My back problems are long-standing and I get pain from carrying the lightest thing in front of me and also from standing for long periods. One would think that lying in bed would ease the pain, but it makes it even more noticeable. I began taking “Heal-N-Soothe” and had less pain in my back but that made my hip bursitis more noticeable. So I added “Super Joint Support” and day by day the pain eased up to just a minor inconvenience. I ran low on “Heal-N-Soothe” and thought, “I don’t really have much pain anymore, so I’ll just take the “Super Joint Support” and I should be good. ”Not so! Within a week, the back pain reared its ugly head and I quickly put in another order. Now I am back on the combination for a couple of weeks. This seems to be the perfect combination for me and I no longer take Hydrocodone to quiet the pain enough to get to sleep. Thank you for your wonderful natural products." - Wanda Martin, Millmont PA
By: This seems to be the perfect combination for me