“I came across Heal-n-Soothe in Facebook when Jesse Cannone is introducing the "losethebackpain.com". I hesitated whether to request for the free trial bottle of “Heal-n-Soothe”.  Finally I requested for it and it was delivered to me on the 21 July 2017. I took 2 capsules before bedtime. The effect was quite fast, I can feel the warm around my body. The next day, both my knees and body are not so tired. I do not have pains except when occasionally when I overworked by too much walking or carrying more things than I feel the strained.  Since then I have being taking 2 capsules in the morning or afternoon before foods and 2 capsules in the night before bedtime. The warm feelings are still there after I have taken.  I am grateful to Jesse Cannone for introducing this product to me. It works great for me and I will not hesitate to introduce to my elderly friends who may need them. Also, thank you very much Jesse Cannone for introducing another product "Primal Plants" that I have received today. Hopefully it works as well. Once both are effective for me, I will join the Gundry VIP Club. I have informed Dr. Steven Gundry that I have ordered the products as introduced by Jesse Cannone. Thank you very much to both of you and your teams for the products that are beneficial to everyone. Instead of taking chemicals which will affect the body in the long run.” – Amala Chew, Singapore
By: "The effect was quite fast"