I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

"I have been dealing with mid and lower back pain, neck and knee pain for 30 years. I wasn't able to do activities I wanted to do. It wasn’t because of the pain it was because the fibrin had me tied up like a ball of yarn. As I began to use your product 2-3 months ago I started to notice that each time I went to stretch or do yoga, when the release came it stayed released. I noticed that the fibrin cords were loosening. My massage therapist could tell that when she massaged a tight area, it would loosen easier. As each area began to loosen, I then realized how many areas were tight with fibrin including my calves, my knees and my thighs. I have finally gotten down to the two main areas that I think the injuries started. One in my lower back from coming down too hard on a trampoline when I was young and the other under my shoulder blade from carrying my very heavy purse on that shoulder for so many years. However, I realized that the lower back muscle is connected to the shoulder blade muscle, which is connected to my neck muscle. 3 Heal and Soothe pills (twice a day) was not nearly enough for my situation. It wasn’t until I started taking 6 (twice a day) that the real action began. I thank you and God for leading me to you. At 65, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and 25 here I come!!!
By: Pamela Williams Moreno Valley, CA