I am truly thankful

"Hello Jesse and team, I was always involved in running and jumping as a youngster. Rugby, basketball, tennis, squash and swimming. I damaged my right crucial at 22, having a full knee reconstruction. I injured the left knee later and as I got older at about mid forties I started to experience more and more pain and not only in my knees...my hips lower back and neck gave me pain. I found that the more pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs the pain would abate briefly, but came back worse and worse. I am truly thankful for what you a given me - relief of pain and peace of mind. Thank you. I never let a moment go by to sharing my good fortune from using the products Heal-n-Soothe and Super Joint Support. I have also noticed that a few other things have improved, like my eyesight. I’m 62 and I haven’t had to use my reading glasses, I sleep better too. Thank you again"
By: Leonard Kapa, Australia