Then I noticed a BIG difference

"For over 30 years, I’ve also suffered with painful back problems on and off. Last summer, I visited my trusted osteopath again, because of my back. I had trouble walking. The pain was so excruciating, I couldn’t walk a whole block without sitting down about three times. Seriously. Although the doctors tried to help, nothing they did would last. The pain kept coming back and getting worse. It would go away for a day or two and then return. I was truly at my wits end. I just couldn’t take this horrible pain anymore! Two doctors x-rayed and diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. One was my GP. The other a sports rehab doctor recommended by her. Both doctors told me I needed to replace both of my hips! Why did I have such a severe case of osteoarthritis so suddenly? A little more than a dozen years ago, I was treated for colon cancer. Although I never had surgery, I did have chemo and radiation. I believe the problem was the radiation destroyed most of the cartilage in both hips and the two lower discs of my spine. But there was no way I was going to have that surgery unless all my other options failed. But what were they? Normally I take a healthy dose of vitamins and supplements. I researched natural cures for osteoarthritis and ways to prevent the dreaded surgery. Here’s what I found:To try and lead a normal life again, I had to change my diet, keep active and find the right exercises for my specific problem. Last, was finding the right supplements. My new regimen included MSM, Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic acid, Alpha Lipoic acid, White Willow Bark, Collagen type II. These were necessary to aid in rebuilding bone, cartilage and help with pain. I found enzymes to be an excellent source to control pain. They included Bromelain, Protease, Papain, Boswellia, Ginger root, Yuca, Tumeric, Devil’s claw, Alpha Lipoic Acid. In a short time, I was taking so many vitamins, supplements and herbs, I was gagging at the sight of yet another tablet or pill and spending tons of money on each ingredient! I felt chained to my kitchen because it was always time to take another pill or tablet! But they certainly did help. If only I could find one tablet or capsule that contained all of the separate ingredients I was taking every day, that would be super! Then I stumbled upon the Healthy Back Institute!! Not only did they offer all of the ingredients I was taking, but additional ones to help. I quickly ordered their Heal-n-soothe which are proteolytic systemic enzymes to fight inflammation. Then their Super Joint Support helps rebuilding bone and cartilage and improve mobility.Do they work? You bet they do! Also, they were offering a book called Arthritis Reversed, by Dr. Mark Wiley. The book stresses four things to overcome osteoarthritis: 1) the supplements, 2) regular exercise, 3) your diet, and 4) your attitude. After reading the book, I changed my ways. I started taking both the Heal-n-soothe AND the Super Joint Support. A few weeks passed and the horrible pain I had been feeling was just going away! Then I noticed a BIG difference. I was feeling almost back to normal again! What a great feeling!!"
By: Ericka Roberts, NY