This is a miracle

"I am a 66 year old woman who has had body pain for 20 years, which was loosely diagnosed as fibromyalgia by a naturopath. I have always been prone to lower back pain as well. I have always exercised, but I pay for it and have taken many Advil over the years. In November 2017, I added Ball Room Dancing to my regime (which was a reduced walking schedule and yoga) and the result was paralyzing pain. My full body went into an inflammatory response and my muscles seized so that I could barely move. Advil and muscle relaxants were not working. I went to the internet in search for some answers and that is when I found your website. Normally I am tired of all the sales pitches and have little time to listen to videos but you captured my attention when you explained the absence of Fibrin in the body which made sense to me. I decided to take a chance on your Heal-n-Soothe product. Within 3 weeks I was noticing a change. Since I live in Canada and it takes longer to get my product, I was without it over Christmas so I was back on Advil. In January I noticed improvement again but I was without the product for close to a week and again started to suffer. This time I had noticed my skin was not breaking out and my pain was diminishing. Finally my order for extra product arrived and I was able to take 9 capsules per day. Here is the miracle news - I am on holiday right now and decided to test my body. Yesterday I walked for an hour along the shoreline (and was fully capable of doing it) and walked all over the resort for a total of 15,000 steps. Normally my muscles would have seized after a yoga class and a little bit of shopping - they did not seize yesterday and today I am pain free and ready for another long walk! I am even able to climb up stairs without heaviness. I cannot believe it. I cannot thank you enough. I have also had knee pain which made the walking challenging but I just used your Rub on Relief cream before and after the walk and I had no problem. This is a miracle. You have given me back my youth!- Susan Prosser, Ottawa Canada "
By: Susan Prosser