"Im still climbing!!!

Lose the Back Pain
In July of 2006 I hobbled down Mt. Rainer in Seattle, Washington. I told everyone it would be my last climb. I just didn’t think my 55year old back could take it anymore. You see I was born with an extra bone connecting my left hip to my spine. That caused some pain from the get go. But what really did me in was a 6 foot fall off a scaffold while working construction. That herniated 3 discs (after already having had two previous back surgeries for herniated discs). I tried a chiropractor but that really didn’t help. Three separate back surgeries didn’t fix the problem. Neither did the muscle relaxers, pain pills, and 800mg of ibuprofen I took every 8 hours (which, I’m now finding out destroyed my stomach lining leaving me wracked with gut pain, but that’s a different story). Doctors said my last option was a “spinal fusion” surgery from my tail bone to my mid back. Knowing 2 people who already had that surgery and are now legal drug addicts I was desperate for a better answer. The Mt. Rainer climb was to be my “last hurrah”. Well, I came across your lose the back pain system while trying to find a less barbaric option than surgery and decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot (plus, it is less expensive than a week’s worth of chiropractic appointments). I bought it and a week later I didn’t need the muscle relaxers and 2 later weeks I did not need pain pills anymore. Three weeks into it I quit taking the ibuprofen too. I continued to follow your program and May 25, 2007 - 10 months after thinking I’d never be able to climb again - I carried an 85 lb pack over a mile in the snow and over 1000 ft of elevation up Oregon’s tallest mountain, Mt. Hood and set up a base camp.. That morning, I and my companions were the first people in Oregon to see the sunrise from on top of Mt. Hood. That was 9 years ago and - at 65 years old now - I’m still climbing, back packing, taking down trees for firewood, and running 4 half marathons every October as a Fund raiser for “Send Hope”. And it's all thanks to the lose the back pain system. My entire life I was trapped by the idea my pain was caused by the extra bone pushing on my nerves. And then later that the three ruptured discs from the construction accidents caused my pain. But that was never the case. It was because of muscle imbalances that your program fixed in a matter of weeks. If I would have learned about this sooner, it would have saved me decades of pain and frustration. But I consider myself lucky. Because if I didn’t come across your website I’d probably be stuck in a wheelchair right now with a fused spine. Thanks for making it all available!!!!!
By: Rich Cowan