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I think you are going to love this email and here’s why… First, I have two great articles plus a video for you in todays email… but what I think you are going to love most is what the articles and video are about. See, all of us have aches and pains… and some of us have chronic pain, but in all of us there is one underlying cause or contributor in addition to muscle imbalances and that’s trigger points. And the soner you understand what causes them and how to treat them, the sooner you’ll start feeling great again.

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triggerpts.jpgDiscover the Healing Wonder of Trigger Point Therapy

Back pain is huge. It costs the US economy billions of dollars annually from lost wages and productivity. And everyone has it.
But did you know that while most doctors give different names to back, neck and shoulder pain… most people’s pain is cause by the same thing? And that is Trigger Points!

Trigger Points were unheard of 20 years ago in the mainstream medical community. Today, they are a much studied and talked about phenomenon causing chronic pain and suffering in millions of people.

So what are Trigger Points?

Click here to read the rest of this article and find out what they are, what causes them and how to address them so they don’t continue to cause you pain.

Click here for the Featured Video: How to Self Treat Trigger Points

Pain as Your Partner – Part 2


Matthew Anderson, D.Min

Paradigm is a popular word used frequently today to describe “that model from which we see our lives and/or reality”. In this sense, it means context.
Context is defined as something that “defines the meaning or a particular expression or experience” such as pain. We all have a context for our physical pain. This gives it meaning and ultimately directs all our decisions for dealing with it.

The most popular paradigm/context for physical pain is: Physical pain has a physical source. Find it. Deal with it and the pain will go away. Physical pain has no other source other than physical. This is the attitude held by most allopathic doctors (modern Western medicine) and most people who see them as patients.

Others, myself included, have come to believe that human beings are more than just physical bodies and that simply reducing our physical pain to a physical source is both reductionistic and ignorant (in the sense of ignoring useful and often obvious facts).

The obvious truth about us humans is… click here to read the rest of this article

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