I did the exercises provided through video from the Healthy Back Institute. 5 minutes and day and it really does work. My back feels good.

  24. John W. Petramala says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I will start my story by telling you i think my back pain was from birth and It only surfaced in 2003 because of over use as I had been running for over 20 years and have done five Marathons and many smaller races. In 2003 I should have stayed with Chiropractic and physical therapy but I could not wait and I stupidly had surgery. Then one year later a second and although most pain is gone when I over do injuries come back. I have Scoliosis and I think this seems to cause all the re occurance of pain along with muscle imbalance. I purchased your course loose the back pain and I learned much and got relief. I think the biggest thing is to understand where the pain comes from and how to reduce it. I think your new book will be very helpful to me and possibly get me on the track to maybe become pain free. Thank You.

  25. Kyle says:

    I have battled with chronic lower back pain since my early teens, and while I’ve recently been improving many aspects of my health through diet and exercise such as energy levels, alertness, digestion, back pain is the one thing that I feel is truly holding me back from experiencing radiant health. I just recently began HBI’s ‘Lose the Back Pain’ regimen with noticeable improvements, and I feel that with some persistency in doing the exercises and a few more tricks, I could have this back pain licked. I would certainly appreciate a copy of your book.

  26. Darla says:

    I’ve already e-mailed you the story of my husband Rod. I just wanted to make sure to be on the early bird list and get a copy of the book. He’s in so much pain and we need help. We don’t know where to go to get that help and I feel really good about your ideas. We would appreciate all the help that we can get.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Jesse,

    I am a 49 year old single woman with four older children.

    In our GO,GO,GO society I lost my focus and always lived six months in advance and at breakneck speed.

    I was in perpetual motion ! Well now I am paying for it dearly with 5 herniated discs and multi-level DDD.

    I get so upset when I see people lifting heavy items improperly, I yell at them to stop ! They havent a clue what they are setting themselves up for.

    I only wish my generation were better educated and that doctor’s had jumped around us with redflags at the onset.

    I have just started taking Heal and Soothe and have really dug into your website loaded with information that is as logical and revelant to me as it is to the thousands you are reaching via the internet.

    Keep up the good work Jesse ! Thankyou ! Kind Regards, Elizabeth

  28. Joan Borchers says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I’ve had thoracic pain from standing for long periods of time, especially when standing over the sink or stove for a long time. It can be very debilitating. It seems to be moving down to the lumbar and hip areas now. Any help you can give will be most welcome. Thank you.

  29. Linda says:

    Thank you for your cream that you sell on site. It helps with muscle pain. My husband and I have worked hard for years and we both have sciatica from lower back injuries. What I am most interested in receiving your new book for though is my parents who are 80 and 84 and are having many challenges with their backs. They won’t go to a doctor because of bad results in the past. They are both in good health if I could get them moving again better and reduce the pain. Thanks for all you do.

  30. Vlado says:

    I am a dry-wall fixer and that trade is notorious for causing countless soft tissue problems. Through your website I bought the Dr. Fors Fenix system, which is fantastic. I am always hungry for knowledge and I can’t wait for your book.


  31. Janene says:

    I am a dog groomer and just lost my job. I haven’t had health insurance for years. I know I need to get the extra weight off my frame to help but my pain keeps me from sleeping well and I can hardly move.
    I am only 25 and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in pain or on medication.
    I hope you can help me with an alternative that works

  32. Tina (Mary) Modafari says:

    I’ve been suffering from sciatica for three and a half months now. I’ve been seening a chiropractor for a month and received traction, electrical stim. and ice treatments, adjustments and physical therapy exercises, but do not seem to be getting better. I purchased your Lose the Back Pain Program and have tried some of the exercises for sciatica, but now am doing what the chiropractor advises. I’m very interested in your new book. I have pain down the back of my left leg and sometimes into the upper calf every day, and sometimes it is very severe. I am taking a lot of Advil which helps temporarily, but I worry about it hurting my stomach. Please put me on the list for your new book! The chiropractor tells me I am not a candidate for surgery, which is good because I am adverse to invasive procedures. Thanks!

  33. Mrs Jin Ann Flynn says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I am 70 yrs old, about 5ft & 2″ My weight is 8 stone, has remains the same since 1994.I have type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, treated with medications.Have been pretty active, a keen gardening, played badminton until 7 months ago , I started to have Sciatica problem, painful right hip which radiates down to the outer aspect of my Right thigh down to the ankle area.The pain was severe & unbearable, kept me awake most nights.
    Thank Gd I gained a bit of relief by using a few of your exercise stretches,am feeling a little better. still have intermittent pain, more so at my ankle area pin & needles, a bit numbness at times.
    My hasband 71 yrs old also suffered from both painful feet for 30 years. -mainly under his feet, pain can cripping at times. The only relivief is to take ‘Celebrex’ Tabs.
    We are both pensioner, therefore unable to purchase any of your DVD or heat pad. We very much appreciate if you could spare us a copy of your special offer.
    Thank you for your informative emails, God bless! and good luck.

  34. Patti says:

    I have suffered with sciatica and used your guidance to stop that pain. It recurred recently, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back earlier this year. I awaken each morning with pain in my lower back and it is hard to get up out of bed without pain. I would love to have a copy of your book!

  35. Gabriel Copeland says:

    Thank you for your help. I am a television camera operator and I have had severe back problems for over ten years now. I have been working your back care system and I truly believe that it has helped. I am a recovering heroin addict so I am unable to take any pain medications that harm my sobriety. Your system is all natural and actually cures the root of the problem. I will continue to use your system for the rest of my life, I’m sure.

  36. Lisa Taquino says:

    Hi Jesse, I’ve been a back pain sufferer for 18 years now; I herniated my disc @ L5 and SI joint pain on the job. My pain will come and go with a year or so of unresponsive treatment such as: cortizone injections, nerve blocks, steroid injections, physical therepy, and acupresure chiropractor treatments. I bought your Lose the Bach Pain program and was unable to do too much because my mobility is so limited. I discontinued medications also because I was so tired of taking all those pills that didn’t have much affect of the origin of the pain source; so I’m hoping I will be able to read your new book. I enjoy the email information you send me, I find it very interesting and I love learning about what causes pain and how to fight it in variable natural ways. Thank you for your ongoing work to help us in pain and want our lives back.
    Sincerely, Lisa

  37. paul says:

    I’ve been suffering with low back pain for over 25 years. An mri revealed that I have some degenerated and herniated discs. I also have a scoliosis and have pain in my neck, shoulders and mid back quite often as well. I work out and eat healthy foods as much as possible. This helps somewhat but once I move the wrong way (and I never know when that move is comming) I usually will have pain for the next few days or weeks even after going to the chiropractor. Its difficult to imagine that anything will make any kind of real difference, but if this book can, I’d be forever in your debt.
    Thank you.

  38. Chris Putz says:

    Hi Jesse – I have used your system, which helped. I discovered most of my pain was from a hip which I had replaced. The back still gives me problems which the Fenix system and the FIR heating pad help. I am interested in anything else that won’t interfere with my 9 month old hip. Thanks for keeping up with the new stuff for all of us.
    Sincerely, Chris

  39. Gary Ernst says:


    I have had some of my back pain since I was 15. I am now 70. I have done all of the “traditional” treatments. A few weeks ago, I had sciatica and ordered your “Loose the back pain”. I did the sciatica exercises 1 time and the next day, I was 80% pain free from the sciatica.
    I have a lot of pain in my low back and legs and am currently on pain meds.
    If you feel that this warrants a copy of your book, I would be very happy to try it. If not, I may just have to buy one.

  40. JOEL LAZENBY says:

    I am 79 years old with the normal aches and pains, most of them in the back. My wife and I get up each morning with back pains. I would appreciate your book to see if we can improve this situation.

  41. Frank Kajda says:

    When I first ordered your package I got the online version and was unhappy with it because of some mis-communication and I was going to cancel everything.
    Well because of your emails I decided to go back and to try going through it.
    I have a number of issues that trigger each other: 12 knee operations, lower back (L5 and SI), mid and upper back, 2 whiplashes and permanent damage, radiation damage from throat cancer in 95, neck surgery 3 years ago for a carotid endarterectomy which has caused ongoing spasms in the neck which also trigger the other areas. It is quite the viscious cycle.
    Up until 3 years ago, even though I had the other issues, I exercised regularly and things weren’t perfect but I could cope with it.
    For the past 3 years because of the last surgery and some resulting complications I have not exercised.
    Since I have started following some of the exercises this past couple of months, I am finding some improvement.
    I realize that if I continue and utilize the support you are offering, especially because of some of the complications I have, I know that I will improve even more.
    I am 58 years old as of July. In 1978, the doctors told me I had the joints of an 80 year old man. That was 31 years ago. Well I’m still here and my goal is to feel like I did when I was 19, just before my first industrial accident which resulted in the 12 knee operations and about 9 years off work.
    I am hoping your system can assist me in this process.
    Thank you,
    Frank Kajda

  42. Karen says:

    Nearly 5 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. His was axonal and his paralysis more severe than most. While his recovery is not complete, he is much improved. The first few years beat me up pretty well as his only caregiver. I probably have a number of ailments both related and unrelated to the caregiving. In addition to my diagnosed right piriformis problems, I have plantar faciatis(somewhat resolved), right elbow tendonitis, right thumb dequervain tenosynovitis. I’ve had a sleep study done and while maybe only mild sleep apnea, it was explained that I’m only “surface sleeping” and not getting the good, healing, deep sleep I need. I was prescribed muscle relaxers to take at night. I take them occasionally, but I can’t lay in bed the next morning and feel drowsy. I need to be up and moving early.Most are just nagging problems and pale in comparison to the hip and low back pain. I treat regularly with a chiro, have tried prolotherapy, inversion therapy, massages ect with little or no benefit. I’m 58 years old and try to stay active, and want to be around to care for my husband and enjpy my 4 young granddaughters, but I feel like a train wreck. I’d rather stand all day then sit. My husband has become less dependent on me and I now feel like I can finally spend some time on caring for myself. Maybe your book can offer some good insight, Thanks for listening.

  43. Patty says:

    After being in a few car accidents I have found myself struggling with back pain. I have seen a chiropractor for almost a year now and have not had much improvement. I have a bulging disk and have been told I will probably always have pain and stiffness. I don’t want to live like this and am looking for a natural way of healing.

  44. Jodie says:

    I am in my 60’s and have sciatica pain off and on and just the run of the mill aches and pains caused by injuries and just being older. If I wake up with sciatica pain, I apply the Loose the Pain cream which enables eliminates the pain so I can get a restful nights sleep. Also, when I’m at work I do you stretching exercises which feel really good. Now I want to educate myself further about natural healing remedies. I have gained around 40 pounds. I noticed it puts a lot of pressure on my hips and knees so now I want to invest in an inversion table. I want to keep educating my self and so far from my experience, the advice you are giving me is 100% right on. I want to learn more from you and would appreciate receiving your new book.

  45. Matt Aramento says:

    I would like to have a book for obvious reasons like being in pain head to toe 24/7 and it is not fun. I think you guys do a great job but so far nothing works and I`m out of money. Looking forward to the book with a prayer. Korean veteran and I need the help, Thank You, Matt

  46. Sharon Hannold says:

    I would appreciate any help you could give me. I have had back problems most of my life off and on since I was in my 20’s. Most recently have been undergoing spinal decompression therapy for just over a year which seems to keep my symptoms at bay. I have been unemployed since the middle of December so am having difficulty affording ongoing treatments and even being able to purchase supplements I might want to try(like Heal and Soothe).Thank you for considering my story. S. Hannold

  47. Arkady Kheyman says:

    I need this book in order to find out how to solve my wife’s problem who’s experiences back pain practically constantly. Thank you very much in advance

  48. Betty Lilienwald says:

    working in my garden, moving a large potted plant, when I tried to stand straight, I knew immediately that my back went out AGAIN, as I could hardly stand straight. A week later I am still in pain, at least I can sleep at night for a few hours at a time, but this is no fun. Chiro has helped, as has the Heal-n-Soothe, but ….this is no way to live. I look forward to getting some help from your book. Thanks.

  49. Marietta says:

    I am fortunate in that my back pain has never been really severe. For years, I would twist just so and have muscle spasms which would keep me in bed for several days. I learned things to do and not do as I got older. Last February, I just forgot that I was 70 years old, picked up a full file drawer (short wooden one) to move to another room. It was heavy, but I did not feel any pain. Either one day or two days later, I felt the pain. Numbness in my left leg and tingling shooting pain down the leg. It was so painful that I went to the ER for help. I was diagnosed as having sciatica. After an MRI and seeing a neurosurgeon, I learned that the cause of the pain was a torn ligament. I went to PT and a young therapist used myokinesthetic treatment on me. The pain and numbness left immediately. I was able to return to normal activities very soon. I learned a valuable lesson–I cannot physically lift or move what I could do 10 years ago. During this time, I found out about your program. I downloaded the Lose the Back Pain. I did not continue with it because I had some allergy problems which were more severe than the sciatica. Finally, I got that resolved. I did, however, order the Healing Pad. It is the MOST VALUABLE THING IN OUR HOUSE!!! Both my husband and I use is regularly. I can’t praise it enough. We also ordered the updated version of the Inversion Table. We put it next to the Healing Pad in value! Thank you for these wonderful products. Neither of us has had to use the Heal N Soothe cream yet. My next project is to go through the Lose the Back Pain program and take care of imbalances and work at preventative exercises. Thank you for caring about people who need help with their back problems. God bless you!

  50. Marietta says:

    I forgot to request a copy of your book. Why do I want a copy? I want to strengthen my back so that I won’t have problems with it again. I want to know more about the back and what causes the problems that sometimes pop up unexpectedly. Education applied is strength. Thank you.

  51. Michael Harwood says:

    I’ve had chronic low back pain since I severely strained my back while stretching for a 10K run 23 years ago when I was 39. Ever since then my back aches constantly, and every 6-12months I get a severe disabling acute strain that lays me up for several days. Last year I developed severe rigght leg sciatica and had to have an epidural steroid injection, which relieved the sciatica, but not the chronic aching. I do back-specific stretches and exercises (careugully) every day, but I still wake up every morning with severe stiffness that takes at least an hour to resolve, leaving me with my chronic ache. I would really like to be rid of the pain, and I hope that your book can help me.

  52. Cynthia Johnson says:

    I am a 59 nine year old woman who has had pain in the piriformis sciatic nerve area for about 15 years. I have been to orthopedists, chiroprators, osteopaths, and all kinds of regular and alternative physical therapies. My weight has increased as I have been unable to do any regular exercise. I have been very frustrated by this situation for many years. I have been reading your emails and watching your videos with much interest for a few months. I have purchased many products only to be disappointed because they did not perform as advertised. Sometimes I feel that I am doomed to live with this forever. I would still like to live an active life but I am very skeptical that there is anything out there that can help my particular problem. I have tried some of the exercises in your videos and they do help some other aches and pains that I have. I am very interested in your book as I believe that there may be some help for me. I am not looking for just pain relief but for a solution to my problem. Thank you for reading my story.

  53. Bonnie Hays says:

    I am a 61 year old woman who has had back pain since I had an injury in the snow at the age of 14. Injured it badly again in a skiing accident at 24 and my skiing days were over. Over the years, I’ve reinjured my back over and over, sometimes by just bending over to brust my teeth. I’ve been to chiropractors, physical therapists and done the whole anti-inflammatory/pain killer routines. Almost nine years ago, while trying to help my dying mother in herhospital bed, I herniated my l4 disc which resulted in surgery. After that, I was better for a while. A year ago I started beeling aches in al my joints, especially my back, and the pain was agonizing. Every test in the book was run and everything it could have been, it was not. Just some sort of auto-immune disease of no name. All the doctors were dumfounded and could only suggest rounds of steroids, heavy arthritic medicines, buffered by protonix, and nothing worked. That’s when i discovered your Soothe and Heal. I started taking it in December; just 2 a day!! Within less than a week all my symptoms went away and I blew all the doctors away when I brought in the bottle to show them what had done the trick.

    My husband had to get a pacemaker last month and I have been doing all the lifting and carrying since. Of course, the weak back finally gave out and I just spent 5 days out of work and in pain again. What the inflammation did, however, within a day, was to bring back the joint pain from hell from the auto-immune crud! I doubled my Soothe and Heal, massaged all day long and after 5 days am finally mobile again.

    I really think that the new book will help and am looking forward to reading it! Something has to work!

    Thanks for listening!

  54. Jack Vande Giessen says:

    Maybe there is more in the Book, the exercises have not helped much, but a little.

  55. bill miller says:

    I sent an e-mail requesting your book.Idid not see my name on list. My e-mail was not a fancy letter.Itype with one finger.I am 73 years old,have bought several things in the past.I am on fixed income,and have a very bad Back and Legs.If I am not one of the lucky ones,then maybe on your next printing,you wont charge too much for book. Thanks william w miller

  56. Stewart Couchman says:

    Only 67 years young right now! I have a history of being worked ‘hard’ my father up to the age of 18 when I made the break & left home to join the NZ Army. Injuries over a 24 year service career & two tours of Vietnam have all taken their toll on my body….many nights I have a struggle to move out of my chair due to the discomfort of whole back pain & neck pain related headaches. Some time back I came across Jesse Cannon & his Lose The Back Pain exercise programme. One of the best self-care decisions I have made was to purchase the programme package. For me there is no doubting the value of Jesse’s approach to staying mobile. When I organize my daily programme to fit in essential exercise time I benefit from pain relief & increased flexibility. During periods of time when so many other things demand my time & attention at the expense of exercising I have found that if I give enough time to a small number of specifically targeted pain areas I get enough relief to make my days bearable. In fact one of the most beneficial exercises for me has been my determination to use the piriformis stretch particularly When I have had to spend periods of time at my computer or doing hard graft on my farm. Yes finance can be an issue for my wife & I too, both in retirement & with a NZ$ being worth only around .65 cents to the US$ offshore purchasing can be an expensive exercise. I would love to be able to invest in an inversion table, trigger point therapy & infrared heat pad however, for the moment I have to work with what I can best afford & I know from experience that committing to a regular & consistent exercise programme is an affordable option. Be encouraged to do the hard & sometimes uncomfortable work, for the results will follow once you establish & confirm your belief that your body will respond to self-care. No matter how much we individually may think we have been dealt some unwelcome cards in life look around & express gratitude for there is always someone else worse off by far!

  57. Linda T. Black says:

    I have suffered with severe back pain since I was pregnant with my first child 36 years ago. I try everything, short of surgery. After my son suddenly passed away from a truck hitting his little car, I slipped in the bathroom and herniated 3 discs. So many of my friends have had back surgery with very questionable results. I would love a free copy of this book. My last thing I tried was MUA (Manuipulation While Under Anthesia). I got three weeks that were pain fee, but now it is back. Any help I could get would be so appreciated. I have bought many products, the infrared heating pad, the an inversion table, etc, but I never get complete relief. Thanks Linda Black

  58. Bonnie Wilson says:

    I think it was four years ago that I first ordered your program. I have found relief and have never gone to bed for the past 3 years without taking the Heal & Soothe. I only take the napersin on the rarest of occasions. My son is now suffering from a bad back and is using my program and has found your videos very helpful. The streches are easy to do and do definately help.
    Thankyou for all the painless days and nights I now experience.

  59. Chuck Heifetz says:

    I’m 51 years old, and I have always worked out hard to keep in good shape. In 1991, I was involved in a head-on collision; the other driver was on the wrong side of the road. I wasn’t able to work, or work out for almost 2 years. I had 2 herniated discs in my back, 2 in my neck, a fractured sternum, and 1st rib.

    Even though I have gone back to work, and have started working out again, I have been in pain every day. There are a lot of the little things that I can’t do; the things we take for granted everyday. I use an inversion table, do all the stretches for my back, go to a chiropractor, have had accupuncture and accupressure, bought evry pillow, cushion, the “Back Joy”, etc, have done everything short of surgery.

    Don’t get me wrong, I function every day, I would just like to do it without pain, or at least with less pain. I hope your book can help!!!!

    Thank you,

    Chuck Heifetz

  60. Shelly James-Pouland says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for all your great articles and other resources you make available via your web site. I refer to them often.

    Now let me tell you about my husband who was in a car accident last year and broke his neck (hangman’s fracture of C2, C3 was also fractured – it’s a miracle he’s alive!) This ended in a fusion from the Occipital Rigde through C4! He has healed up quite well with no paralysis or numbness at all, but with the limited range of motion he suffers with a lot of muscle spasms and pain. I am a massage therapist and am able to help him tremendously, but he is battling cancer now so I am not able to give him much of the deeper massage that helps most. I believe your book will help us find other ways to decrease his pain. I believe it will help me with lots of my other clients as well.

    Thanks again and God Bless,
    Shelly James-Pouland

  61. Kenneth Frazier says:

    I have been hit on the head with a 80lb rock that fell from 35ft. That was 35yrs ago. I am now 71. I have had several blocks in my neck to ease the pain. It has also affected my lower back. I am retired now but I still try to work around the house. I hope your book can help me to ease the pain.


    Kenny Frazier

  62. Joyce Banttari says:

    I have used your Lose the Back Pain system to successfully reduce sciatica and spasms due to fibromyalgia and a herniated disc at S1-L5. I also use Heal ‘n Soothe to reduce inflamation, use the Fenix trigger point system, as well as the Inversion table to relieve pain. Both my husband and I have experienced arthritis relief with use of the FIR Healing pad. I have learned so much from your web site and the videos showing specific exercises and enjoy referring others to your resources. I’m sure the book would impart more information that I could apply and share.
    God bless you and Steve for the work you do in teaching us to help ourselves.

  63. Robert Tay says:

    I’ve had spinal problems for a very long time due to, firstly, an injury to my lower back when a teenager and, secondly, occupation-related “wear and tear”,
    long hours spent at the desk working on presentations, budgets, etc.
    Two years ago, I sought specialist treatment from a Chinese physician, then a
    chiropractor (12-month treatment) but did not experience any improvement in my condition (chiropractor in fact told me my C5 is permanently damaged but my Reiki master tells me otherwise, that the body can heal itself).
    I am using an inversion table, infra-red healing pad (bought from your company) and practising Qicong regularly. My condition has improved somewhat.

  64. Graham Palmer says:

    I had a fall 18 years ago resulting in incomplete paraplegia and worst of all neuropathic pain. I go swimming two or three times a week and spend the time chatting and joking with several others who suffer debilitating back pain. Like me, they have been through the mill and tell harrowing tales of unsympathetic doctors or finding themselves in the end with no solution to their pain. I would like to let them know about your program in the hope that at least one of them will find relief. I know exercise and stretches are vital to my own long term health and I have incorporated some of your exercise program into mine and know that I would be in worse shape if I was to stop doing them. I find the advice and information on your web site and in the e-mails always positive and encouraging and would like to share the insights contained in your new book with fellow sufferers.

    Many thanks,

  65. donald plante says:

    hello, i ordered your cure the back pain program a while back. it enabled me to take a fresh look at my specific imbalances and changed my approach to stretching. long story short i have broken facets and pars defects in several of my lower vertabrae and over the years this has made life somewhat difficult to manage. pt’s here had me doing exlusively hyperextension exercises and things never improved. since your approach i have stopped avoiding flexion moves in my stretching and my pain has decreased dramaticaly. i have recommended your program to several other people from fl to ak and back here in nh. thank you! btw i would love to recieve a copy of your book. please advise don

  66. STEVE CHAVEZ says:

    Hello, I have purchased several of your products and have found some to help more than others. I am always looking for new ways to help and share my findings with others. Keep up the great work with informing people that there are other alternatives to surgery!!


    Steve Chavez

  67. G. M. Wall says:

    Sorry, Jesse, Something happened to my response and it disappeared! I would like to buy your new book and your DVD. My mailing address is P O Box 970634, Montara, CA 94037-0634. Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. GM Wall

  68. Samira Misquitta says:

    I would really appreciate a free copy of your book as I have purchased your book Lose the Back Pain with the dvd and having been using it to help me. Thanks to you Jesse and Steve for all the information on your website that helps so many people like us be on top of our problem so that we can lead better lives.

    I have suffered from chronic left side back and leg pain since’99 after my childbirth. Its difficult for others to understand what you are telling them, so a book like that will really help me. I continue use your website to find out information and help other friends who might have back problems.

    Keep up the good work and all the very best Jesse and Steve.

  69. Samira Misquitta says:

    I would really appreciate a free copy of your book as I have purchased your book Lose the Back Pain with the dvd and having been using it to help me. Thanks to you Jesse and Steve for all the information on your website that helps so many people like us be on top of our problem so that we can lead better lives.

    I have suffered from chronic left side back and leg pain since’99 after childbirth. Its difficult for others to understand what you are telling them, so a book like that will really help me. I continue use your website to find out information and help other friends who might have back problems.

    Keep up the good work and all the very best Jesse and Steve.

  70. nabeel haddad says:

    I am a 63 year old managing director to a big company in Jordan. I have Siatica on my left side since 1996. In spite of several Laser procedures and many medication from different doctors I still have it. since i ordered your Lose the back pain program, I have been doning the excercises on and off. I feel that the pain is less than before and as if it is moving from the old points to a different points. I am sure that if I stick to the program and do the required excercises once or twice aday, I will improve even more. thanks and best regards,

  71. Jane Cook says:

    Hi Jesse

    This is great news and very generous of you, thank you.

    I have suffered from lower back and neck pain for seven years and recently herniated a disc. I have spent a fortune on chiropractic treatment that never seems to help. I have just started your lose the back pain system, and I am really interested in your book too.


  72. John Stone says:

    Hey Jesse,

    I have had lower back pain for quite some time. I have done numerous things to help relieve it. I have also ended up in the hospital emergency room because I could not straighten it up. I have just been learning to live with it.

    Your new book sounds interesting and would love to have a chance to get a copy.

    Thanks a lot,

  73. Barry Ward says:

    I embarrased to tell my story but would like a copy of the book.

  74. Eddie Wang says:

    Ever since sustaining a compression fracture of the 5th lumbar vertebra a year ago as the result of a fall, I have experienced chronic low back pain which has been considerably relieved by the various exercises I found on your postings of the Healthy Back Institute. I have several friends who have similar back problems. Incidentally I am 73 years of age and has been found to be osteopenic.
    I feel sure that your new book will open up new vistas towards back pain relief which will benefit many fellow sufferers throughout the globe.

  75. Ann Patton says:

    When I sustained a fall from a horse in January 2003, I never thought I would have any problems from that. However, I have been having the severe pain for the last 4 years and was finally diagnosed in November 2006 with arthritic changes in L4-L5 portion of my lumbar spine. Now, 2 years after that, I was found to have a “slipped” vertebrae as well. When I walk, the jarring of the steps aggravates the pain.

    Your system actually allowed me to be able to get completely off the RX pain med. Since moving, though, I haven’t been able to locate my book, and so I haven’t been doing the exercises and am back on pain meds. But I was only doing two or three of those specific exercises and they made a world of difference. I need to get back to them as soon as I locate my book and disks.

    Thank you for such a great system that actually works!

  76. Ann Patton says:

    P.S. I forgot to let you know that I’m interested in a copy of your book. Thanks again.

  77. Carole Copp says:

    Like so many of your clients, I have been suffering with back pain for several years now. I truly feel there are other options rather than surgery and am hoping information I receive from your web site will help me.

  78. Pam Towne says:

    My husband suffers from sciatica, & I’m hoping that your information will help him. Thank you for your work, & for your generosity!

  79. Jane Ogle says:

    Although I am active and athletic, I have suffered intermittent and at times debilitating back pain for over 15 years. Working the past 6 years at a location with a “thin-carpet-on-concrete-floor” has only made it worse. I have always been the first to take the situation into my own hands, to consistently do the exercises that need doing to keep the pain in check. But one imbalance causes another, causes some biomechanical breakdown which leads to a new symptom of the old problem. I can see your book as providing a treatment approach I can do and modify as my body and my symptoms change over time.

  80. Lin says:

    Your generosity is unique online, and I hope the book has many re-prints to bring you all that you deserve.

    I hope I can receive a copy, as I’ve followed your advice, and when I’ve been able to find your recommendations I’m happy to say they’ve helped.

    I stopped taking drugs last year from concern about their long term effects, but the level of pain is overwhelming, and I really need help I can trust.

  81. Kelley Knobel says:

    I too, like many of the folks I see here on this page suffer terribly from prolonged and agonizing back pain for several years. Four years ago I had surgery to remove the large herniated disc at L5-S1; I have another at L1-L2; suffer with constant left side sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and of course arthritis. The discs in my neck are now bulging with neurological effects to my left arm and hand. I have been unable to work or enjoy life for the last 4 years; I am only 49 years old, a Registered Nurse and absolutely LOVE MY PASSION FOR CARING FOR OTHERS! I feel blessed to have found this web-site and the support and information from, YOU, Jesse! A lot of the tips have assisted me in being able to function in daily life! I am looking forward to your new book and new ideas to reduce the pain and better my life.

  82. Petra says:

    I am very hopeful that your book would help me alleviate the back pain I have been experiencing for many years. You are very generous with your offer! Thank you!

  83. Yvon Turgeon says:

    Hi Jessie Since I have been watching your videos I have found some relief when all the other chiropractors , physiotherapists , naturopaths , acupuncturists did not help with a 35 year ongoing L4 /L5 problem when I fell off a ladder from 25 feet up .
    I hope that I am one of the fortunate ones to receive a free copy of your new book . Thanks and good luck with the new book .

  84. Vera Krueger says:

    I have spinal stenosis – had successful surgery about 3 years ago. The pain in my legs and numbness in my feet is becoming a problem – I use several of your recommended vitamins which are helpful!

  85. Cyndi Sampson says:

    I have suffered from lower back pain since the birth of my 1st son 40 years ago. As the years go by new symptoms arise. I have spinal stenosis. I have been seeing a spine expert for about 4 months. He has given me the pain meds, anti-inflammatories and a series of epidurals and I am not any better. I am hoping your new book can alleviate some of the pain I have on a dalily basis. the pain is now hindering what I can do on a daily basis.

  86. Linda R says:

    Is this the list for the Early bird notification? I hope so, I’d like a copy of the book. Hopefully I can find some relief from my back pain. Thanks.

  87. lucy berg says:

    Iam hoping this is the early bird notification list I didn;t see my name listed but I hope I can get a free copy, hofefully I will can relief from your program while Iam losing weight god bless and thank you in advance.

  88. Rhonda H says: says:

    I have two ruptured disks in my neck and two in my lower back. I have come a long way in healing, but cannot seem to quite get rid of the pain completely. I am interested in getting this new book to hopefully find some of the answers I have been searching for.

  89. Kay says:

    in constant pain in back and hip would love some help that is all natural without surgery meds and such hope your book can help

  90. Stephen Geiger says:

    At the age of 31 I injured my back moving a heavy piece of concrete. I ended up flat on my back in my back yard. It took about a week to recover to the point of being able to function. I am now 60 and over the years I have cycled through bouts of lower back pain and siatica. They come and go for no apparent reason. I would love to be able to rid myself of this distress once and for all.

  91. Robert quintrell says:

    Hello Jesse
    This is a most generous offer that you are making. There are so many out there, crippled by back problems.
    I’m writing on behalf of my 44 year old daughter who has rarely been out of pain for around twenty years, because of her back.
    Her spine has a slight twist. Years ago she had some benefit via treatment from a lady who did ‘Spinal Touch’. Unfortunately that lady developed serious health probs and was no longer able to continue treatment.
    So on my daughter’s behalf I’m asking that she be considered as a recipient of one of your books on offer.
    Yours sincerely, Robert Quintrell.

  92. Elizabeth Hate says:

    Dear Jesse:

    At age 65, I feel as though I’m 85 due to my cervical and lumbar pain. So, I would greatly appreciate receiving a free copy of your new book as I’m sure many others suffering chronic back pain would appreciate. All of us back pain sufferers have at least one thing in common; we have chronic pain which is often debilitating so as to impact our everyday lives by limiting our activities in part or totally. For some like myself, even the simplest of daily household chores can no longer be performed. Likewise, neither I nor my husband can any longer enjoy the simplest of outdoor activities. Even taking short walks to enjoy God’s beautiful gifts of nature have become impossible. In my case, besides having an IDET procedure on a lumbar disc in ’05 which reduced my pain level by about 70%, I now suffer from cervical disc oriented pain, as well as a herniated lumbar disc (not associated with the disc repaired by IDET). The herniated disc is truly debilitating, causing lower back as well as leg pain and burning in the leg. After 4 months of pain management treatments, I’ve obtained essentially no relief from the herniated disc and am in constant pain. Hopefully, your new book will lead the way for me to once again enjoy life as millions of others do who are blessed with no back pain at all. God bless you for your efforts in helping all of us back pain sufferers.

  93. Sally Dennis says:

    Thank you so very much for the possibility to receive your book free. I am on social security income only and cannot afford to put out much money except for the essential items I need to keep alive. Thank you for your generosity.

  94. Robert Welton says:

    July 31 injured back hip and leg through the bottom of foot. Learned I have sciatica thru MRI and nerve test. May have to have surgery. Only sleeping 2-3 hours per night. Have to sleep on my back and am taking 12 ibuprofin per day. Could use some help.

  95. Susan Piscatelli says:

    For years it’s been either upper neck and shoulder pain stemming from my upper spine or lower sciatica with misalinement of my right hip. I’ve been to physical therapists and chiropractors. All of which seem to help for a while or very little. The only thing that lends any relief is lying down flat with a lumbar pillow behind my head or ice therapy. There has to be a better way and I am tired of paying other people for advice. Man has been walking upright for millions of years why are we still suffering? Please help me stop the madness.

  96. Janet Salisbury says:


  97. arthur c danto says:

    I have suffered for three years with stenosis. I had a lamenectomy two year ago, which did no good, I ve tried accupuncture, physical therapy, deep massage, and so on. Really skeptical that anything will help but nothing does. Pain flared up in a sharp way this past few weeks. I am skeptical but hopeful

  98. Chloe Smith says:

    My request is in support of my ailing husband who has suffered for eight years
    with arthritis. From knees to neck he is in constant pain. Please include me in
    your information so I can pass it on to him.

  99. BARB JORDAN says:


  100. Helen says:

    My father is 91 years old and in constant pain, and I am searching for ways to help him. His spine has collapsed and I believe the medical term is kyphosis. He has to be in bed too much of the time because we have not been able to find the right combination of support and/or pillows so he can sit up in chairs more. I recently learned about your website and program and look forward to finding out more. Dad is in pain even when in bed, and anything that would help him relax at night would be wonderful.
    Also, I have scoliosis and am looking for ways to relieve the pain, especially since I am my father’s caregiver now and must keep up my strength.
    Furthermore, my cousin just had back surgery, but it has not helped. If I can possibly obtain two copies of your book, I will give one to her.
    She is a gifted teacher, and it sure would be great if she could resume her job helping disadvantaged children.
    Thank you for your generous offer to provide free copies of your book. I had to give up my business/income to care for my father (and his brother) and your complimentary copies are a welcome blessing.

  101. Vi says:

    I suffer from sciatica, therapy has helped somewhat but it’ll never be the same as it was before. I will look forward to receiving the free book.
    Thank you for your wonderful emails and help.

  102. Celine Macken says:

    I love all your newsletters, even if I am aware and already use many of the exercises. I am a very disciplined 49 year old female triathlete and know I need to stretch daily to keep up my regemin of triathlon training.

    I do manage my issues pretty well and do revert to low impact workouts to enable me keep going which includes deep water running and use of Power Cranks ( great for balancing muscles) for cycling.

    However I do need to ensure I give my best to stretching and recovery to keep all balanced and working well and hence I do think your book will reduce my visits to the physiotherapist and chiropractor.


  103. james says:

    I wrote in once before… saying, that I developed Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety Disorder at age 9….then developed schizoaffective disorder at age 16…. when I went to see doctors at age 20, they had me down as schizophrenic…then later schizoaffective at age 32…. but they never once cared anything about my ocd, so I had to do my own psychological homework… which qualifies me through all my life experience dealing with this, and with psychologists and counselors, and doctors to treat disorders pretty effectively..and I merit by GOD, a Pastoral clinical counselor…. but it doesnt stop there…. for the longest time I was afflicted with bursitis, and then neck, shoulder, and back pain…really bad…. I have a high threshold to pain, but my back brought me to tears….
    I over came my disorders (one with no help from doctors, and frankly, I dont trust them)…. and I even too plan to write a book….
    but I have suffered a nightmare in hell no thanks to doctors with my ocd and schizoaffective disorder….. now that im better, I certainly dont want my back to lay me up in my new found life… Im in the position as pastor to have to get around alot…and soon when I establish myself, I want to be able to give it my all. I could use the book… because of the same reasons why I had to go through my psychology treatments…drs fail me, and I dont want the negative forces out there, to put stumblings blocks in my way to do my pastoral services… Id like to get around… freely, and happily, with all my suffering behind me….
    congrats to your book. I respect authors a great deal… and knowledge is precious like jewels….. send out your treasure to the world… and make everyones lives richer.

  104. Tom says:

    I have sciatica and have had no luck getting rid of it. I am very active and very conscious of how bad thigs can get if I can’t get this problem solved. I am also getting numbness in both legs and feet. The best info I have is that my right hip is not fully functional and that the inflammation in my hips is stopping me from getting any relief from yoga etc.
    Looking forward to getting info from your new book and try it out. Have tried everything else. Last DC said I should get an epidural. LOts of luck both my parents got them when they broke their hips and went right into dementia.

  105. Patricia Gantt says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I have so many things wrong with my spine, the nurological-spine surgeon said he “wouldn’t know where to begin and there would be no stopping place”. With arthritis, spurs, stenosis, fibromyalgia, mucle weakness, trigger points and food sensitivities, it is a rare day I am pain free, especially when cleaning house, tending to animals, yard work … normal activities. I asked the good doctor what else I could try and he named off what I was already doing, like acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathics & herbs.(Even my chiropractor wouldn’t adjust my spine anymore, in fact, he was the one who encouraged me to see if my medical doctor would order an MRI of my neck which led me to the spine M. D.) I started learning about herbs and natural nutrition in August, 1996, a few months after my mother died from complications due to Alzheimers. Even though it wasn’t an overnight transformation, my overall health improved. I no longer had issures with alergies, which seemed to keep me “under the weather”, and my diet improved as I learned more. After discovering you, Jesse, on my computer while trying to find more ways to help relieve my neck and back pain, it was an easy decision to try Heal-n-Soothe and to start building my core muscles. The combination of ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe were not in any other products I’d tried. If I fail to take it, I am soon reminded with Pain telling me to take Heal-n-Soothe! The stretching and strength therapies are begining to show some new muscle delineation. This is fantastic, as I am on my way to being 75! It is good to know you are constantly developing healthy ways to spinal health & willing to share them with us. I thank God for you and your dedication. Looking forward to the new book! C. P. Gantt

  106. Deborah says:

    Suffer from osteoarthritis. See chiropractor regularly but still suffer from low back pain and stiffness that wakes me from sleep. I cannot lay on my back very long at all without becoming virtually paralyzed.

  107. Brigitte says:

    As the result of both car accidents and surgery (cervical Cancer) I’ve had a problem with pain in the left side of my leg and now my knees. I am told that I have oestoarithus and have to learn to live with it. Well, I won’t as long as common sense and exploring alternatives will come up with some answers for me. I’ve tried the osteopathic shoes, total disaster.Currently I’m seeing an oestopath, and she has helped me a great deal, however it does take time. I’m not prepared to take toxic medication (i.e. – clebrex) which my doctor seems to think is about all that can be done, short of surgery (which again I have no intention of doing). I have tried a lot of things, am currently trying osteo biflex plus, which seems to be having some impact, but not enough at this time. (on it for two months). I am very sceptical of all the true to be good true sounding offers from the interenet, and won’t even consider them at this point. As they say, a fool is easily parted from his money.) I must admit that the heal and soothe sounded like the ticket, but I am a sceptic, it really does sound like it is too good to be true.Your offer sounds intriquing, so I am going to take the chance that this is really as good as it sounds. Prove it to me and you’ve got a thankful and hopefully pain free client to expound your approach. I know a lot of people in the same boat that I am in, and they are equally sceptical. It takes just one to prove us wrong, and the result would be something to write home about. The women in my family have a history of arthritus, which of course doesn’t help much if it is genetic. So if your approach works, all I can say is bring it on.


  108. Charles says:

    I want to thank you for the tremendous therapeutic articles you publish on these endemic joint disorders which seem to be on the rise, in this our modern-day society.

    I have suffered from lower back pain since 1992, after a physically-traumatic incident during an emotionally stressful period in my life.

    It has been downhill ever since!

    I have tried several recommended treatment programs short of surgery, without lasting relief.

    I would appreciate receiving a copy of your new book. I am sure it would contain more effective treatment options for me.

    Thank you for the good work you do.


  109. Richard Hourigan says:

    Hi Jesse
    Firstly, thank you for your e-mails, I have finally started my search for understanding what I have. I am a 35 year old father of two, and my life – social & personal & all the rest, has been turned upside down by this illness. It has taken a long time for a diagnosis and I have been treated like a guinea pig with the past two years by different doctors and specialists. I was told a few months ago (before I found your site) that it is all about managing the pain, it will never go away. I want to be able to do this so I can play with my kids properly, work (as my career has been dramatically effected by this) and just even be able to walk my dog or sit comfortably to watch the tv! I would like to be considered for your book, if possible, and I look forward to more updates from you. Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

  110. Gale says:

    I am in my mid fifties and have suffered from joint pain for many years. I am getting over the death of my hubby, and that doesn’t help sleep either. On days when I have to get up early, I rarely sleep.

    I have just bought 2 pillows… one a down substitute but soft like a down pillow, and the other very firm for side sleepers.

    I cannot sleep on my back. I try my side but pain makes me move to my stomach, and that causes a different type of pain.

    Maybe your book will help.

  111. Vera Frenkel says:

    Dear Jesse,

    I found your site by chance when I was researching Stenosis, a diagnosis I received recently due to scar tissue that has developed following an accident two years ago. I’ve been waiting since February to see a surgeon and the pain has been increasing steadily since then, leaving me essentially housebound. I’m impressed by your knowledge, thoroughness and dedication, and also by the optimism your work generates. Though I’m still quite discouraged, possibly an effect of constant pain, I look forward to reading your book and thank you for offering to distribute the first edition.
    With thanks and best wishes, V.F.

  112. Dora C. Vigil says:

    I have had two back surgeries with no relief. I am contemplating on a fusion which a doctor recommended, but I am waiting to talk to my primary physician. I pray that I will get some relief soon.

  113. evelyn says:

    I’m 72, active and in pretty good health and physical condition. Osteoarthritis and sciatic pain have been with me the past several years, and in looking primarily for help with sciatic pain which has worsened as of late, I discovered your web site. Chiropractors, acupuncture, doctors offer not much relief. I’m down to sleeping only on my right side, every other ‘side’ of me presenting a different discomfort. Hopeful your web site/book will shed some curative and pain-relieving directions. Thanks.

  114. JoAnn Welday says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I was so happy to read your offer of your book! I am 70yrs old and have arthritus in all of my joints. I am in pain 24/7.I was just told that I have a disc that is causing my sciatia pain across my back and down my leg. I have arthritus in my spine, which also contributes to my discomfort. I had my right knee restored. I won’t get the left done,because my right knee pain is the same as my left. I NEED 8 hours,but,get about 3/4 hours. I cannot sleep on my back,so, I am a side-sleeper trying to sleep on my back!!
    I would love to have your book for help with relief. I look forward to your e-mails.
    Please keep them coming. Thanks for everything. JoAnn

  115. Angie Schatz says:

    My situation is very similar to the other comments I have read above. I have scoliosis, sciatica, stenosis, and herniated disc. I have had back problems for as far back as I can remember. Also, when I was a young child I suffered some back and hip injury so I am sure this is what has lead to all my pain. I am now 74 years old and for the last 5 years, I have tried doctors, cortisone injections, physical therapy, chiropractor, etc. So far, the chiropractor has helped me the most, but it is an ongoing, daily process, and the pain is always there to some extent. It has improved with his help, but it is not gone. Through the years it has become progressively worse, and now it is really a problem for me. I go through my daily routine to keep it at least to where I can function. I would appreciate receiving your book and want to thank you for any help you can give me.

  116. Darlene Kessler says:

    First thank you for all the info I have read and listened to. I am a massage therapist and have applied some of the info on my patients.

    My brother was in today, Sunday for a tmt. I am very fortunate that I don’t have back problems thus far. After he left I read your e-mail and thought I sure I could find more help in your book for him and many others. He was helping his wife, that has M.S. up, after she fell. Easy for me to say you can’t do this anymore, after all you are 66. Somethings happen for a reason.

    Thanks again.


  117. Naier says:

    I have just excluded any serious pathology in my spine by X-rays and awaiting my MRI scan, if it is as reassuring I will be starting on your program.


  118. Brenda Fray says:

    I am 51 years old and have had similar experiences to those I’ve read. I’ve had back problems for as far back as I can remember as I can recall. In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s Disease. At age 23 I fell through a trap door at my parent’s door whilst holding my 3 year old son over my shoulder. I was suspended in mid air around my pelvic region & ever since then I have suffered with all kinds of pain in that region & feelings of coldness, especially in my right side where it sometimes feels as if something is swollen and going to burst. Also, I think the jolt from this fall caused my T11 & T12 discs to degenerate. I had the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome operation in 1987 on both hands at the same time, after suffering trapped nerve feelings in my arms which affected my whole body. I pulled a muscle in the right part of my back after carrying a heavy travel bag on my back in 1995 which still gives me problems. I have fallen down the stairs from top to bottom about 4 times over the years. On one occasion I banged every single rib on my left side as I went down the stairs, as I turned onto my front for some reason. The other times I fell on my back. In April 2004, I had a breast reduction as my breast became too heavy for me to wear in a bra for over one year. It cause me to feel as if I was carrying a brick in my back and a cruching feeling in my chest. In addition, I have suffered with sciatica, trapped nerve in my big toes, spasm of the muscles in my legs, Restless Leg Syndrome & have osteoarthritis in both knees since 2005. I feel permanently exhausted and keep falling asleep. I am fed up of being in pain daily. On top of that I am going throug the menopause and suffer with daily migraines, excessive sweating both day and night. I wonder when will it all end and would greatly appreciate receiving your book. I thank you with great anticipation.

  119. Maureen Arkwright says:

    Having fallen downstairs headfirst with my baby daughter in my arms about 35 years ago, I subsequently found that I had two squashed vertebrae in my lower back, as well as something wrong in my neck. This results in lots of transferred pain down my legs. Also, about 20 years ago I found that I had developed an underactive thyroid, which has led to IBS and osteoarthritis. When I was pregnant I got a taste of what sciatica was like, as the baby was presumably pressing on the nerve, and have since had two more periods of months at a time of suffering intolerable pain during the past two years. This year I have spent a lot of money on sessions with a chiropractor, which helped in a very limited way, and I still have a certain amount of pain in my left buttock and left ankle. However, since that subsided slightly I now find that I can’t sit down without feeling intense pain in my right buttock!!! I go to bed feeling exhausted, but unless I get to sleep within about five minutes, I then get terrible pains in my legs and it takes a lot of willpower to actually stay in bed and more often than not I have to get up and take more painkillers or rub on some more painkilling gel. In the early days of the pain transferred from my back to my legs I regularly ended up spending nights on end downstairs in an armchair and was referred to a pain clinic where they tried Tens machine treatment, acupunture and three separate injections into my lower spine. None of these made any difference, so I have been living on painkillers and recently using pain patches, which seemed to help for a while, but the effect has worn off and I walk around with difficulty in constant pain. At the age of nearly 64, I feel more like 84, and my 93 year old mother-in-law, who has also suffered from arthritis for years, often looks more sprightly than I do !!! If a copy of your new book can help me, I would be very grateful to receive one, even if it looks like the 20th August deadline is past, but you have now very generously offered to give away 1,000 copies and I hope I could be lucky enough to qualify in time. Thanks in advance.

  120. Dale Whipple says:

    Hey Jesse, just wanted to say that I think its really cool of you to offer all of the info and videos about back pain. Its really helped me out. I am a plumber for 25 yrs and have been pretty fortunate not to have a lot of pain or injury’s during that time, but back in Feb. I did something to my lower back installing a water heater. It has been really hard on me, the pain at times was unbearable. I found your website and thanks to your info I think I might be on the road to recovery? I purchased a back inversion table and it has been a godsend. It is the only thing that has given me relief. I’m sure your info has helped many others like myself who don’t know where to turn, again thanks a lot! Sincerely Dale Whipple

  121. phillip gatfield says:

    i am 47 years old have suffered back pain all my life
    had mri on myback and doctor said i need surgery
    the bottom disc in my back is degenerated
    they want to replace it
    tried everything thinking about operation

  122. Vita Lawson says:

    I had a herniated disk at L5-S1 a few years ago. I have appreciated all the helpful information I’ve received thus far by e mail; and am impressed with how I can use it to prevent future complications, as well as heal from my occasional flareups. Further, I have a sister who’s in almost constant back pain for several years; and a younger brother who underwent 2 spinal surgeries, only to continue to have many problems.
    The 3 of us will benefit greatly from your book, as we continue to learn the process better.
    Thank you for all your efforts to get this information to so many!!

  123. Jean says:

    Everyday I am in pain so much that as I go to sleep.. I tell myself over and over again that I am healed and back to normal again… What a disappointed in the morning. I have no choice but to crawl out of the bed and hit the shower and drop off kid and go to work. I have tried many things. Yoga, chripractic care, acupuncture, cupping, acupressure, thai massage.. you name it. Pain always come back as if it has never left my body. Sometimes it travels to the “other” side of my body which I thought it was my “good” side and stay there for a while. Then goes back to my “usual” side. I have changed my diet drastically and am almost 80% raw vegan. Have done several master clease detox in last couple of years.. Eat superfoods. Try to be aware not to put toxins into my body. But pain is always there in me. I pretty much sit all day in front of the computer but I make sure I try to walk around and stretch 10 min or so every hour but when I first get up.. you should see me walk. My lower back hurst so much that I lean forward and eventually I get to stretch my back and stand up straight. I am running out of options, but I refuse to take drugs. I refuse to have surgery or whatever medical doc would recommend. I would love to snowboard again.

  124. Marion says:

    Hello Jesse,
    Thanks for all your info about backpain.
    I suffered with sciatic pain for 4 months, and went to PT and Pool therapy and then to a pain clinic and had 6 injections but no help! Finally a second MRI was done and showed a large synviol cyst pressing on the nerve in the facet joint. I went to a neurosurgeon and he did surgery to remove the cyst!
    that was on the 11th of this month. All went well and no baqck pain but the nerve is still painful, and i’m taking med for nerve pain. It’s getting better, and the severe pain that kept me homebound all those months is gone.
    I would be interested to read your book because i have had back trouble many years, and hope i can ward off any more acute attacks.

  125. Sue Simkins says:

    I have had lots of back pain for a long time. I have done excercises, but many are difficult because my knees are bad as well. I have had nerve blocks, which are excrutiating, and haven’t helped much, because my 3 lowers back disks are bulging, and he hasn’t given a block for the right one yet, I quess. I have also went to the chiropracter, had deep tissue massages, and have also been laying on an inversion table. I’m still having pain!!

  126. Art says:

    Hello Jesse,

    I read a lot of your email about back pain & I find it very helpful so I was convinced & decided to order your program to be delivered sometime next week.

    I hope your exercises & your book which i believe full of information will help me cure my lower back pain.

    Thanks for your dedication to help a lot of back pain sufferer.
    God Bless.

  127. Nasia Bossinakis says:

    I have had back pain for 25 years and have spent thousands of dollars on physios, chiropractors, massage therapists etc. I could have bought myself a bigger home, had holidays and had more fun in life. My work as a professional was difficult and I never was able to have fun because I am a chronic pain sufferer. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I had chemotherapy. The cancer treatment has been a blessing and I thankmy lucky stars I am moving in the right direction. However my back pain is still there and I have to still deal with it on a daily basis. As if I didn’t have enough to deal with! Anyway I don’t mean to sound nefgative or anything, but I am totally committed to me! I am committed to helping myself heal in any way I can. I would love to read the book and try to get better.

  128. Ruth says:

    I am anxious to get the book & see what else I can do for my back besides what I have already been doing, & to prevent more trauma. I “thought” I was doing all the right things (bending at the knees, lifting correctly, etc.) but apparently & obviously there is so much more to it! Very anxious to read it!
    Thanks Jesse from all us back pain sufferers!

  129. Tom Mandrell says:

    I have totally disabled since March 13, 2003 due to ruptured disks, bulging disks, stenosis and degenerative disk. I am supposed to be in wheelchair at all times.

    I went to a Chiropractor who had a machine that stretched the spine. I had one treatment and never worked a day since then.

    My wife wakes me up at night because she says I am crying in my sleep because I hurt so much. Crying does not help. When I do try to walk, I fall down. I have severely injured myself several times from falling.

    If your book could give me any ideas to relieve the pain, I would love to have it.

    My wife is also disabled because she was hit in the head by a dropping scaffold that really messed up her neck.

    Thank you

    Tom Mandrell

  130. Eunice Neilson says:

    Hi Jesse

    I have been in pain for so long I can’t even remember when it all started. I have been to every specialist, had several scans etc and all I am told is only an operation will remove my pain. I believe the drugs they offer might help short tern but in the long run the drugs will only cause another problem. I am afraid of an operation because my mum had an op many years ago and her back pain got even worse after that. I am now 50 and a granny for the first time and I feel the pain more now when I spend time with my grandson, and I am trying you as a last resort because I want to be around for my grandchildren. I would love a copy of your book please.

  131. Eddie Waller says:

    When I was 5 years old, I had paralytic polio in my right leg. It wasn’t until 30 years later, when I heard about a “post-polio” specialist at a local hospital that I learned I could be having problems that were polio-related, even though I was supposed to have been completely restored to “mint condition” following an operation on my Achilles Tendon when I was 10.

    I was never an athlete, nor a “hiker,” and I always had some residual pain that might act up as leg cramps, or nagging aches in my lumbar area, but generally, I did okay…. Until, In my later 20s, I tried to help my mother get out of bed when she was recovering from a heart attack: that was the beginning of major back pain. Following that injury, I saw a chiropractor for the first time (and have continued for more than 30 years).

    In my mid-30s, I had an EMG which showed defective neuromuscular transmission in all four of my limbs (I had believed ONLY my right leg was affected), which contributed to my having a great deal of trapezius pain on both sides. I also learned I had scoliosis, fascette syndrome, and that both the defective neuromuscular transmission and muscle atrophy were progressive. Fatigue became an enormous problem, but getting a “mobie” or wheelchair was not feasible since sitting was my most uncomfortable position. I do best vis-a-vis pain when I am standing up and moving around–but fatigue more quickly that way, so need to lie down often–needing 9-10 hours of sleep per night and often a nap. I drove a standard-shift car for 4-5 years, then began to spasm from my foot to the base of my skull on the left side and had to change back to automatic transmission.

    More recently, sitting at a computer (at a desk, at a table, etc.) or in the car for more than about 30 minutes causes me to cramp up. In the past year, I have been going for therapeutic massage every two to three weeks. And, since early January, I have developed constant pain in my neck just below the occipital ridge, sometimes radiating into my shoulders and upper back.

    Stretching helps, but strengthening has been tricky. I’ve been pretty safe walking and exercising in a warm pool, but when I tried a gym–with a trainer–my back went out three times in six months. In my late 40s, my back began to go out occasionally–from something as subtle as shifting weight from one foot to another. I have always been vigilant about having a good quality mattress, and changing it at least every 10 years. I have worn orthopedic shoes since 1983. I am cautious regarding medication. Post-polio patients need to avoid muscle relaxants in particular– and be very careful regarding anesthetics. Primarily, I use NSAIDs (minimally). In rare circumstances, with particularly acute flares, I have taken vicodin and even percoset–but rarely more than one dose.

    I believe that getting better quality sleep regularly (not trying to sleep through pain) could make an enormous difference in my energy level, despite my limitations. I am still only 62 years old, and face the future with some trepidation, though I work on remaining “positive” and not dwelling on what “might” go wrong.

    I would be eternally grateful if your book could help me truly reduce my chronic pain level and help me prevent injuries.

    Sincerely, Eddie Waller

  132. Sandi McClure says:

    I have a disorder called arachanoiditis, I have had five back surgeries that left me with this and more due to failure of the surgeries. I contracted spinal menegitis during one of the surgeries to put in a spinal cord stimulator temporarily to help and ended up much worse off then before the stimulator and had more back surgery. I have terrible pain from my waist down. My sciatic nerve is damaged beyond repair, I have terrible leg cramps when I sleep that wake me up with so much pain. I will never get better unless a miracle happens. I do beleive in God so anything can be possible. I would love if this book helped me or at least gave me some help with my pain its so needed. All the nerves in my back are bound together and in-twined that is what the arachanoiditis is and it is a life long problem with no surgery or cure. It also shortens my lifespan which really is terrible. I am only 45 years old started when I was 40 years old.

  133. Val Murray says:

    Dear Jesse,

    Having read through all these e-mails I am now feeling rather humble. I have suffered chronic back and neck pain for the last ten years, following a road traffic accident in 1999. The ensuing whiplash injury resulted in my having to take early retirement from my job, despite physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydro-cortizone injections at the pain clinic and years of taking anti- inflamatory drugs and alternative remedies like glucosamine & chondroitin, shark cartilage and msm, without any really long lasting relief.
    Ever since, I have experienced sporadic back pain, often after just sitting in a certain position for longer than I should have, and it can last a few days or up to a week. I went to an ‘opera in the park’ last month and sat for three and a half hours on constricted and uncomfortable seating, which resulted in four days of severe pain and, even sitting here at my computer writing this to you, might well have a similar effect if my back is not aligned or balanced. I have tried a ‘kneeler’ chair which I thought was helping but then found it was having an adverse affect on my lower legs. I used to get some relief from the neck pain by use of a ‘back stretcher’ from time to time but after a while I was diagnosed with arthritis in several joints.
    Anyway, I am now five months into my current problem which is an attack of what I thought was sciatica (I had it once before many years ago) but my physiotherapist seems to think is from the femoral not the sciatic nerve and has given me a series of exercises (painful at times) which aren’t really having much affect. Walking is difficult, I get a lot of pins and needles and ‘electric shock type pain in my right foot and the pain which started in the buttock and emanated down to the ankle, now seems to be concentrated more in the calf muscle. I must admit it has improved compared to when it started (after a country walk over rough ground and fields which my little grandson took me on) back in March.
    Compared to some of these stories I feel my tale is almost trivial but, never-theless, my quality of life has been compromised and I am wondering if I will ever be able to pick up the threads and start again before I get past it! If there is anything in your book that might help me I would be delighted to receive a copy. I’ve been reading your e-mails for some time now and they have given me hope.

    Thanks and regards

  134. Lanie Cushman says:


    I’m 55, working as a high school custodian. I’d worked 30 years in a telecommunications sweatshop 8 to 12 hours a day. It’s led to many physical problems, all very painful. My chiropractor and physical therapist believe that my work caused many of these problems, due to repetitive motion and inactivity. That is why I elected to take the job I have. It forces me to work through the pain, and be physically active, when all I really want to do is go to bed.

    My job is very physically demanding. I’m in constant pain, always seeking medical help, with minimal relief. I’m allergic to NSAIDS, other than icing, I haven’t found anything to help the inflammation. I’m fairly new to your site, and read all your information and tips with great interest. I recently read about your Heal-N-Sooth, and look forward to trying it soon.

    I’m overweight, and have been my entire life. I get so frustrated when the first thing out of most people’s mouths is, lose the weight and your problems will go away. There are millions of people in the world at their ideal weight, or below. They suffer from the same pain that I do! I know that excess weight doesn’t help, but it’s also not the root of the problem. I’ve been this way my entire life, so let’s try and fix the other causes of the problem, instead of trying to blame it all on the weight.

    I read all your newsletters, and have found may tips that have helped me. The more information I read and hear from you, the more I want.

    Unfortunately, I make very little at my job, so I have to save for anything extra I purchase. Now I’m saving to try your new pressure point therapy system.

    Please keep up all your good work! I hope I get to read your new book soon, and see what else I can learn to help relieve my pain.

    All my best, Lanie

  135. Bernard Wamzel says:

    I’ve been reading all the email postings and waiting (along time) to purchase the medium infraheat pad. When I get this pad and it works I will be doing a lot more of the suggestions for by back problems.

  136. gloria says:

    I have had back pain for over 30 years since I injured myself on a trampoline when I was about 16. I snapped my back backwards. Since then, I had to roll myself out of bed, otherwise I couldn’t get up. I would bend over to wash my hair, then something seemed to ‘separate’ in my back, and I would be in debilitating pain for weeks.

    There have been improvements since then. I tried very hard to stretch and strengthen. I went through lots of physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing, Yoga etc…Yet my right side is still very stiff. It seems to be problematic around the right SI and hip areas and all around the iliac crest. Just recently I’ve had trouble getting down to pick up something on the ground and putting my pants on in the morning. Regardless of how much I stretch, every morning when I get up from bed, I’m still very stiff around my neck and shoulder, burning around my pec area and stiff around the right hip and SI. I can feel the compression sometimes when I sneeze. I would be afraid to sneeze because of anticipation of the pain.

    My spine was also injured from being kicked when I was doing Martial Arts a while back. I don’t do much vigorous exercise anymore due to the stiffness and pain.

    I have also tried inversion therapy. But my right hip/SI is so stiff that I think it couldn’t get past that to release the spine.

    I still haven’t given up hope that one day I would be relatively pain free enough to do the activities I like. I’m looking forward to finding answers in your book. Thank you very much for your dedication in helping people in relieving their pains.


  137. darlene parsons says:

    i have a fusion of my back for over 30 years and injured it at work. Now the pain never stops, resting for more than 3 hrs is not possible. The doctors told me i would not survive surgery- at high risk for surgery. the doctors also said i would not return to my position as a custodian when the injury would not heal. Well i made it back to my job, mind is a power ful thing. But i would like to get some releif from the constant pain. Sure plays me out and puts a challenge to things people take for granid. I would like to recive a copy of your book please
    Your videos have helped me and i thank you for sharing these- so much

  138. Susie F says:

    I suffer from bulging discs and degenerative disc disease. Over the last 6 years, my pain has been increasing. I have tried Chirpractors, Physical Therapy, Decompression Therapy, Traction, Spinal Injections, NSAIDS, Muscle Relaxants…and my pain is getting worse all the time. I used to walk 3 miles a day and was in good physical shape. Now, I can barely walk a half a block without wincing and “pushing through the pain”. Except nowdays, there is no “pushing through the pain”…it’s more like “pushing myself to not let the pain win”! Because I don’t want to give up the small things like taking a walk with my son. My back pain has taken so much from me, I can’t bear the thought of losing more, but I know it will if I don’t get relief. I’ve been reading all the email from Jesse for about 4 months now. I had decided to purchase the back program, but got laid off and needed to cover basic expenses, food, mortgage, etc. and decided that I’d have to wait on any other purchases. I just went back to work, but I’m still trying to catch up on all my bills, so I am hoping to be one of the lucky 1000 to get Jesse’s book. I’m still hopeful that I won’t have to live the rest of my life with this pain.

    Best wishes for pain relief to all back pain sufferers!

  139. catherine nelson says:

    I had a fall flat on my back on tiles in october 2008 it slowly kept getting more painful until by xmas on was taking 70mg of morhine a day, I then was sent to a surgeon who put me straight in hospital as I had 3 herniated dics with L5 completely compressing S1 he said it was so flattened it had compression marks on the nerve for 2months it was good and now it is back Ive tried physio quantam touch Ive recently been taking 20 mg of slow release morphine for 10 days it is worse in the morning when I get out of bed sometimes the spasms are excruiating Ive taken to sleeping in a rocker I have booked a ct guided nerve root injection but cant get in till october I am only able to do 15hours a week so Im struggling with money as my rent is 330 per week.

  140. Jerry Johnson says:


    I just wanted to be as sure as possible to qualify to recieve your free book materials. I’m so looking forward tro getting your masterail then getting started on them all.
    If at all possible I’m taking back my life in every concievable sence of the word. Thank you so very much for you generous offer. As I progree you will be notifiied.


  141. Alfred G Scott-Savage says:

    Jesse. At 86 years of age, I have lived a great many of those years with wretched lower back pain and sciatica down my left side, nothing seems to help and Ihave tried every cure ? So I am looking forward greatly to you publication which will be followed to the dotted ‘i’. and duly reported.

  142. Kathy Ludwig says:

    Like the others who have sent messages, I am 56 and have suffered life altering back pain. I have been diagnosed with 7 bulging discs, spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis. If I stand for more than a couple of minutes my back starts to spasm. I can only sleep for about 4 hours a night, then the pain is unbearable. I have not been able to work for the last 10 years, which has been a huge financial burden on my husband, who also has severe back problems and could benefit from the information in your book.

    God’s Blessings on you for what you are about to do for 1000 people,


  143. Sara Gutman says:

    Hi Jesse. I will soon be 55. I have been living with low back pain since my early 20s. I have had several injuries to my spine and tail bone. About 10 years ago I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because I tried to get out of bed that morning only to drop to my knees. I couldn’t walk by myself and the back spasms were excruciating. I was released after a week but only after an epidural. I had 2 more epidurals within 2 months. Recently, I was diagnosed with the same problem in my neck; bulging and herniated disks. I have been on pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications for all 10 years. I’ve been to pain specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors. Degenerative disc disease runs in my family as well as severe scoliosis. They tried the epidural in my low back last Spring and one in my upper spine this Spring. They no longer work and nothing helps. Even the pain medication is no longer effective and I do not want them to increase the dose. So, I’ve learned to live with the daily pain and go on with my life. I have a 10 year old granddaughter that I would love to be able to run and play with and ride bikes.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I would love to read your book and really hope that there is help for me.


  144. Lennie Lindquist says:

    Approximately three years ago I had the misfortune of falling through a friends porch roof. I landed on my head & shoulder on a solid slab of cement, 11 ft. below where I was standing. I had a concussion, sprained shoulder & five fractured Vertebrae in my mid & lower back areas & other minor injuries. With the exception of my back, the other injuries, have pretty well healed. However my back has given me constant pain since the accident. I’ve had three vertebo plasty’s, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, numerous salves & ointments & to this day, still take opiate based oral medications as well as a pain patch med. The medications block out some of the extreme pain, but the overall constant pain is still present 24/7. I’m looking forward to hopefully receiving your book with answers not yet explored by me to finally becoming much less, if not totally, pain free. Thank you & God bless you & your work.

  145. Lennie Lindquist says:

    Approximately three years ago I had the misfortune of falling through a friends porch roof. I landed on my head & shoulder on a solid slab of cement, 11 ft. below where I was standing. I had a concussion, sprained shoulder & five fractured Vertebrae in my mid & lower back areas & other minor injuries. With the exception of my back, the other injuries, have pretty well healed. However my back has given me constant pain since the accident. I’ve had three vertebo plasty’s, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, numerous salves & ointments & to this day, still take opiate based oral medications as well as a pain patch med. The medications block out some of the extreme pain, but the overall constant pain is still present 24/7. I’m looking forward to hopefully receiving your book with answers not yet explored by me to finally becoming much less, if not totally, pain free. Thank you & God bless you & your work. Lennie

  146. Lennie Lindquist says:

    Approximately three years ago I had the misfortune of falling through a friends porch roof. I landed on my head & shoulder on a solid slab of cement, 11 ft. below where I was standing. I had a concussion, sprained shoulder & five fractured Vertebrae in my mid & lower back areas & other minor injuries. With the exception of my back, the other injuries, have pretty well healed. However my back has given me constant pain since the accident. I’ve had three vertebo plasty’s, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, numerous salves & ointments & to this day, still take opiate based oral medications as well as a pain patch med. Now being 70 years of age, the medications block out some of the extreme pain, but the overall constant pain is still present 24/7. I’m looking forward to hopefully receiving your book with answers not yet explored by me to finally becoming much less, if not totally, pain free. Thank you & God bless you & your work. Lennie

  147. Lennie Lindquist says:

    # Lennie Lindquist Says:
    August 24th, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    Approximately three years ago I had the misfortune of falling through a friends porch roof. I landed on my head & shoulder on a solid slab of cement, 11 ft. below where I was standing. I had a concussion, sprained shoulder & five fractured Vertebrae in my mid & lower back areas & other minor injuries. With the exception of my back, the other injuries, have pretty well healed. However my back has given me constant pain since the accident. I’ve had three vertebo plasty’s, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, numerous salves & ointments & to this day, still take opiate based oral medications as well as a pain patch med. Now with ole Arthritis starting to visit & being 70 years of age, the medications block out some of the extreme pain, but the overall constant pain is still present 24/7. I’m looking forward to hopefully receiving your book with answers not yet explored by me to finally becoming much less, if not totally, pain free. Thank you & God bless you & your work. Lennie

  148. Dagmar Oglesby says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I hope to receive a free book but not for me. My sister suffers from back pain from several car accidents (over many years) and after receiving Physical Therapy was told there was nothing more that can be done except for injections or having an operation which could leave her paralyzed. That doesn’t give her many choices except to suffer in pain for the rest of her life. Could your book help her find some relief?

  149. Sarah Meyer says:

    Dear Jesse, I am a massage therapist and I LOVE my job! But, like so many in my profession, I suffer from low back pain at my last lumbar and up and over my right illiac spine due, in part to a forward tilt of my pelvis and, in part to being a little long in the tooth – I’m 60. In spite of being vigilant over body mechanics, if I let my posture slump even for a little while, WOW! The pain sets in and it’s difficult to me to do what I love to do and that’s bring my patients back to a state of wellness. I am hoping that your book will help, both for me and for those people who come to me for help.

  150. Cindy Walker says:

    Jesse, I have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease for over 27 years, and have arthritis in my back which keeps me in constant pain in my back and hips. I’ve been to many doctors, chiropractors, medical massage, and physical therapy with not much success. I have been reading your emails and videos, have your Relax the Back program and have bought an inversion table from your recommendation. All of which have given me some results. I would love to have a copy of your book in the hopes that it will give me some relief from all of the pain. It has almost gotten intolerable!

  151. MILO NOVOTNY says:

    Hi Jesse, I am a 78 yr old dentist and after practicing for 50 yrs ( I still do it part time) my lower back and R side siatica had been getting quite severe. I play a lot of golf–5 hdcp– and got to a point where I could barely walk. I had cortisone shots for my sciatica and after 3wks the pain went away although I still have a subtle rememberence in my R hip. The lower back pain persists although manageable with Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I would like to be able to start a regimen that would allow me to maintain without shots and meds. From what you say in your ads your exercises would afford me that opportunity and I would like to have a copy of your book to see if it is possible to live without pain. Thanks. Milo

  152. Charles Kitchens says:

    I have had some problems with my back and neck for years, but during the last year, I have noticed a marked increase in the amount of problems that I am having with my lower back and hip. I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer and driving on my job, no matter what I do it keeps coming back. I’m against pain relievers and other forms of medical relief and would hope this book could show me some things that I can do to eliminate the problems that I currently experiencing. Thanks,


  153. Rosie says:

    hi jesse
    I am just starting out on your programme and hope to see vast improvements. I am looking forward to shifting the pain in my back and hip. thank you for all the information. i wil let you know of my progress.

    thank you

  154. Peggy Foos says:

    Hi Jesse’ I am 53 and have suffered with back, Neck, and siatica pain since I was in my 20’s. I have been to many specialists and chiropractors. None was able to help much. One doctor even told me there was nothing more that could be done for me. I am on Celebrex and another pain killer to control the pain. I have used your Lose the back pain system also, but still have pain. I pray that you would send me a copy of your new book to see if it could help me. I am feeling desperate.
    Thank you,

  155. Peggy Foos says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I am 53 years old and have been suffering from back, neck,hip, and siatica pain since I was in my 20’s. I have been to many doctors and chiropractors and still have the pain. Pleas send me a copy of your new book.
    Thank you,

  156. Chris Petersen says:

    At age 25 I rotated a disc in my lower back. That was 28 years ago. I also hurt my back in 2006, and have more injury and constant pain ever since.

  157. Pat Ambler says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I am 72 years old and have been athletic all my life. I show jumped horses for 25 years, skied, climbed mountains, biked etc. It is only in the last few years that I have been having back problems caused by bad falls off my horses. I am swimming three times a week and keeping as physically active as I can but I need to do something more for pain. I would appreciate receiving a copy of your new book.

  158. Mrs. T.L. Hughes says:

    Only 40 years old, herniated cervical discs and now bulging lumbar discs from a car accident. Have been interested in your program for a long while, have not tried yet, would love too.
    Thanks kindly,

  159. Karen Swartwout says:

    Hi Jesse,
    First of all, I would like to say that I have gotten more information from your program, which I purchased a year ago, than I have received from all the doctors, chiropracters, PTs etc that I have seen. I have suffered with back pain on and off for 25yrs…after the birth of my daughter. Not only do I have left knee pain and SI joint issues, but also a few bulging discs in my neck and low back. one in particular at L5-S1 that is keeping me in quite a bit of pain.
    Your program encouraged me to see a trusted PT and it was determined that I have an actual leg length discrepency. With PT, exercises from both your book and my PT, orthotics with a tiny lift, my knee pain is all but gone, and my SI joint is stable, and for the most part my neck pain is gone.
    The low back pain, however, has progressively gotten worse, (interestingly since my SI joint stabilized) to the point where my sitting is severely limited. I have tried accupuncture as well as some other alternative modalities. I have been going to massage therapy twice a month for the last 3 months. I bought an inversion table and use it daily, bought and use a far-red heating pad, meditate on a regular basis, in other words have tried it all to no avail. Life is busy and full and needless to say this is very frustrating for me, as I have always been an active person. Out of desperation I finally saw a physiatrist at a spine center and consented to an injection, which I have avoided for years. It didn’t help. He wants to do another one..I’d rather not. I have an appt. with a chiropracter/trigger point therapist this week..we’ll see.
    So, bottom line, I hope your new book may have some new insights/hope for me. Thanks for writing this book and for all the wonderful advice you continually give on your site.

  160. Mrs Jin Ann Flynn says:

    Dear Jesse,

    I have submited my comment yesterday, would appreciate if you can kindly spare a free copy of your “Back Pain Blog’
    Thanks. Mrs JA. Flynn.

  161. Carol Goodwin says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I am 61 years old and have been suffering all my life with pain. I was diagnosed in 1979 with Fibromyalgia and was given all the standard medications but nothing seemed to help. We finally found one to help but the third month proved to be disasterous. I would pass out from the pain and then my heart would stop. I had to take heart medication for a year and I could not drive for six months and I was still working. This was in 1993. Since then I have not taken any medication, but I have changed my eating habits and from your “Lose the Back Pain Book” I am doing a lot of streatches faithfully every day and it is helping but I still need more relief especially at night as the pain will wake me up every 20-30 minutes and sometimes it is hours before I can fall back asleep. I would very much appreciate a copy of your new book. Thanking you in advance. Carol

  162. Lois Evans says:

    I am 59 and I have suffered with chronic sciatica (piraforma syndrome) for 23 years. I have tried physical therapy many times throughout those years & nothing has helped…it actually made it worse because I could not do the exercises they gave me. I am living on pain meds. I would soooo much appreciate receiving a copy of your new publication.

  163. Tim Deaton says:

    Already sent story. Just checking back in to be on early bird list.

    Let me know where to send payment for S&H


  164. mark Heneghan says:

    I am 50 years old trying to play sports and be athlethic? What a challenge. I would love to get a free copy of your book. By the way I have a 10 year old son and three daughter who are 8 , 6, 6, years of age. I need your help

    Thanks Mark

  165. mark Heneghan says:

    I am a 50 year old man with a 10 year old son and three daughters who are 8, 6, 6, years old. My back has given me problems for years. It would truly help to get a free copy. Have pity on middle aged men with young children.


  166. Robert Beatty says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I posted a comment last week. Please add my name to your early bird list. I just noticed your email from Sunday.


  167. Barbara Mercer says:

    Hi Jesse
    Please add me to your early bird list. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Cheers, Barbara

  168. Thomasine Harrison says:

    Please add me to your early bird list. At 40 plus years of ongoing back pain, I am excited to read your book. Thanks so much for such a great offer.

  169. Kenneth MITCHELL says:

    I’m very much interested in reading your book. I do suffer from back pain at 55. Thanks so much for your generous gifts to the world.

  170. Barbara Messemore says:

    Hi Jesse, please add me to your early bird list for your book. Thanks so much.

  171. Heidi Phillips says:

    Hello Jesse,
    Thank you for your generosity. Please add me to your earlybird list also.
    Take Care!

  172. Ann Tiede says:

    Hi Jesse,

    You have been an enormous help. After having had a broken knee cap I had to work very hard at finding ways to get relief. What makes it worse, I also have a lower back problem.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. Thank you and God bless.

  173. Jackie Helms says:

    Hi. Jesse,
    Thank You , for all the info you have on your site, it has helped me tremendously .
    I have post polio and have hurt my back while working in the food pantry at my
    church. The MRI showed that all the disc in my back are bulging and the doctor said I needed surgery but too afraid of this. I just keep hoping it will get well on it’s own. My medical doctor told me to walk every day, I do and it seems to help with the pain but it never goes away, refuse to take pain medication. hope the answer will be in your book for everyone that is so much pain thank you for offering 1000 free copies.

  174. Audrey Scully says:

    Thank you Jesse for this kind offer. My mum and several other people I know are suffering back and neck problems so I hope I get a copy so I can help them.

  175. Patricia Biles says:

    With your approach to solving the back-pain problem, I feel hopeful for the first time in several years that I can have a normal life. I have been under a chiropractor’s care and although I feel great during his treatments, it never lasts. It is so depressing to think I could have a problem that I have to live with forever. All that you are teaching about muscle imbalance makes sense to me and I am doing the exercises you prescribe and they are helping me feel better. Also, I am looking forward to receiving the other products I ordered: the systemic enzymes and the far infrared pad. I used far infrared massage tables when I lived in the D.C. area and they are phenomenal. I moved to S. Florida and they don’t have them here, so I can’t wait to start using the healing pad I ordered from you.

  176. Ruth says:

    I injured my lower back (ruptured a disc) when I was 15 years old while working for my track team to clear a tunnel for rocks so we could run there in the winter. In spite of the back pain I have kept exercising most of my life (I’m now around 60). But I have also got some excruciating pain from the SI-joint, which often seems to get locked :_(
    Through LTBP I have also realized that I have some bad muscle imbalances, but I have fairly strong muscles and don’t know how to identify exactly which has to change. Due to the pain I have great problems with sleep i.e. I often get only a couple of hours a night. Please, I hope your book can help me!
    How about making it an eBook – saving you the cost of printing and me the postage? (I live in Europe.)

  177. Jeff Hardy says:

    I have had back pain about 18 Years. Strangely I feel most of the pain shooting down my left leg instead of my back. Like every body else I have researched this tried that which only resulted in modest relief at most.
    It was found that I had a tumor in my spinal canal slightly below the mid point of my back. Though it was removed my left side from my waist down is slightly numb but ironically still in pain. My lumbar spacing is ok on x-rays but my left hip is higher than my right. I feel the best when I am giong for a walk.
    The muscle spasms seems to be getting worse. I feel I may have to go on disability.

    I hope this book can show me the light at the end of the tunnel

  178. Ingrid Daniels says:

    Have not got any back pain, but quite often shoulder or neck pain from carrying heavy bags, always on the left shoulder.
    Trigger points make great sense. Over years of doing the same thing the whole muscle structure gets bundled up and leads eventually to bone structure misalignment, which nobody wants to be confronted with in their old age.
    I found the NET chiropractic method very beneficial, but it is not widely known
    and one has to go there, so the time factor comes into play. It would be much better to do your own stuff at home.
    Thank you for your newsletter and all your efforts in back-and trigger point education of the general public. You are doing a great job.
    Kind regards

  179. Gayle Tinley says:

    hi jesse

    please put me on the list for your book

    so far i’ve had 2 back operations-the pain is still horiffic-

    i have learned some really great stuff from your site that
    has helped me.

    God Bless


  180. Gail says:

    It is 2:48 in the morning. I am awake again because of pain.
    I was in an auto accident almost three years ago. I had a torn labrum and a partial full thickness tear of the gluteus maximus. I ended up with a total hip replacement then six months later a revision. My back is still painful and I am sick to death of orthopedic doctors. I am tired of being offered steroid injections and when a surgery does not go well you are left hanging. I agree
    Drs no longer have the time to listen. I have also been diagnosed with ischial bursitis, but given no answer about how to deal with that. Thank you Jessie for your website. I have long believed in being proactive and have beat many of my fibromyalgia symptoms through researching and then applying what I learned. This site gives me hope that I can make it through these newest issues as well.

  181. Mike Bakst says:

    I’ve told you my story already, how I was badly infected several years ago in hospital during prostate biopsy, and aggressive bacteria completely destroyed a disk in my spine lumbar area. Last years the back pain is coming more frequently and getting stronger. Unfortunately I couldn’t get much help from our MD’s. Most men have a back problem – one kind or another. I talk with my friends, neighbors and former colleagues; we share our good and bad experience with back pain. If I receive your book, I naturally will share it with them. I’m glad I found your Institute through Internet and I follow many of your recommendations. Please add me to your early bird list. It must be very rewarding when so many people grateful to you and appreciate your work.
    With best wishes – Mike.

  182. michael halliday says:

    thanks for email and chance win book my problem started round about july 7th terrible pains in left and right side of bottom spine in back itried a osteopath which was to expensive so stopped that and he said to do constant bathing hot water bottle then ice pack 4xs day that did help but pain came back after forty so minutes been offf work 6weeks just went back last friday the pain was also in legs that pain now gone from left and right side of back and only pain i get no is middle off back like some 1beatin drum on it not as bad was 6weeks ago bought myself bike excercise going on lots walks to allthe gp could do was give me diclofennic pills for pain which iam still taking u help and videos have been real helpfull to me now just wanna be pain free

  183. Lynn Badcock says:

    Have had lower back problems for 38 years but in January this year I developed severe pain in my sacroiliac joint after digging in the snow to get my dying dog to the vet. This then progressed to muscle spasms and sciatica in my right leg. Have had physio and tried all sorts of medications natural or otherwise. It is now getting worse and I cannot stand or walk for more than five minutes without crippling buring pains in my lower back, groin and leg. The doctors seem to treat all back pain with a very dismissive attitude and I have not yet had any x-rays or scans of any sort. It is a constant battle to get something done. I am 56 with three young grandchildren and enjoy walking holidays in the Lake District. I need help to get my life back.

  184. Janice Gagnon says:

    I purchased your program a few months back. I have started to use it, though not always consistently. I have been seeing chiropractors since I was about 18. I’m now 56. I have 2 somewhat degenerated vertebrae in my neck, probably due to whiplash injury when 18 from a car accident. My right hip tends to “go out” and I get the rotated hip which makes my knees hurt. I also have a “short leg” caused, I was told by my chiro, by my right arch collapsing more than the left, causing the short leg. I am going to get new orthotics to hopefully help, with the right one lifting the arch more to balance things.

    Everything I have read on your site has made so much sense, as I am always interested in natural ways of dealing with things. I have purchased the healing pad which I sleep on every night when it is cold, and it seems to help me keep from getting sick from the colds and flus the family and others around me have had. I do use other natural and herbal remedies as well. But I am surprised that it seems to have had so much effect, since it is the only thing I have been doing differently!

    I would love to have a copy of your new book, as your advice and research seems to be so right on. I have found the back stretch you showed on your site to be very helpful, especially when I had to drive a loan car with a clutch, since my car is automatic and it caused me low back pain. It really helped and relieved it right away. I promise to work on the exercises in your program more and see what more great results I will get using them. What I have done so far has helped to a certain degree, though I am sometimes not sure what to do when I have certain pains.

    Thank you so much for the chance to have your book for free. God bless. I also have 8 children, which are a real blessing for us as well.

  185. Gail Olesh says:

    Hello Jesse,
    I’m 56 and have suffered backpain for more years than I can remember. I’m not sure where it all began. Anything between falling off a horse when I was in high school, to a difficult birth of our second child. It became a debilitating problem in 1993. I got brief chiropractic relief and then a flare up in 1997 has never been completely resolved. I have many disfunctions as defined by your lose the backpain system plus scoliosis. The far infraerd healing pad and your lose the back pain system have helped me greatly and I have saved myself several trips to the chiropractor.

    I’m always hungry for knowledge and anything that can further help me. Even if I don’t get a free copy of your book, I’m praising God that you have a heart for helping people and there are many out there who will benefit from it. I know the frustration of not being able to do everyday things. You have given back to me a quality of life I thought I’d never have again.

    Thanks to all of you at Lose The Back Pain for your help and concern.

  186. Marvin Luz says:


    I’m, a Physical Therapist. When I was only 16, my back started hurting, and I didn’t know the cause then. That is one reason why I became Physical Therapist.. First is to help myself. While I was a student in College, I learned a lot about back pain, postures, inflammations, etc. Now I am working as a Physical Therapist and I’m helping most people with back pain. Then I started to study more about back pain for myself, and for my patients. And I get a lot of useful information from you. I want to learn more, and help more people through spreading your information.

    Thanks a lot!!

  187. carroll warren says:

    I am looking forward to getting the free copy of your book, so I can read it and e-mail you the success that I have.
    Thanks again.


  188. A. Rieley says:

    Hi Jesse!
    I have been suffering with degenerative disks for the last 5 years. But I just recently had open heart surgery to replace a defective Aortic Valve, and I haven’t been able to bounce back because my sore back keeps putting the brakes on my physical rehabilitation. Every time I seem to be making progress in regaining my strength, the extra effort results in my being in so much pain that I literally have to stop for a couple weeks. I have been looking at your different programs, and look forward to your latest new book coming out. I have to rebuild my core strength or be held back from my health.
    Thanks for the work that you do.

  189. T. Hogan says:

    I’m a 44 yr old nurse, hurt on the job 6 yrs ago. I’ve gone through 4 back surgeries, chiropractic, physical therapies and now I can’t through the day without morphine and percocet for breakthrough pain. I take Topamax to relieve the nerve pain in my legs. The pain is so great at times that I wake up screaming, I’m afraid to go shopping alone because it will come out of nowhere and I won’t be able to walk. The drugs that I’m on make me droopy. I’m too young for all of this. I need to be out there enjoying life and off these drugs.

  190. Brian Monroe says:

    I am a young guy, 34, but was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and a bulging disc and pinched nerve. I have done distractive therapy and its better, but not 100 percent. I know I have a muscle imbalance due to tearing my right ACL four years ago.
    Anything that would help me heal and get back to normal would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Brian Monroe

  191. marianne forrest says:

    I strained my back a week ago loading the dog in the car to take her to the vet. I’ve tried several simple and basic exercise routines and have taken anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the pain. I’m sure it’ll eventually get better but right now – it’s very, very painful. There are brief periods of time when it’s now so bad – but I even wake up during the night because of the pain. I’ve been very careful about my posture to hopefully decrease some of the strain. By the way , after $300 vet bill – I had to have the precious dog put to sleep. That hurts too. Marianne Forrest

  192. Thomas Kaufmann says:

    Invert and Be Happy !!!

    The Inversion Table and regular Yoga works for me . . . .

  193. Zora Jokic says:

    OH boy…my back-pain story….this could turn out to be a book on it’s own!

    I’ve had back pains since I was in my 20s (now in early 40s), so it’s been a while. Started with fibromyalgia, then gradually – thanks to some physical labour done incorrectly over years (plus many injuries and traumas) – it turned into pain of all kinds which was mainly focussed on my back, neck and shoulders. I admit that I have had poor posture since I was a kid, and have struggled with correcting that all my life. Of course I still work on it, since a lifetime habit is a challenge to break.

    However, since I’ve signed up for Jesse’s list, I’ve received some amazing and simple exercises to correct muscle balance…very helpful, thanks! 🙂

    Recently, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been sleeping on an air mattress, which does nothing for the state of my back pain (as you can imagine). I find that the cycle of back pain is something that can quickly become worse if you don’t attend to it regularly and diligently. And in this day and age of high-speed *everything*, it is a real challenge finding the time, and energy to even do simple things for the self! Crazy, for sure…but I really appreciate any assistance I can find.

    All I can say is…thanks Jesse, and team. You are doing something truly awesome for humanity, just for being you and doing what you do.

    My highest regards,


  194. Alan says:

    Thanks Jess
    You are doing a great job and acting as an agent of God by performing miracles! I have shared your advice to many friends and they have found relief after so many years of quest .
    God bless you

  195. Dana Raouf says:

    Hi Jesse
    I Have been suffering from back pain since the age of 24 and I have been suffering for 3 years now, to start with it was back pain but now it’s more of a chronic muscle, hip and joint pain my left leg is so weak and painful all the time. I don’t want to do surgery at the age of 27. I really need this book as I don’t want to suffer anymore.

    Thank you Jesse for all your hard work



  196. Egyirba says:

    Hi Jesse,

    My pain is such that I cannot walk or stand for more than 1-2 minutes. This began around 2000 but a chiropractor I was seeing in another state helped me get it okay from her treatments and some stretches she had me do. I also got acupuncture sometimes so that might have helped. I was fine until 2006 and suddenly I was having the same problems. I would try to walk and then I experienced excruciating pain. I walk around my house but when I go to the grocery store or other places, I have to ride in those carts or have my son push me in a wheelchair. I am told by xrays that I have some arthritis in my back and I continue to get chiropractic adjustments. But I have no relief from this. It doesn’t help that I am very overweight having gained about 50 pounds over the last four years. Now my favorite exercise (walking) is out of my reach right now.

    I cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs due to a gastric ulcer so relief is difficult to come by right now. I’ve avoided really looking at your site feeling discouraged, in general, but thought I would take the time to really look at what you’re offering. I don’t want to get into surgeries or anything like that. I’m hoping there is a way to get back to square one. I’m only 56 and and feel I have a long way to go before becoming so immobilized.

    Does it sound like something your book might address?

    Thank you.

  197. Chris says:

    I want to check out your book because I have been in some degree of pain every day for the last 3 years. I injured it on the job and haven’t been the same since.

  198. Bruce MacElrath says:

    Went through a windshield in a head on accident May 30Th, 1973..To many details to go into that, except my broken back went undiagnosed, and it stay that way until 1975, after a slip and fall. Had standard fusion. Everything went swell until 1994, when a work related accident re broke that area. Ended up having a surgery to fix all, from a Harvard educated neurosurgeon. then FOUR DAYS AFTER THE SURGERY ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE, FULL BLOWN STAPH INFECTION IN THE SPINAL WORK AREA. did NOT KNOW where i WAS FOR 6 Weeks. Then sent home 120 miles in a taxi. Two years later all the titanium hardware collapsed or failed, your decision, was sent to a younger ortho/neuro surgeon, He did wonder, after spending 6 weeks in a rehab hospital. Everything was fine except for the uncontrollable chronic pain. Tried PT – acupuncture, acupressure, massage, chiropractic and everything available at the time. During all this time pain meds where introduced, right now using 480 mg of MS Contin per day, Valium and a new med called cymbalta. After 10 years of just meds, I found a doctor who is not just a pill pusher, right now we are working with an internal Dorsal Column Stimulator…Have been able to reduce meds by 1 or 2 pills a day.

    The most aggravating symptom is muscle spasms.

    Living on less than $900.00 a month SS.

    No extra money for anything.


  199. Nancy Watilo says:

    I think this book might help my husband who suffers from sciatica pain. His back is always tweaked as a result of a broken ankle and the hardware within it now and his legs are not the same length anymore. Mine aren’t either due to a knee replacement. He also has constant pain in his arm from tendonitis. We are not aging so gracefully!

  200. Don Konkol says:

    I have muscle damage due to use of statins. My back pain has been significantly diminished due to the exercise program you suggested.
    If you have any products that can conteract the statin drug on my muscles please advise.

  201. Shirley says:

    I was in two traumas a 8-13 foot fall and T-boned in a MVA.
    I started looking at your web site and actually things and the advice there with
    several on the categories that effected me; sciatica,nerve pain, inversion therapy, couldn’t stand up an walking, sitting issues difficulties. Recouping from busted ribs/exercises tightening muscles back in shape. Headaches,sleeping, getting out of bed, eyesight,neck and shoulder pain, got a bit on my height back from spinal shifting, arthritic pain; the list goes on.
    that effected me including walking etc. was working when I did not know what to do or say to my doctor to explain so they would under stand that I was not going just settle for being on pain killer for the rest of my days/ and constant struggle with pain and immobility and not being able to do daily tasks or get back to a full time job.

  202. Admin says:

    Response to Don Konkol

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for your kind words about the exercise system, we are so glad it has helped you. With regard to your query on the statins we would suggest that you work with your Doctor and a dietition to balance your nutrition for the best chance of getting off of and relief from the drugs.

  203. Dori Dralle says:

    I would greatly appreciate your free book. I am almost 86 years old, but I am active for my family and church. I have mental acuity, sing in choir, have motion and good strength. I could do so much if it weren’t for this #$^&^% BACK PAIN. i HAVE HAD surgery, epidurals, and physical therapy over the last 20 yearsl. PLEASE HELP !!!! Dori Drally

  204. Mabel Cory says:

    I would like to sign up for your free book – Back Pain Cure in 7 Days. Not sure if this is the right sight to do it.

  205. Dori Dralle says:

    HI ! At my next birthday (2/15/2010) I will be 86 years old !! I have had severe back pain since the 1950’s when I carried 60 # bags of water softener salt to the basement; fell out of a tree putting up lights; tripped over the dog; etc. etc. etc. I was a caregiver for my husband for ten years and lost him to Alzheimer’s . Surgery and epidurals have helped some lumbar pain; but now I have searimg, screaming , constant pain in my hips and quadriceps, to numbers 7 to 9 on the pain face chart. I cannot stand or walk more then a few minutes. Please send me the free book. Eternal gratitude
    will be yours from my heart. Thank you. Dori Dralle

  206. Geraldine Pastrick says:

    This article is in reality the freshest on this valuable topic. I absolutely feel the same way with your viewpoints and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the extraordinary clarity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay up to date of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your blogging endeavors!

  207. Rita Vecchio says:

    Excellent articles. I sometimes find it hard coming up with articles for my website but you did a great job here.

  208. Carol Zwicker says:

    I have had several falls and would like to recieve your Freebook. It intestes me very much. Anything for relief. Thank You

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