5 Simple Tips to Avoid Cavities

Dentist Drilling Cavity

Avoid cavities by following these 5 simple tips

By Ramiel Nagel
Author of Cure Tooth Decay

1. One Sweet Food Per Day — Instead of having sweets and desserts all day long, have only one dessert or sweet food source per day. By limiting the amount of sweets you consume each day, you limit blood sugar fluctuations. These fluctuations cause minerals such as calcium and phosphorous to be withdrawn from your teeth and bones. Fruit is considered a sweet as well, because natural sugars can contribute to tooth decay; however not as severely as white or processed sugars.

2. Avoid Desserts and Condiments with High Fructose Corn Syrup (Corn Sugar) — We know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but what about high fructose corn syrup from corn? High fructose corn syrup actually causes more intense blood fructose fluctuations than white sugar. More intense blood fructose causes more minerals to be pulled from your teeth and bones. So if you are going to eat something sweet, make sure it is sweetened with something that is not synthetic i.e. cane sugar, or fruit. Try to avoid mineral depleting high fructose corn syrup.

3. Lather on the Butter — You know how good this “sinfully” delicious ingredient tastes. And here is a good reason to indulge in it for the holidays. Cultures around the world with the lowest rates of cavities do not avoid natural animal fats like butter. In fact, butter from grassfed cows contains a cavity preventing vitamin not often found in our diet, Activator X. In addition, eating butter reduces blood sugar fluctuations from sweet foods. Butter in turn provides your body with the healthy vitamin rich fats it needs to prevent cavities.

4. Have Calcium Rich Dairy — Calcium builds strong teeth and bones. One highly absorbable form of calcium comes from dairy because cows and goats have a diet requiring grass and plants. Pasteurization kills vitamin C contents in milk, so if possible choose your dairy raw and fresh. There are many high quality artesian raw milk cheeses made in the United States and Europe. These cheeses are very dense in minerals such as calcium and phosphorous which we need for healthy teeth and bones. For those who do not have access to raw dairy, high quality yogurt makes a tasty calcium rich treat.

5. Floss with Dental Tape — Flossing may be much more effective in limiting cavities than brushing. Brushing can spread around dental plaque and push plaque into the gum line. Flossing with dental tape (which is a type of floss that is wider than normal floss) helps clean plaque from in between the teeth to help prevent those holiday cavities.

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2 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips to Avoid Cavities”

  1. Steven says:

    You have not mentioned the single most effective thing to reduce cavities, namely the use of XYLITOL.

  2. Dave, RN says:

    And the biggest tip of all: eliminate grains from your diet. Iv’e not eaten grains in 5 years and my teeth and gums are great. IF you have any doubts, get the new book by Dr. Davis “Wheat Belly”. It will explain why those “hearthealthywholegrains” ain’t so healthy after all…

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