The pain relief was unbelievable!

"I am a new customer and an old person with a spine full of arthritis according to the specialist. The arthritis pain moves from my neck down to my hips. I am basically healthy and use no RX drugs. However, my back pain was severe and wore me out everyday so I couldn't get things done. The pain has been really bad for the last 2-1/2 years. I think I saw The Healthy Back Institute come through on one of my emails. I tried Heal-n-Soothe about 2 months ago and having taken the full amount for 8 days was a changed person. The pain relief was unbelievable! I could smile and breathe and move. Following the first week, I couldn't go back to 3 tablets in the morning, I needed 3 tablets in the evening also. I now use 4 tablets in the morning. Fortunately, the phone operator at The Healthy Back Institute suggested I order an extra bottle with my first order in case this were to happen. I highly suggest you do this too. It wasn't easy taking so many tablets for 8 days, but that's what was needed and I'm so happy it worked."
By: Beverly Hayes, Groton CT